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    Product Description

    Sunrise Gold Standard Thermoplastic pick is professionally crafted to sound great. Plus it is durable because of the unique material and bevel design used during construction.

    Hand-shaped and Polished for Demanding Players
    Guitar and bass players who want a pick with longer life, faster performance, and improved clarity over nylon should check out the Gravity Guitar Picks. Gravity's hand-polished cast acrylic grips fingers and glides easily across strings; the 80-degree beveled edges lend fullness to chord strums and add speed to lead playing.

    Gravity Guitar Picks: handcrafted for better performance
    Chris Fahey and the Gravity Guitar Picks team are out to craft a better tone for demanding guitar and bass players everywhere by offering unique, handcrafted picks at an affordable price. A guitarist since age 12, Chris has spent his life chasing picks with better performance, life, volume, and tone, and in 2011, he invested his life's savings into making that dream a reality. Every Gravity pick is hand-shaped and buffed in the company's California facility. From Classic cast acrylic picks to Gold Series thermoplastic and signature models, Gravity makes a picking solution for every player at just about every price point.

    Gravity Guitar Picks Features at a Glance:

    • Professionally hand-shaped and polished guitar pick
    • Acrylic grips well and easily glides across your strings
    • Unique material and bevel design plays faster, louder, and with improved tone
    • Proprietary beveling system is consistent from pick to pick
    • Durable construction lasts longer than a traditional guitar pick
    • Maximize tone, speed, and volume with the Gravity Guitar Picks!

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