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ESP LTD AX50 Electric Guitar

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Product Description

The ESP LTD AX50 is an EXTREME guitar to fit your EXTREME style of music!
The wild AX series body style will definitely get the audiences attention. But that’s just the start. The AX50 features a basswood body, a 24-fret bolt-on mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard and dot inlays as well as chrome hardware, a string thru body tune-o-matic bridge, and an ESP LH-150 pickup set. This is as complete as it gets at this price!

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  800-423-8388 Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

ESP LTD AX50 Electric Guitar Specifications

  • Type: Bolt-On
  • Scale: 25.5 inch
  • Body: Basswood
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Nut: 42mm Standard
  • Neck Contour: Thin U
  • Frets: 24 Extra Jumbo
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Tuners: ESP
  • Bridge: Tune-o-matic
  • Pickups: ESP LH150 (Bridge and Neck)

Customer Reviews

christopher lawrence Submitted: 1/23/2017
Product Rating
great guitar for the price i love it plays like a dream
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
I think this guitar is well worth the price
Doc Steele from Lufkin, TX, USA Submitted: 11/5/2013
Product Rating

This Ax Can Kill!
What is your opinion of this product?
I've played guitars of all shapes, sizes, and prices, and this is the best all-around model I've come across. Even with the stock pickups that mark the 50 series, this thing has a tone and feel superior to many models I've played at ten times the price or more.
Being an entry-level guitar, the quality of the AX50 is unparalleled. It's easily the most solid bolt-neck I've ever experienced, even compared to higher-end American models.
The body has just the right curves for optimum fret access and comfort when played sitting or standing, and I don't know how they managed it with basswood and maple, but it's ideally balanced and lighter than many short-scale, acoustic, and even toy guitars. The neck is very slick and fast, with the hardest, smoothest rosewood fretboard I've ever played and perfect frets for both rhythm and lead playing, plus the comfortably contoured heel sits against the palm perfectly for high-fret soloing. The only changes I'd like to see would be migrating the output jack to the upper horn as in the V300 and switching the positions of the master volume and toggle, but the output and controls are in a very standard setup, so short of having one custom-built, I'm happy to accept it as is.
This is where the AX50 earned the most points. I compared it side-by-side against an EX50 and an EC1000, and the tone and sustain were unmatched, even versus the superior tonewoods and active pickups of the EC1000. The body is just right, with a bass presence slightly over the high end and sustain for days. I can see it cutting through the densest of mixes with the stock LH-150s, which I'm torn for once in my life about replacing. Normally, when I get a new guitar, I'll replace the bridge pickup with a Duncan JB or Distortion and the neck with a '59, but the stock humbuckers have incredible output as is.
The finish in satin black is gorgeous, with an almost metallic look and a smooth feel that lets the hand slide quickly up and down the color-matched neck, while the finish on the body itself allows the forearm to be secure, but still move freely. In short, the finish was flawless and beautiful.
There is no comparison between other sub-$300 guitars and the AX50. The AX50 blows them all out of the water, and goes on to surpass the finest American and Japanese models I've ever played.
Having picked it up at a local shop, I'm not certain how the setup was right out of the box, but the action was the perfect height, the neck and fretboard wide enough to accommodate my thick fingers without accidental fretting, but not too wide. The hard, smooth fretboard is excellent for broad bends, with a very solid Tune-O-Matic bridge that sits comfortably against the palm without making it awkward to go for wider strumming.
Harley Fay from Ludington, MI, Submitted: 4/24/2012
Product Rating

good for the price!!!
Seems pretty sturdy. I have dropped it, bumped it, smacked it, and it stays in tune, and no damage!
I've only had this for a year but so far so good!
Your general opinion of this product.
I love this guitar. I had a Fender Squire Strat but I just didn't like the sound. So I bought this and I am very happy! I got rid of the Squire and haven't looked back!
Plays great and feels fantastic. Neck was straight right out of the box. Fast neck, smooth.
It's a darker tone but I think with different pickups or even the upgraded model would probably produce better chunk
I love the dark look of this guitar. I have just recently started to add some accessories to make it look even more dark and sinister
I didn't have to adjust anything on this guitar. I just tuned it and played!
Jim Melton from Willcox, Az, Submitted: 4/23/2012
Product Rating

Killa Axe!!!
This is ESP quality and at this price, amazing. Solid aa a rock, low, low action after setup, but close right out of the box! If ur not paying attention to the almost imposible low price you just paid, you'd swear to God that ur playing a way more expensive guitar. Never in my life, have I ever paid such a cheap price, expecting to get a some what "ok" guitar, to playing a dream such as this, is a total mind screw, but a wonderful surprise. This is the entry level type of guitar, but upgrading the pups, puts that right in the trash and makes this a great player! You must buy this. I was using the force, did any of you "feel" it??? Lol, I'm guitarded.
Had it a month and puts up with the abuse I throw at it, still looks brand new!
Your general opinion of this product.
Solid built, awsome action, easy setup and fun to play, a lot! I've only put it down long enough to go to the restroom, eat, clean up and use the internet, but the rest of the time, this axe is in my hands. My fingers are calloused up again, this axe is super faxt to play, I just can't believe that this guitar is almost free in price, yet plays like a god's guitar!!!
Really fast neck, can't quite play all the way up the 24 Jumbo Frets, but what is easily playable is all good, fast, comfortable and just mean, yeah, mean!!!
I love the crunchy way it plays, since I play Heavy metal anyways, why wouldn't I like the crunch, lol, pinch harmonics are a snap anywhere your fingers land. I'm upgrading the pups to the SH-6s Distortion Mayhem set by Seymour Duncan and can only imagine what that's going to sound like. I love this 'lil beast!!!
I don't care for satin finishes, never have, never will, but not too bad. Thinking about clear-coating myself, when I upgrade the pups in it.
The action on this Axe is like butta. I lowered the TOM bridge, to suit my taste and was able to lower it a bit more, sweet. Believe it or not, this action beats my old Kramer away. This plays like one of those, way more expensive models, can't believe it's Chinese made, seems so American.
Anthony Robinson Sr from Poplar Bluff,Mo 63901 Submitted: 9/21/2009
Product Rating

Great Neck Action and Tone
yes Great Body construction and solid neck & body
So Far great ,sturdy solid construction
Your general opinion of this product.
best Playability and ESP/LTD Quality
all very enjoyable to play and setup great
Bright Tone to Super Crunch
intonation and action set up to my satisfaction right out of the box
AMS Customer from USA Submitted: 2/5/2008
Product Rating

Ax-50 OWNS..go buy one right now.
Your general opinion of this product.

Very well made, if you look on the back you will see that the neck is screwed on with 4 screws where in other guitars you will fine much 2. Very dependable. Factory did a good job to bring it back to me in good shape only found one little scratch on the bottom tips of the guitar. This guitar will last as long as you want it to last, if you take care of it and give it the same love as you did on the day you got it it will last a long time. One thing that came to my mind when i first held it, was its a bit heavy but still awsome.

The shape for me is considered the best feature, along with the sound. Least impressive is you will find it a bit heavy and you might poke your self with the pointy edges. Nothing to add, this guitar has everything you'll need for a good price. Accessories: a nice box along with some styroplast.

Its a guitar how hard could it be to use? You plug it in and play it



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