Fender Mustang III 100 Watt 1x12Guitar Combo Amplifier V2

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    Product Description

    The upgraded Fender’s Mustang III Guitar Combo Amp V2 offers incredible 100 watt operation paired with a single Celestion G12T-100 Speaker all wrapped in an awesome looking amp design. The Mustang III V2 adds five new amp models, five new effects, intelligent pitch shifting, XLR stereo outputs and USB connectivity for direct interface with Included Abelton Live Lite 8, AmpliTube LE Fender Edition and Fender’s FUSE software. The Mustang III V2 also includes a two button fender footswitch that can be expanded to 6 button operation with the addition of the optional Fender 008099600 4 button switch.

    Fender Mustang III Guitar Combo Amplifier V2

    • 100 watt V2 combo from the popular Mustang Series of amps
    • One 12 inch Celestion G12T-100 Speaker
    • Low-noise power amp platform
    • USB connectivity for high-quality, low-latency audio output and interface with free Fender FUSE Software
    • 100 Customizable Presets
    • 17 Amp Models
    • 44 Built-In Effects
    • Built-in Chromatic tuner
    • Includes Fender 2-Button Footswitch
    • Includes Fender Fuse, Ableton Live Lite 8 and AmpliTube Fender LE edition Software
    Fender FUSE Software and Community
    Connect Mustang to your computer with free Fender FUSE software. Open up a world of possibilities, including on-screen parameter control, deep editing, additional effects, unlimited preset storage, online preset swapping with the Fender FUSE community, and free Fender artist presets.

    Amp Modeling
    Mustang III amplifier is packed with 100 customizable presets derived from 17 different amp models, including five new amplifier presets, that deliver tones from vintage Fender sparkle to outrageous modern metal distortion. A huge bank of 44 effects are all easily and instantly accessed.

    The Mustang III amplifier is equipped with 12 inch Celestion speakers that sound great and pump serious volume. Each is designed for rehearsing, jamming and gigging. The 1/8 inch headphone jack doubles as speaker emulated line out.

    Connect Mustang to your computer with free Fender FUSE software. Open up a world of possibilities, including on-screen parameter control, deep editing, additional effects, unlimited preset storage, online preset swapping with the Fender FUSE community, and free Fender artist presets.

    Two Button Footswitch (Included with Mustang III)
    Connect a 2-button footswitch to your Mustang amplifier to enable remote multi-function foot control. Use the Utility menus to assign one of the following functions to the 2-button footswitch:
    • Select presets (up/down)
    • Select Quick Access presets (QA1/QA2)
    • Bypass effects (various combinations)
    • Set TAP interval
    Upgrade to 6-Button Footswitching (with Optional FEN 0080996 000)
    Plug both a 2-button and a 4-button footswitch into your Mustang amplifier to expand your remote control options. By assigning different functions to each footswitch you can create more than a dozen different foot control combinations.

    For example, you could assign Quick Access presets to the 4-button footswitch and Up/Down presets to the 2-button footswitch. Or you could bypass effects with the 4-button footswitch and select presets with the 2-button footswitch. The choice is up to you.

    Tuner Mode
    Press and hold the MODE button to activate the Tuner. The screen and the footswitch both will display the same tuner information so that you can look in either place to tune your guitar. The footswitch will display the nearest note; the button LEDs will indicate sharp and flat and in tune is indicated when the green LED below the footswitch display lights up.

    Striking New Visual Design
    Sleek and modern Fender styling provides a look that's as desirable as the sound. Mustang has Fender's classic silver grille cloth and Blackface textured vinyl covering.

    Which Mustang is for you?
    • Mustang I: 20-watt amp with 8 inch speaker.
    • Mustang II: 40-watt amp with 12 inch speaker and a slightly larger cabinet.
    • Mustang III: 100-watt open-back combo with 12 inch Celestion speaker great for rehearsing and smaller gigs.
    • Mustang IV: A 150-watt open-back combo with dual 12 inch Celestion speakers great for rehearsing and larger gigs.
    • Mustang V: A 150-watt amp head for the Big Gigs! Pefectly Paired with the optional Mustang V 412 Cabinet.
    • Mustang V 412 Cabinet: Loaded with four 12 inch Celestion speakers and sturdy center baffle bracing.

    Product Specifications
    Fender Mustang III Guitar Combo Amp V2 Specifications
    • Series: Mustang
    • Amplifier Type: Solid State
    • Power: 100 Watts
    • Speaker: One 12 inch Celestion G12T-100
    • Amp Models: 17 including five new for V2
    • Effects: 44 Built-In Effects (more available through Fender FUSE)
    • Presets: 100 onboard factory and user presets
    • Inputs: 1/4 inch instrument jack and auxiliary input
    • Outputs: Two stereo XLR outputs and Headphone output
    • Controls:
      • Gain, Volume
      • Treble, Middle, Bass
      • Reverb
      • Master
      • Data Wheel
      • Soft Keys for Amp Select
      • Stomp Edit
      • Modulation Edit
      • Delay and Reverb Edit
      • Utility, Save and Exit
      • Tap/Tuner
    • Includes: Fender Fuse, Ableton Live Lite 8 and AmpliTube Fender LE Edition Software
    • Footswitch:
      • Fender 008099600 Four Button Footswitch (Optional)
      • Fender 0080997000 Two Button Footswitch (Included)
    • Dimensions: 10.75 x 20.5 x 17.75 inches (27.3 x 52.1 x 45.1 cm)
    • Weight: 36 lbs. (16.3 kg)
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  (800) 856-9801 Warranty:  Custom Shop: Limited 2 Years; Stringed Instruments: Limited 2 Years; Electronic Products: Limited 2 Years; Fortis: 5 Year Limited, Transferable; Accessories: 1 Year Limited; IEM: Limited 1 Year; Vacuum Tubes: 90 Days
    Felino Agustin
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstardullstar
    Well worth the money
    Product Rating
    What is your opinion of this product?
    the unit arrived and it works at it should be
    Jeffrey S. Leeper
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Absolutely love this amp.
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I've owned a lot of gear in my decades of playing and after I lost everything in a fire and then again in a bad divorce I figured I'd buy something small and inexpensive. Well I got that and a lot more. I like this better than any amp I've owned, bar none. Size, versatility, power and tone in a package i can grab and go off with. I'm loving this amp.
    Mr. G
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    The best amp I've ever owned and is well worth the money.
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I definitely recommend this one.
    Jerry Callow
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Great Classic Rock Modeler Amp
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Nice user reviews that helped me make the move to get the Mustang 3. I tried the amp in a local store and all the built in fx were controllable on the LCD display which was practically self explanatory. It let me choose out of 17 amps all of which are famous modeled amps. Then it let me pick up to 5 effects and place any of them in before amp or after amp mode. Nice stereo after amp effects. These fx are filled with controls. Gotta hear it in stereo headphones. They only had the store demo and would not match AMS on price or tax exempt purchase. Always got great service from AMS who adds their own warranty free of charge and the other stores do not. Got the amp from AMS. After reading other user reviews I was pleased to see that it really is all about getting your own sound. I love classic rock music and I was able to select a British 80s Marshall modeled amp and used a stomp effect in the Mustang called Ranger Booster which is a model of a Germanium Texas Ranger Fuzz which was actually only made special for artists like Clapton and Jimmy Page. Look Up Fender Mustang 3 on Wikipedia. Also changed amp speaker cab simulation to 12M. Set bias controls and sag for tube feel and sound. Adding the Ranger Boost gives me the greatest Marshall Stack. With the Ranger Boost there is a very genuine full bodied distortion coming out of the amp that is true to classic rock tone. The screamer like Greenbox is even better than a Tube Screamer because it allows a bypass blend of the tone going thru it. The amp does great metal but you need to use the 12M cab sim to get a 4x12 stack sound. The Preamp Patch also sounds best with the 12M speaker cab sim. I did send music thru the Preamp Studio amp patch and it was full and clear and punchy especially with the compressor in after amp mode. Very happy with this amp.
    Marky Mark
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Most versatile gigging amp ever owned
    What is your opinion of this product?
    This Amp has the cleanest power amp I have ever heard in a guitar amp. You can play mp3 music into the line in and DJ with it. If you ever tried it in a store the presets do no justice at all to it and they are weak factory presets. I passed on it then came back after hearing sounds coming out of it that did the best fender tubelike sounds I have ever heard. IMO cleans sounds with warm gain and top end sparklethe sound. Nobody puts out these sounds better than Fender. The amp is the only amp I know of that is Stereo preamp output. This is a great benefit for recording and it also has 2 stereo xlr outputs for live feed to a sound mixer from stage. And the send is accurate to the speaker output from the amp. I have tube amps which are not as loud, cost 5 times as much and they do one sound well. They also do not take pedals very well and if not playing blues or jazz they fall short in live shows. The mustang has a Studio Preamp patch setting that is perfect for pedals and actually gives a tube sound to pedals. The amp does a Marshall JCM that is perfect having owned one. With the overdrive pedal included in the amp modeling is Classic Rock Perfection. If you are a tweaker you can create and perfect your own sounds that will give your music your own flavor and style. Downloading the free Fuse Software is a godsend and so cool. The Fender sharing presets forum is fun and great social contact with other musicians. Yes I have made great mesa sounds by adding overdrive to mid gain settings. Best reverb with great depth and control. As a former sound engineer I have tweaked the heck out of the mustang. Trying different amps with different distortions is exactly how guitar heroes of the past and present find their sound. I constantly get praise from fellow guitarists who are accomplished players asking to sit in so they can play through my mustang. Cannot tell you how many I have turned on to this amp. Yes I have a Pink Floydd Comfortably Numb sound that is incredible. I have Guns and Roses. I can play Beatles accurately. Go to the Fender sharing site and download thousands of presets. Comes with a 2 button footswith to scroll through patches. A 100 watt Celestion speaker and one of the best sounding full range speakers hands down. Also run a multistomp pedal into it and have the best of all worlds.
    jamesy boy
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    great amp
    What is your opinion of this product?
    This amp sounds fantastic and I have'nt even broken in the speaker yet. Highly recommended..
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Awesome Amp !!!
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I needed an amp that would provide a bunch of different sounds via footswitch for my cover band. Having tried over the years different stomp boxes, pedal boards etc. I could never quite get matching volume without loosing sound quality while switching between items in my set-up. That is when I decided to look into modeling amps. I checked out the reviews and comparisons on 4 different amps and the Fender Mustang III won out hands down. All the presets sound amazing and you can use just them if you want. You can also build a rig from scratch using all the different amps available and a plethora of before/after effects so the sky and your creativity is the limit. It is super loud and very light to carry around. The FUSE program that is included via Fender download is something I didn't think I would use but found out how easy it is and use it a lot. I highly recommend this amp. And of course AMS made it real easy to buy on the 3 pay plan.
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Well worth the money
    What is your opinion of this product?
    After trying many amps ss and tubes this product is perfect for nice clear cleans and mild distortion at bed room levels, also fun to add some great player presets thru computor. can't beat the price for these almost perfect simulated sounds. Like it alot!!!
    Gregory King
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Simply Amazing
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Wow what to say about this amp. Well I will try to put how happy and blown away into words. I knew it would cover all the Fender sounds,but when I found Marshall sounds and Vox sounds a feather could of knocked me out. In this little package , it has 100 watts with celestion speaker (a great deal by it self). The when you find as I did that you can download 100s of artist sounds, along with different amps sounds form other companies. You will go "WOW", I did . This a perfect amp for small areas to practice in, you do not need stomp boxes or other add ons. They are built in. Great deal, for any stage player,beginner or advanced.
    Hasan Mahmood
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Great amp for a very good price
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I am an amateur and actually never owned a good amp for my electric guitar. Now that I am older, I wanted to do the things I always wanted, like buying a real amp. It has soanu functions that I have not explored yet.
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