Fender 008099600 4 Button Footswitch for Mustang III IV V

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    Product Description

    The Fender 008099600 4 button footswitch for Mustang III, IV, V enables remote multi-function foot control. The footswitch display and LEDs show you some of the same information as the amplifier screen, so you can tune your guitar and select presets by watching the footswitch without ever looking at the screen onboard the Mustang! By assigning different functions to each footswitch you can create more than a dozen different foot control combinations!

    Fender 008099600 4 Button Footswitch for Mustang III, IV, V Features:

    • Works with Mustang Guitar Amplifer models III, IV, and V
    • LED to indicate 3 Modes
    • Tuner Mode
    • Select Quick Access presets (QA1/QA2/QA3) Button
    • Select presets (up/down/bank) Button
    • Bypass effects Button
    • Activate the Tuner Button 

    The Fender footswitch has three modes that are identified by the three LEDs labeled MODE 1, MODE 2 and MODE 3. The footswitch also has a Tuner mode which is indicated when all of the mode LEDs are off. To switch between modes, press the MODE button. To activate Tuner mode, press and hold the MODE button.

    Tuner Mode
    Press and hold the MODE button to activate the Tuner. The screen and the footswitch both will display the same tuner information so that you can look in either place to tune your guitar. The footswitch will display the nearest note; the button LEDs will indicate sharp and flat and "in tune" is indicated when the green LED below the footswitch display lights up. Press any footswitch button to exit Tuner mode.

    Mode 1
    In Mode 1 the footswitch is used to select one of three Quick Access presets, using the buttons labeled: QA1 /QA2 / QA3 (in line with the MODE 1 LED). When you select a Quick Access preset, the number of the preset will appear in the display of the footswitch. You can assign any preset to be a Quick Access preset in the Utility menus.

    Mode 2
    In Mode 2 the footswitch is used to select presets down/up, or in banks of 10, using the buttons labeled: DOWN/ UP / BANK (in line with the MODE 2 LED). When you select a preset, the number of the preset will appear in the display of the footswitch.

    Mode 3
    In Mode 3 the footswitch is used to bypass the Stompbox, Modulation or Delay effects, using the buttons labeled: STOMP / MOD / DELAY (in line with the MODE 3 LED). The footswitch button LEDs indicate the effects that are active, just like the buttons on the amplifier.

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    Phone:  (800) 856-9801 Warranty:  Custom Shop: Limited 2 Years; Stringed Instruments: Limited 2 Years; Electronic Products: Limited 2 Years; Fortis: 5 Year Limited, Transferable; Accessories: 1 Year Limited; IEM: Limited 1 Year; Vacuum Tubes: 90 Days
    Matt Murphy
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Product Rating
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    Hooked this up with the 2 button foot switch and they work great together.
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Great Pedal
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    I was worried that the wording on this pedal would be different, as there are 2 4-button pedals that look exactly alike, but I did receive the correct one. It works great. Came with the cable and shipping was fast. Now I have 6 buttons for my Mustang III amp.
    Charles Savoree from Sebastian, Florida
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Worth Every Penny !!!
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    I spent 6 months reviewing tube amps, and in the end bought this amp. Is it the exact reproduction of a valve amp...NO, is it so Darn Close that I don't Care...YES !!! It is light weight, Well built, Sounds Great...Load, and Price is CHEAP !!! It will take a little time to learn to use because of all the options...I.E. Amps, Cabs, Effects Pedals, and Lots of adjustments for everything. If you are a Professional with lots of money buy an expensive tube amp, If you are an average player at home small gigs with family and friends don't be affraid to buy this amp...I LOVE IT !!!
    $53.95 - $59.99
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