Franklin FSSE-H-CH Embossed Suede Strap 2.5 Inch

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    Product Description

    The Franklin Honey Suede 2.5 inch Guitar Strap with Chocolate Ends is from the Original Series of Franklin straps.
    Made of super-soft, supple suede made in the U.S.A., these straps are uniquely designed and impeccably handcrafted in Franklin, Tennessee. Guaranteed to be the most comfortable strap ever - just like slipping on your favorite pair of moccasins.

    Franklin Strap has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing premier guitar straps to fine music dealerships nationally for almost a decade. Driven by the creative talents and marketing savvy of founder, Greg Bennett, a well-known industry guitar designer and player, Franklin Strap has developed the quintessential guitar strap for every player.

    Franklin has created and presented the most soft, supple, beautifully designed guitar strap available. The distinct end tab is designed to capture the character and line of classic guitars of the past. Whether it is glove leather, garment suede, natural cotton cinch or a manmade material, it will be impeccably designed, beautifully crafted, and long-lasting.

    Franklin Straps are some of the most comfortable straps on the market. Even the weightiest archtop electric or rosewood jumbo should float on your shoulder.

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    Very comfortable strap
    Product Rating
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    This is an extremely comfortable strap. I am using it on a Washburn Cumberland jumbo so the guitar is certainly not heavy however, I have put it on my LP and is equally as comfortable with the weightiness of that guitar. I love the feel of the suede and the colors look very nice with the natural finish of the guitar. I generally would not spend this amount of money on a strap but it was on sale so I grabbed it. I can't say that I would spend the full price for another one, simply because I am a weekend warrior and have limited funds for such things but if I saw it on sale again I would snatch one up. It has made me realize the importance of comfort in a strap.
    Mike Smith
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    Every bit as good as more expensive ones!
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I needed a strap for a new guitar I recently purchased and liked the look of this one. The price was within reason and the style was appealing so I bought one. The strap is even better than it looks in the pictures and IS very comfortable and well made. The darker contrasting ends also help to set it apart from similar ones of a solid color. A nice strap for the money!
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