Fuchs Plush Verbrator Tube Reverb and Effects Loop Pedal

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    Product Description

    It's an effects loop, it's a reverb, it's both! The Verbrator is a new multipurpose pedal which combines an all-tube effects loop with a studio grade reverb featuring a 32-Khz clock speed for full 16-K audio bandwidth. The Verbrator is our most innovative pedal offering to date.

    Unlike other "tube pedals," the Verbrator power supply features a unique regulated switching technology that takes the incoming 9 volts and converts it up to the optimal high voltage a tube really needs to operate best. In addition, a 6-volt DC regulator provides consistent clean DC power for the tube filament assuring lowest noise and consistent performance despite any changes to incoming line voltage.

    The Verbrator can be used as a pedal on a pedal board as a reverb pedal. It features a level control and decay control allowing you to have a short medium or long decay reverb algorithm. It can also be used as a tube buffer to convert an incoming high impedance signal to a low impedance for long cable runs or driving a pedal board. The recovery (gain) stage can be used to boost the level of a guitar or pedal board with a true tube audio stage. It provides a warm sweet utility gain stage with a multitude of uses.

    The Verbrator features a unity gain cathode follower to work with any amp that has passive preamp output - power amp input patch jacks, and to add features to amps with simple series active effects loops. Works great with like Ceriatone, Dumble, Bludotone, Brown Note, Quinnamp, and many other amps with passive loops. It has a send level control and high headroom.

    The return portion of the loop features a high impedance input (250-K) and a low output impedance with its own level control as well. The loop can be run in series or parallel modes, and features a level adjust switch for rack or pedal style effects.

    A 9-volt DC adaptor is provided.

    The Verbrator features a unique "window" showing the tube. Like all Fuchs pedals, the Verbrator features solid cast aluminum powder coated enclosure with heat cured silk screening, dual sided heavy circuit boards, premium switches and controls, and premium electronic parts throughout.

    Product Specifications
    Fuchs Plush Verbrator Tube Reverb and Effects Loop Pedal Specifications
    • Case: 5.625"x4.625"x1.625"
    • Weight: 1.25lbs
    • Case Material: Aluminum
    • Covering: Industrial grade powder coating. Heat cured silk screening.
    • Circuitry: Selected low noise tube, switching power supply, and 24-bit digital reverb.
    • Power: 9 VDC (ONLY) from external adaptor only, no battery.
    Follower Input impedance 250-K Buffered output impedance approximately 10-K. Gain block input impedance: 250-K output impedance approx. 10-K.

    The tube used in the Verbrator is a selected Ruby Tubes 12AX7-HG. Since all the audio through both the reverb and loop portions of the pedal pass through this tube, it’s important that it be a high quality tube.

    When replacing this tube, a 12AX7 tube of similar quality should be used to insure maximum performance with lowest noise. The tube supplied with the unit should last for many years of trouble-free performance. Suggested tube replacement time is 3-years from date of purchase.
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  973-772-4420 Warranty:  5 Years (tubes excluded)
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