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Product Description

The ESP LTD EC401 Electric Guitar features versatile, powerful tones, reliable hardware, and tidy, attractive looks.

Loaded with an EMG 81 pickup in the bridge position and an EMG 60 pickup for the neck; the ultimate active pickup combination for rock tones. The easy play, bound 3 piece mahogany set neck with Pau Ferro fretboard on a bound mahogany body provides excellent resonance and sustain.

A 24.75 inch scale for note bending and cutaway design for easily reaching the upper frets increase playability. The fingerboard has eyecatching flag inlays plus Grover tuners.

ESP EC Case ESP EC Style Case
To protect and transport your guitar, ESP recommends the optional EC Style Electric Guitar Case (#ESP ECFF).

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications
ESP LTD EC401 Electric Guitar Specifications
  • Construction: Set-Neck Body
  • Scale: 24.75 inches
  • Body: Mahogany
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Pau Ferro
  • Nut Type: 42mm standard
  • Neck Width: 42 mm
  • Neck Shape: Thin U Neck Contour
  • Frets: 24 Extra Jumbo Frets
  • Hardware: Black Nickel Hardware
  • Tuners: Grover Tuners
  • Bridge: Tune-o-matic Bridge and Tail
  • Pickups: EMG 81 (Bridge) and 60 (Neck) Active Pickups
  • Optional Case: #ESP ECFF

Customer Reviews

Austin V Submitted: 10/4/2018
Product Rating
An Honor to play
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
I never thought I'd be able to own and play this guitar but AMS has made my dream come true ,thank you so much this guitar is sick!!!!
Bo Kjorvestad Submitted: 1/2/2018
Product Rating
This is a great guitar.
What is your opinion of this product?
Love this guitar. Very light compared to a Les Paul. The pickups sound great and is very comfortable to play. Can’t wait to get another one.
strato131 from Maryland , Usa Submitted: 11/15/2012
Product Rating

Great go to guitar .
I love this guitar personally and it has become my go to guitar . It came set-up really good for me , I just threw on some 10's and been good . Good quality , nIce hardware , good pick-ups . SWEET .
Ive been jamming on it for a while , all good . Good solid electronics and switches . Good paint and finish . Quality knobs set-type knobs that stay tight and feel good . No Junk here .
Your general opinion of this product.
If your looking for a lp style guitar and play different styles , look into the 401 with emgs and 24 frets . Nuff said .
I would say a Mid-chunky solid rocker that once you pick -up you cant put down its just so fun to crunch out your favorite riffs on this thing . its looks good and feels good hanging off my neck . It fits in so I can wail hard .
tight , dark , Punchy . You can get alot of tones out of the emg 80, 60 set . if you have a el34 amp and some emgs you can nail a 80's thrash sound . This guitar excels at that type of tone .
Looks good , hope to get the white one one day .
Pretty good for me , no big deal to me have to set-up a guitar . Its a normal thing .
Raf from Orlando, FL Submitted: 6/28/2012
Product Rating

Great mid level guitar with great sound and great playability
Ive been playing LTDs since I started playing guitar, 15 years ago. I never had the money for a real ESP, but I never felt the need to spend over a grand on a guitar, either...Im not a professional musician, so mid-grade gear works for me. I wouldnt have any worries about the reliability of this guitar. I had an LTD that I played for 7 years, one that I owned for about 2 years but was about 8 years old when I bought it, my other one that I currently own, I bought new and have owned for 3 years and have gigged with it extensively. Ive owned a few other over the years...they make great quality guitars that I wouldnt worry about in a gigging situation.
Just got it, so I cant really say how its stood far so good, and I dont expect to have any issues with it unless I drop it or something.
Your general opinion of this product.
Its a great guitar, overall. Looks great, feels and plays great, sounds great. The EMGs are awesome, but my other guitar has EMGs, so I swapped these for some Dimarzios, just to have something different.
Its a medium weight guitar. I sanded the neck to a flat finish because I prefer that over gloss. Plays great, feels great. Its not too heavy as to wear you out, and not too light so that it feels like a toy. Sits comfortable. The neck heel is a little bulky, but thats to be expected on this type of guitar. Controls are easy to hit...I like having the pickup selector switch at the top. I love LTD necks...they feel like home to me.
Its mahogany, so youll get a deeper tone than you would with something like alder or within those parameters, yeah, it sounds great. Sounds like I would expect a mahogany guitar to sound. Very full and thick. Pickups make a HUGE difference. EMGs are tight and fast. The dimarzios are a little looser in feel and thicker in tone, which is what I was going for.
The finish looks great. I love figured maple tops, and I love the see through finish.
Out of the box, the guitar wasnt really setup...but I was gonna set it up differently anyway. Got it setup with low action tuned to Eb standard with 9 gauge strings. You should always do your own setup when you get a new guitar anyway...every one likes them setup a little differently...
John Duncan from Gulfport,Ms, anonmyous43938 Submitted: 1/5/2012
Product Rating

awesome tone
esp makes good quality guitars even the low end stuff is good.mine was perfect i love mine the finish white makes it even sexier
only had it 2 days but i imagine it will hold up for a life time i have had 3 others quality was great on all 3 so reliabity is not a question in my mind
Your general opinion of this product.
its a great feeling sounding guitar i love the feel of the neck fits my small hands well and the pickups give it a tight punchy crunchy sound best combo of pickups ive ever tried
this guitar feels great i love the thin u neck profile fits my hand like a glove.just feels like a part of you the controls are easily laid out easy to get to i have problem getting around this guitar you just have to play to feel how good it is i recommend highly you try one out
this where the guitar really shines the guitar is a tone machine the 81/60 really comes alive the tone is crunchy tight punchy and full from the wood to the pickups this guitar is full of win i cant say enough about the tone of it made my whole rig come alive in short i love the tone
i got the white is sexy as it gets no flaws was perfect
i couldnt believe it out of the box action was perfect no adjustments this guitar plays itself
Tate from NC Submitted: 12/8/2011
Product Rating

is this legal??
I dont know what type of slave driving operation esp has going on but their quality control is superb no flaws anywhere
we shall see now wont we - now I learned this along time ago never gig with anything that you dont mind breaking, or getting beat up- I would cring a lil if this baby got a ding on her- though not the same as if it were a Gibson LP special - I see no reliability issues being a factor
Your general opinion of this product.
Overall I am blown away the guitar looks, feels, and plays great the binding on the flame maple top is awesome- comes loaded with features ie quality tuners, emg pick ups and wood combinations that you find on pricer guitars
I cant seem to put this thing down, its no where near as heavy as a LP neck is a lil thinner than a 59 or 57 neck but I feel that in itself has opened up my playing dramatically
uhm great for the strings they have on there I usually play heavier strings and had to adjust a lil obviously but outta the box you can expect great action and playability
kidd damage from , Submitted: 10/21/2011
Product Rating

i've had it for 6 months and not one issue
its been great so far
Your general opinion of this product.
great guitar it looks great plays well not to mention its a beast
it play great feels good awesome guitar
emgs need i say more
it looks sharp as hell
action is good not great a ebony fretboard would have been ideal
Chris S Submitted: 5/30/2011
Product Rating

Great guitar
Very Well made and easily a dependable guitar. It's my main guitar for gigs and I have no worries that it won't be up to the task.
SO far so good. It stays in tune well and plays great. Nothing seems loose or so fragile that it can't be played like it was meant to be!!
Your general opinion of this product.
Overall this is a fantastic guitar. No problems with it what so ever.
I'm not a shreadder so I like a little meat to my guitar neck. I think this strikes the perfect balance for me. Thick enough to help with the tone and sustain but thin enough to feel sleek and quick.
It has that nice thick tone really close to waht you would get form a Les Paul, but the body is quite a bit lighter. When I first got it that was a concern but after plugging it in and playing with my band they all said how great it sounded. If you are playing heavy stuff it's hard to go wrong with EMG's. I especially like that it is the 81/60 combo. I love the attack of the 81 but the smoother mellow tone of the 60 is fantastic and really adds some versatility that you don't have with the 81/85 set up.
The Flamed maple top with the trans black finish is great. Looks tough but still has a touch of elegance. I really like the black nickel hardware that come on this guitar, it really rounds out the look nicely.
Action was spot on, nice and low with out buzzing, even tuning down a full step like we do for our songs.
Bryan V. from Hammond, IN, USA, Submitted: 8/3/2009
Product Rating

I would definitely say this guitar was put together VERY well.
I've only had it for a little over a month and so far it's been very reliable. It stays in tune and needed no setting up out of the box, at least until I tuned it down to Dropped B.
Your general opinion of this product.
Great guitar for a great price.
I played and Eclipse II at my local XXXX and it was light as heck but this one surprised me because it was too heavy for my expectations. When I started playing it more and moving around with it, it felt MUCH better cause when I "get low" it kind of balances me out. The strings that came with them feel good. They felt amazing brand new and feel better and better with each time I clean them.
The guitar sounds very thick and chunky but it has also has a nice mixture of highs/mids to it
I had gotten the Olympic White finish and it was amazing. The picture above looks amazing but it's nothing compared to the real thing.
The action was amazing but I play in Dropped B so when I tuned it down I had to have it set up.
John Duncan from Gulfport Ms, Submitted: 8/2/2009
Product Rating

getcha pull dime vision mississippi
you get what you pay for dont expect a aweome guitar out of a 200.00 guitar nothing wrong with a cheap guitar i got onee i upgraded but expect to get out of it what u put into it
any product will last if u take care of it sure if u tour ur gonna get road rash which is expected
Your general opinion of this product.
i had the ec 500 this is pretty much the same thing
went over this already
tone will vary with each guitarist style
no comment
again any guitar need to be setup to your liking dont whine cause your new guitar aint setup perfect way like it set it up or have ir done


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