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Product Description

The Epiphone Thunderbird IV Reverse Bass is Epiphone’s most distinctive bass guitar to date. The Thunderbird features the classic reverse body styling and dual humbuckers just like the Gibson originals! The Thunderbird IV features an alder body and a 34 inch scale bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and dot inlays, and warm and phat dual humbucking pickups.

About Epiphone Guitar
Epiphone's passion has always been about more than just making guitars. It has been about making music. It has been about understanding what is inside every musican that makes them want to, have to, express themselves. And understanding the myriad musical styles, where they are going and how they might develop. For over one hundred and twenty-five years they have continually looked for new and better ways to help players take their music farther.

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  615-871-4500 Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Epiphone Thuinderbird IV Bass Specifications

  • Pickups: 2 humbuckers
  • Hardware: Black
  • Scale Length: 34 inches
  • Nut Width: 1.73 inches
  • Neck: Bolt
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Fingerboard Inlay: Dots
  • Body Material: Alder

Customer Reviews

Joe Perez Submitted: 5/12/2018
Product Rating
I love it!
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
This is my first bass after playing guitar for years. I got it as just another toy to mess with. I gotta say, it sounds great! I think it sounds better than the bass my friend uses in my band. It has a great tone, long sustain, and a very nice finish. I recommend this for anyone who is thinking about getting one.
smith1279 from Whetstone, AZ Submitted: 5/30/2011
Product Rating

Not Bad - Just Awkward
The Thunderbird is very well made and sturdy.
The best feature is its appearance.
The volume is very adjustable; however, I found I need an equalizer stompbox to get any sustain out of it. It simply doesn't have any sustain without it. I don't think the pups are hot enough. Maybe I'll replace them or see about removing the covers to expose the pups and get more response.
This bass is a beast! It is one of the heaviest basses I've ever owned. The neck is thicker than I'm used to, but it's solid. My biggest problem is that it doesn't feel balanced - it has neck dip that makes it uncomfortable to play. I've done everything recommended except move the strap pin, and that' next on my list to do to improve balance - possibly to replace one of the plate screws with a longer screw that will acoommodate a Schaller. I thought about moving the strap pin to the neck, but that requires drilling a hole, thus voiding my warranty.
It has as many tonal variations as you could ever want.
Finish is wonderful. I did remove the funky white pickguard because it just looks out of place on a beautifully finished wood. I don't use a pick, so what's the use of a pickguard anyway?
Action is close to the neck. I had fret buzz on the E string after tuning up, but that was a minor bridge adjustment. After replacing the factory strings with Rotosounds, it was perfect with perfect intonation.
Hayseed from Butler, PA, anonmyous27973 Submitted: 12/27/2010
Product Rating

Like playing a baseball bat!
Well made. Heavy . Sturdy.
The looks make this instrument great.
It sounded OK. very full.
The neck was like a Louisville Slugger sliced in half. Not comfortable to play at all. Heavy to play while standing. Made my hands cramp.
Dark and smooth. Not meant for slapping and popping. Great rock n roll bass.
This bass has a beautiful finish. Very cool looking instrument.
Terrible action out of the box(which was nearly destroyed when i recieved it).
Josh Pinard from Pittsfield, MA, USA, ckyjosh@gmail.com Submitted: 11/9/2009
Product Rating

Very well, very durable.
I love everything on this bass, the only thing i would change is I would put the cable jack on the bottom instead of near the volume knobs.
The tone is amazing, sounds so good. You can have a nice thick deep tone, or pretty much whatever tone you're looking for.
The feel is great, I play some fast stuff and I had no problem getting around on the neck.
The tone is just great, you can pretty much get whatever you want out of this.
The paint job looked amazing, it's a great looking bass.
The action out of the box was perfect, played amazingly right from the start.
jonny Z from Minneapolis Submitted: 7/7/2009
Product Rating

Unbelievable Value - Thunderbird
Great attention to detail and fit-and-finish. I like the bolt-on neck. I'm a Fender guy. The controls and tuners feel good. Hard to believe for the price.
1st and foremost is the LOOK. This bass looks great! Another great feature is the highly adjustable bridge. The truss rod is adjusted from the headstock. These are great features if you do your own work.
The pickups-wood combination give this bass a warm yet aggressive sound. It has a full, rounded sound from dark to bright. Versatile. No hum or buzz. I never thought I could like humbuckers but this bass sounds great.
I mentioned I am a Fender guy. This bass feels and plays really nice. I has a good, solid feel - sort of a 'slender' feel. It fingers really nice and has plenty of thumbrests with the dual humbuckers. Neck dive? yes. A wide strap helps quite a bit. I moved the strap pin.
It has great bottom and highs. Play with pickup volume mix and you can make it growl like a Fender Jazz bass. Boom, dank and everywhere in between.
The burst has a really nice fade and the finish is perfect! Smooth - no flaws! Hard to believe for the price.
This bass shipped with really nice action.
Jim from Perryville,KY Submitted: 5/26/2009
Product Rating

No Regrets!
My T-bird is very solid, very well built. If Icould change anything I would prefer to have it like the Gibson neck through set up. for a bolt on neck it still has very good sustain.
I can't think of anything this bird is lacking. It's a work-horse of a bass, always ready to rock and/or laydown some thick blues
Wonderful! I've got a 7 ban E.Q. on my amp combo and the sound shapeing is off the charts
A little heavy and prone to neck diving (but who plays without holding on to the neck?) The neck is a bit thick but that's compared to a j bass. It feels good and solid and is actually comfortable
Thick and smooth like a Wendys' frosty until I switch channels and mess with the E.Q. and it gets quite a bit brighter and thunderous..ooh yeah!
Perfect, flawless and the pictures don't do it justice.
Very good I've never changed a thing since I pulled it out of the box.
Pauly from Westland, MI USA Submitted: 5/12/2009
Product Rating

Great bass guitar for a nice price!
This bass is made well and is very dependable when it comes to performance.
The bass is not super heavy like the one I used to own. It's just right.
It's tone is super. No real fret buzzing and easy to play.
It feels fast and the neck is a perfect fit for my hand, not too big that I can't play fast. I mainly use a pick because I'm really a guitar player but picking the strings is effortless.
The pickups are great and the tone is easily adjustable for the type of sound I need.
The stain looks awesome. This bass looks and feels like a much more expensive bass than it is. You can't go wrong with its value?
Out of the box, the action was excellent.
Jose Deanda from Los angeles, galin7402@aol.com Submitted: 9/30/2008
Product Rating

great bang for your buck. this is one of the best basses by epiphone, really worth far more than the asking price. a cheap alternative to other high end basses. If you play rock, punk or metal, or anything heavy you must buy this one. why play with a jazz bass?
Your general opinion of this product.
again great.
it is neck heavy, no big issue there. I find it great for picking and finger picking because the strings seem to be a little spaced apart over the body. the other thing I love is that theres a nice space between the body and the strings, I use mostly a pick so it makes it easier for me to use without worries of scratching the body. neck is slim and fast.
thick and heavy. again great for rock and other styles, but it isn't the most versatile out there.
awsome, grainy wood. mine had a small flaw where the neck overlapse the body. the clear coat was flacking a bit but no big issue. it looks way better than does pictures do.
was pretty much set up right out the box. they did a good job. I didn't really have to mess with it, it played nice, action was low, absolutey no buzz.
Shake Submitted: 7/19/2008
Product Rating

The Thunderbird Rocks!
I have been playing bass for over 18 years, and like most musicians, have had a little bit of everything over the years. I had a Gibson Thunderbird back in the day and wound up selling it and some other stuff when times got lean. I have always regretted getting rid of that Bass. When I saw this, I was skeptical at first because of the price I mean how good can a $300 dollar bass be? WellI openly admit my skeptical nature was proven wrong! This thing plays as good, if not better than I remember my ol' Thunderbird did! Don't pass this up if your looking for a quality deal. This is it! I am very Pleased.
Your general opinion of this product.
If you didn't look really close at this, you'd swear it was a Gibson. I am pleased!
Like they say about fake breasts...It sure feels like the real thing; and fun to play with too!
tons of bottom end and smooth tone
better than the picture, mine arrived with a nice warm natural finish with hints of maroon and red. It's a beauty!
It was set up right out of the box! Intonation was perfect, bridge was set up nice; after a minor tune up it was awesome! I look forward to gigging and recording with it!
Neumanator from Glens Falls, Ny, USA, sidekick1205@hotmail.com Submitted: 5/19/2008
Product Rating

amazingly amazing
Your general opinion of this product.
best epiphone bass
easy to adjust while playing
perfect thin pickups


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