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    Franklin Padded Glove Leather Guitar Strap 3 Inch

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    Product Description

    Elevating soft to an art form, the Franklin Padded Glove Leather Guitar Strap offers a soft feel and total comfort on stage.

    The strap begins with a soft core of top quality suede. Franklin then places a wafer of foam on the top of the suede and then wraps it with their plush glove leather. Wrapping the glove leather around the suede achieves a rolled look that will remind you of the deep, tufted custom upholstery you would find at a classic car show. Adding another wafer of foam on the back, under more glove leather, enhances the upholstered look and feel to an extravagant level.

    Adjustable from 39 to 56 inches, this ultra comfortable strap ensures hours of enjoyable guitar playing!

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    not cheap but FAIR priced
    Product Rating
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    I have been gigging for over 25 years and I have tried every make of straps out there. I have always liked levy but lately they have gotten way to expensive. That being said I went in search of a good padded strap made of glove leather under $60 and I found it here and I also found a whole line of straps that are not cheaply priced but fairly priced .I bought this strap and it instantly felt like a old friend plenty of padding to hold my old fender jazz right in the right spot all of these straps are made in franklin tenn by hand and the quality is 2nd to none, take it from a old road dog these are the best straps for the money hands down
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Huge Fan of Franklin but...
    What is your opinion of this product?
    As my headline says I have been a fan of Franklin straps for a while I purchased 6 before this one. As always the leather is soft and the stitching is flawless, but there is an issue I felt I need to mention... The "Color".!! It states it is "Gold" and the color in the picture was a bright yellow/gold. Upon arrival I saw that the actual color is a dark mustard color. I bought two of these and both are the same color far from gold. I had checked Franklin's website and even there the color is more of a goldish/tan... At least the actual strap's color matches the pick-guard of my Gretsch Falcon... Color is deceiving on AMS.
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