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Groove Tube EL84 Russian Amp Vacuum Tubes

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EL84 Types
Most common low power pentode, popularized in early Vox AC30 amps. Rediscovered by Matchless amps and now currently used by nearly every tube amp company. Quick, soft overdrive distortion, great for recording but usually too low volume for live gigs.

Good quality, long lasting type with a slightly aggressive edge when pushed into overdrive. The D in our model number notes denotes matched Duet.

The Groove Tubes Process - Step by Step Testing and Selecting Tubes
Groove Tubes literally goes through thousands of tubes, rejecting more tubes than they accept. They put every tube through a rigorous performance test, one at a time, in real amp circuits. The preamp tubes are rejected for adverse microphonics, low output or high noise. Power tubes are more involved, and they go through additional testing.

Here's What They're Looking For:
  • Grid Leakage. Causes tube to burn out quickly, and worse yet, to short out and wreak lots of havoc. They throw these tubes out.
  • Weak Vacuum. Tube will act deceptively normal, then just burn out on you (usually at the worst time!). These tubes don't make it past the first round.
  • Gain to Distortion Ratio. The center of all Groove Tube magic! This measurement tells us if the tube will distort early or later in its power range. Since the tube distortion is rich in harmonics (That's why we love 'em!), the tonality of each tube will vary according to this ratio. Only Groove Tubes sets have been measured and matched to insure longer sustain, wider frequency response and a more musical amplifier!
Rating and Matching Tubes
Groove Tubes translates this gain to distortion ratio into a performance scale that can range up to 100 points, then match up the tubes to within 1 point of each other. To simplify things, they reduce the scale to 1-10 before the tubes leave their shop. All tubes are exactly matched into duets, quartets, sextets and even octets.

More Than Just Great Tone
The Groove Tubes Process produces many welcomed improvements:
  • Dramatically Improved Sustain by eliminating phase cancellation (which occurs when dissimilar tones coming from unmatched tubes are combined and cancel out certain frequencies.)
  • Improved Harmonic Balance- All the notes you play will have the same amplitude. (No more dead spots or dull notes!)
  • Longer Life Span by 1st) eliminating faulty tubes. 2nd) Their balanced sets reduce stress that occurs when a stronger tube is working too hard to make up for its weaker partner, and 3rd) because their sets drive the output transformer evenly it actually runs cooler!
Groove Tubes: It All Comes Down To Tone
When you go into a store and buy other tubes, it's a crapshoot. Without The Groove Tube Process, there's absolutely no way of predicting how a tube will sound. When other tube suppliers claim to have matched sets, they're referring to the meaningless measurement of the tube's power. As we learned in the beginning, it's a waste of time to measure power because you simply can't hear variations of power (unlike variations in harmonic distortion). And even if you could, the power measurement is always changing as the tube wears (This measurement wouldn't stay matched anyway, but theirs do!). Buying Groove Tubes will save you money and a great deal of aggravation, while turning you on to the best tone you're ever heard coming out of your amp! Groove Tubes are more expensive than most other tubes. Now you know why.

The Tube-Tone Phenomenon. The next time you're experimenting with your tone, and before you shell out more bucks on effects, gadgets, guitars, another amp! ... check your amp head and try out a new set of Groove Tubes.
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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  Warranty:  6 Months Preamp Tubes; 3 Months Power Tubes

Customer Reviews

Review: Jared Jennings Submitted: 12/20/2016

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



sounds great with my new tubes in my vox ac15
Product Rating

Product Review

Replaced the Chinese tubes in my vox ac15. They were losing volume and I didn't know how old they were. I got this pair and 3 svetlana pre amp 12ax7 tubes. My amp sounds way better than when I first got it. sad that amps have mediocre stock tubes, because when you try the amp in a store, that is a make or break moment. Anyway, all said and done it was 88 bucks to ship all 5 and now my amp sounds really good. can't wait to get an rca or telefunken for the v1 spot, since that is the most important of all tubes for tone. I am going to get the most expensive one I can for that one, that should be very cool.
AMS Responds: Thank you for your review! We greatly appreciate our customer's taking the time to leave such expert comments on our products. We hope other's find this to be helpful in their decision to make a purchase!

Review: Blue Rooster Submitted: 1/23/2014

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



Awesome tone.

Your general opinion of this product.

Replaced the cheap stock Chinese tubes in an amp I bought recently. These tubes mad a huge difference in tone.

So far so good.

It's a tube - it feels like glass .

Warm and fat!

Nice paint on the glass. Not quite a stain glass window though.

We shall see.

Review: AMS Customer from USA Submitted: 2/5/2008

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Tube review

Your general opinion of this product.

Never had any problems. Tube life depends on playing habits but these tubes last as well or better than others I have used. 5

In my amps I haven't found any thing close to this price that sounds as good.5

In my amp I just plug then in and I am ready to go. I mostly use Dr. z stuff.

I rate this a 5 some of the best tubes for the money.

I rate these a 5. They sound great


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