Galaxy Audio Audio Cricket Polarity Tester

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    Product Description

    The Galaxy Cricket Polarity Tester has been the choice of audio professionals for years and now at its new lower price it can be included in every audio engineer’s toolbox.
    All-steel construction of both receiver and transmitter and huge LEDS allow for fast and easy continuity and polarity testing of speakers, mics, cables, and wireless systems, mixers, and signal processors. The Cricket features both 1/4-inch TRS and XLR inputs and outputs, an internal speaker for testing mic polarity, and an internal mic for testing speakers.

    Galaxy Audio Cricket Polarity Tester Features

    • Checks continuity and polarity
    • 1/4-inch TRS and XLR in/out
    • Tests speakers, mics, cables and wireless systems
    • Tests mixers and signal processors for polarity inversions
    • Internal speaker for testing mic polarity
    • Internal mic for testing speakers
    • High level output for testing miles of cable
    • Battery test on Receive module saves troubleshooting time

    In even the simplest sound systems there are all sorts of ways for polarity to become reversed; the more complex the system, the greater the potential for problems. The Cricket can test the polarity of wireless microphones, mixers, effects devices, amps, cables, and speakers.

    Polarity, should it become reversed, can play havoc with a sound system. If two sources are emitting the same electrical or acoustic tone (frequency), and one of those sources is in a state of inverted polarity, those tones, when combined at a given point, will cancel each other. While cancellation does not always indicate a complete loss of all sound, it does result in diminished sound quality.

    Unlike phase, polarity, at all distances and times, is either in or out. It’s absolute. Galaxy Audio’s battery powered Cricket Polarity/Continuity Test Set makes it easy to determine whether every component in an audio system from patch bay to console to speakers is in or out of polarity.

    The Cricket tests balanced and unbalanced cables of up to 2,000 feet in length. It will drive a snake (even one with transformers), and indicate which of a microphone’s XLR connector pins is hot. The Cricket can also plug directly into a speaker cabinet and drive the components. A glance at the Cricket’s red and green LED’s can save hours of troubleshooting. No wonder it’s an indispensable tool for sound system owners, operators, installers and sound rental companies.

    Product Specifications

    Meinl Cajon Bag Specifications

      Cricket Send Pulse Generator
    • Pulse Waveform Polarity: positive-going balanced line output pulse, switch selectable for hi or low level balanced signal with positive pressure produced at the tip of 1/4-inch jack and pin #2 of XLR jack.
    • Speaker Output Pulse: Accepts 2 ohm (or greater) load with positive pressure produced at the tip of a 1/4-inch speaker jack and positive terminal of an internal speaker.
    • Dimensions: 3.375 W x 1.812 H x 6.25 inches L
    • Weight (with battery): 1.10 lbs. (.5 kg.)
    • Battery: 9 volt, alkaline only (battery included)

      Cricket Recieve Pulse Detector

    • LED Indicators:
      • Green: indicates positive-going pulse polarity with power switch in ON position and battery status with power switch in BAT position.
      • Red: indicates negative-going pulse polarity.
    • Detection inputs: one 1/4-inch, balanced; one XLR, balanced.
    • Mic Sensitivity: -64 dB, +3 dB
    • Weight (with battery): 1.02 lbs. (.46 kg.)
    • Battery: 9 volt, alkaline only (battery included)
    • Switches: Internal microphone for testing speaker output. Polarity/Continuity Test: Female XLR pin 2,3,1 continuity; 1/4-inch jacks: tip, ring, sleeve continuity.
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