Fuchs Plush Cream II Overdrive Pedal

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The Cream-II is a Guitar Player Editors Pick winner and found on pedal boards of guitarists like Carl Verheyen and Keith Urban. The original Cream took the "Screamer" style pedal platform to a whole new performance level.

The Cream-II takes that further by taking advantage of improvements in passive component quality for a tighter board layout, a quieter more detailed sound, as well as adding a two position Shape switch. One position retains the stellar tones the original Cream was famous for and a second position provides a lower gain, more warm, rounded and more compressed tone like our Plush Drive is known for. Cleans up great from the guitar’s volume control and picking dynamics and stacks well with other pedals and amps. Gain, tone and volume controls for simple operation as well as true bypass operation.
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Phone:  973-772-4420 Warranty:  5 Years (tubes excluded)

Product Specifications

Fuchs Plush Cream II Overdrive Pedal Specifications
The input impedance is 1-Meg, suitable for most any guitar or signal source. The output impedance is approximately 1-K, which is buffered, to drive long cables as well as subsequent effects.

The Plush “Cream” provides a hard wire bypass, which means when not in use (LED not lit) the input is connected directly to the output, with no loading of the signal, and no active devices in the signal path.

The DC jack on the side is a standard 2.1 mm tip negative adaptor input. A Plush DC adaptor may be purchased from your local dealer or any standard Roland style (or similar) DC adaptor may be used. The output of the adaptor must be 9-Volts DC. Using this pedal with the incorrect adaptor may potentially damage the pedal, which will not be covered under warranty.

Battery replacement: To replace the battery, remove the four screws holding the rear cover in the unit. The battery should be replaced with a new premium quality 9-V alkaline battery. Battery life (depending on usage) should be approximately 6 months to one year. Battery is not included.

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