Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue VOS with Case

    One of the most sought after years in the Les Paul model’s storied history, the Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue VOS is a truly remarkable reissue.
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    The Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue VOS is a truly remarkable reissue of one of the most sought after years in the Les Paul model’s storied history. The Gibson Custom shop, in its 20th year of existence, recreated in exacting detail the iconic 1958 Les Paul Plain Top and gave it a VOS finish for a lightly aged patina on the finish and hardware. Among many other top-shelf features are the Gibson Custombucker pickups which recapture in fanatical detail the materials, look, and most importantly the tone of late ‘50s Gibson humbuckers.

    For decades, Gibson Custom has been studying the performance specifications of the original Gibson Humbuckers, consulting with vintage specialists, testing original examples and pouring through the limited amount of historical data from their own manufacturing history of processes and materials. The Custombucker is the result of all that research and captures the original tone of the legendary Les Paul with alnico 3 magnets as well as exact materials composition.

    Gibson also studied the minutia to recapture nearly fanatical detail including the original wire material, thickness and covering. All the way down to the shape of the pickup covers that had drifted over time as tooling became older and worn, The Custombucker represents a patient, untiring dedication to bringing vintage Les Paul tone to the Historic series of the Gibson Les Paul.

    Fingerboard Binding
    The fingerboard of the original 1950s Les Paul has a very distinct cream binding and binding thickness that were displaced over the years, eventually drifting to a slightly thicker material and darker color. To recapture the original look and feel across the entirety of the neck of the 1958 Les Paul Plain Top VOS, Gibson has worked to recreate a proprietary binding formulated to their original specifications.

    While the change seems subtle, there is a noticeable difference in both the aesthetic of the guitar and the feel of the fingerboard. This level of accuracy exemplifies our dedication to recreating the most legendary guitar ever crafted, and Gibson’s quest to capture even the smallest detail possible for the sake of putting the look and feel of an original Les Paul into the hands of players and collectors around the world.

    Updates to the 58 Les Paul Plain Top VOS includes the accurate reproduction of vintage Kluson machine heads as were used on the original 1950s Les Pauls. With proper profiles, performance specifications and quality of materials, these recreations mark significant attention to detail. The original Kluson ‘Deluxe’ machine heads are coveted for their smooth performance, vintage aesthetic and rugged reliability.

    Aniline Dye
    Gibson Custom has invested in its manufacturing environment and training to facilitate the use of superior aniline dye finishes. The result is the same extravagant presentation of the natural grain of fine wood as was the standard for Gibson many years ago.

    Hide Glue
    Gibson Custom is ushering back the use of hide glue in its crafting of the 1958 Les Paul Plain Top reissue. This truly ancient process requires more time to be taken in the crafting of each guitar as well as more curing time to allow proper drying and adhesion. The result is a better join of hardwoods that prepares each guitar for a lifetime of use, care and recuperation from damage.

    Truss Rod
    One of the many improvements to the original Les Paul design, was the addition of a ‘sock’; a flexible tubing that surrounded the truss rod cover to prevent rattling within the truss rod channel and allow for an easier installation of the neck spline.

    In addition, the specification of the truss rod’s washer, which secures the passage of the rod into the neck and provides a brace for the adjustment nut, was changed over the course of years. Finally, the anchor on the end of the truss rod, deep in the interior of the neck, was changed to a flat anchor. All these changes basically allowed the guitars to be built in a more efficient manner. Gibson Custom returns to the original specifications of the 1950s era Les Paul by removing the truss rod tubing and re-engineering the truss rod, truss rod washer and anchor to its original form.

    Product Specifications
    NEW FOR 2013Accurate Vintage Color Fingerboard and Body Binding - A darker cream color to match the original 50's Gibson’sHistoric Truss Rod Assembly - Re-engineered the truss rod, truss rod washer and anchor to their original form.Custom Bucker Pickups - Our most accurate recreation of the original 50's PAF pickups.Hide Glue Neck fit - Hide glue is known for its reparability. It can be re-heated to remove the neck without damage to surrounding wood. Many argue that the original hide-glue guitars have a different tone than those with synthetic glue.Kluson Deluxe Green Keys - These "new" tuning keys are as near a replica of the original Kluson tuners as is available. They feature the proper vintage profile, color and performance specifications.Aniline Dye - Aniline dye is a vintage woodcraft coloring material and technique that was abandoned due to color-fastness (it fades when exposed to sunlight) and difficulty in applying with a manufacturing environment. It results in superior wood grain presentation and depth of color.Single Layer, Rosewood Boards - In 2013 all Historic Reissue guitars will return to single layer, rosewood fingerboards.
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