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Product Description

Providing first class sound, the iLoud Micro Monitor is an ultra-compact reference studio monitors that features linear frequency response, zero coloration, transparency and headroom. To hear the truth, you need reference speakers that offer up. And if you work in a home or small studio you have even greater challenges, from the lack of space on your desk to the less than ideal position of your audio workstation, typically placed against a wall.

Why iLoud Micro Monitors Pair are better

  • Smallest footprint for a reference monitor saves desktop space and allows for precise placement
  • Bi-amped design with individual class D amps for each driver
  • Headroom – 50W RMS plenty of room to get loud, although high SPL isn’t needed in small spaces
  • Non-resonant enclosure design prevents sound buildup and distortion while providing smooth frequency response
  • Nearer “Sweet spot” so you can sit closer – the centers of each of the drivers are closer together so the blending of sound happens at a much shorter distance from the speaker and the “sweet spot” equilateral triangle positioning (the optimum positioning for reference monitors in a studio) can be accomplished in a much smaller space with no coloration or interference from other items in the room
  • 56-bit DSP constantly monitors frequency response and provides accurate driver-matched crossover providing smooth flat response at all volume levels
  • Positioning EQ switches allow you to put your monitors closer to the wall, saving valuable desktop space while providing superior flat response down to 45Hz
  • Woofer/Tweeter center distance is smaller so the full sound convergence distance, or the physical location in front of the enclosure where the sound from each driver blends thus forming the “sweet spot” is shorter. This means you can work in smaller spaces and still have ultra-accurate sound
  • Integrated dual-position isolation base provides optimum listening angle options and prevents surface coupling and unnatural bass response
  • Integrated mic stand thread mount lets you position monitors “in-air” providing surface de-coupling, zero resonance and pure sound
  • Ultra-efficient drivers – 3/4” tweeter and treated paper cone 3” woofer plus active digital crossover preserves sound and prevents midrange “dip” that occurs in budget monitors
  • Ultra-Affordable – with a retail price of just $299.99 per pair, musicians, producers and engineers get high-end reference monitor performance and features at near budget monitor pricing
  • Bluetooth Streaming – iLoud Micro Monitors have multiple sound source inputs including wireless Bluetooth streaming for casual listening, plus RCA and 1/8” stereo inputs for mixing/mastering. An RCA input cable is included.

Now, with iLoud Micro Monitor, you can hear the truth in your music anytime and everywhere. The smallest active studio reference monitoring system in the world, iLoud Micro Monitor provides you with ultra-accurate true linear frequency response with no coloration, and can do so in every listening environment, especially in home and project studios. Sound too good to be true?

iLoud Micro Monitor
iLoud Micro Monitors are two extremely portable, high-performance bi-amped speakers that deliver a combined 50W RMS of power for solid bass, plenty of headroom and a stunningly defined stereo image. Whether you’re recording, editing, mixing, or mastering audio, iLoud Micro Monitor ensures your production will translate well to the huge variety of consumer devices — headphones, home stereo systems, gaming consoles, car audio systems, TVs, and other listening systems.

With iLoud Micro Monitor, you will hear the truth in your music no matter whether you’re mixing in your bedroom, mastering in a small studio or just listening to your favorites tunes at home. And best of all, it offers high-end features that can be found only in monitors in big budget studios, but at a price that everyone can afford.

  • The smallest footprint of any reference quality studio monitor system.
  • Fits anywhere — provides high-definition monitoring in the tightest spaces.
  • Can be placed closer to you than other monitors reducing the effects of room reflections and standing waves.
  • The first monitor system you can easily carry with you anywhere you go.
High power, smallest footprint
When the original iLoud speaker was released, it set a new standard for portable power and sonic accuracy in an ultra-small, portable form factor. iLoud Micro Monitor is a natural evolution of that design concept, and just like its popular predecessor, it offers a completely new and unmatched sonic experience. iLoud Micro Monitors are specifically designed for small makeshift working spaces — bedroom studios, small project studios or even on the tour bus or in a hotel room.

Its two speakers are powered by ultra-efficient class D power amplifiers that push a total of 50W RMS with amazing low-end response down to 55Hz (-3dB) — the best bass response in its category. Each monitor sports a 3/4” silk dome tweeter, a 3” high-rigidity custom composite material woofer and a large-flaring front-firing bass reflex port. Thanks to these features, it’s able to deliver smooth and extended high frequencies, an exceptionally open, focused midrange and a solid, controlled low end. Simply put, iLoud Micro Monitor’s sound is so good that it’s nearly inconceivable for a speaker system of this size and at this price point.

Flexible placement and connections
  • Desktop or monitor stand placement with selectable EQ correction and adjustable integrated isolation base optimized for your setup.
  • Mounts on regular mic stands for free-field positioning with no need for additional accessories.
  • Wired connection with 1/8” stereo mini-jack and RCA inputs for recording, mixing and mastering.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection for listening to your music anywhere. 
Sonically transparent
iLoud Micro Monitor sounds amazing and real. But why? Well, a part of that is due to its internal 56-bit digital signal processor (DSP). This DSP is responsible for things like taking care of the frequency and phase response of the monitor as well as also controlling the dynamic range so that the drivers are always controlled. It also acts as a digital crossover that allows for invisibly smooth transitions between the drivers themselves.

IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors Pair Includes
  • 2 x iLoud Micro Monitor speakers
  • Power supply unit
  • Power supply cable
  • 4-pin speakers connection cable (1.5m/59.1”)
  • TRS 1/8” stereo to 2 x RCA cable (1.5m/59.1”)
Ideal for small studios
Most home studios offer less than ideal space when working on audio and often resemble just a desk with a computer and speakers beside it placed against a wall. Most speakers are not designed for these small environments and sound boomy and undefined, but iLoud Micro Monitors have been designed to be the best possible reference monitor in these challenging “small room” situations.

iLoud Micro Monitor’s small footprint saves space on your desktop and ensures closer placement to your ears thus minimizing room reflections. Plus, its internal DSP offers various EQ settings for optimizing bass and treble response as well as position compensation — this lets you switch between a “free field” and “desktop” setup effortlessly.

You can also position iLoud Micro Monitor at two angles of inclination thanks to the integrated isolation base that guarantees further mechanical de-coupling and purer sound. With these features you can optimize your listening experience to suit the characteristics of the room you’re working in, therefore always ensuring that you’re working in the audio the sweet spot.

Free-field positioning iLoud Micro Monitors also feature an integrated mic stand thread (UNC 3/8”-16) so you can easily place them on any regular pair of mic stands giving you the best possible monitoring conditions in the smallest places without adding expensive accessories.

Free-field positioning
iLoud Micro Monitors also feature an integrated mic stand thread (UNC 3/8”-16) so you can easily place them on any regular pair of mic stands giving you the best possible monitoring conditions in the smallest places without adding expensive accessories.

Hi-end features at nearly budget price
When it comes to small monitors, you’re traditionally limited to two choices — cheap, “budget” monitors that can be better described as a couple of “wooden” boxes with “some kind of” speakers usually costing in the $100-$200 (per pair) range, or high quality monitors well over the $600-$700 (per pair). Only iLoud Micro Monitor offers you the features and characteristics of high-end monitors (sonic accuracy, definition, reference-response, bi-amplification, DSP control, positioning EQ, integrated isolation base) and more at almost the cost of a budget monitor. Now when you’re working in small studio spaces, you can finally hear a perfect representation of your music without having to compromise between features and cost.

iLoud Micro Monitor Get connected
You can easily use iLoud Micro Monitors with all your favorite gear. Sending an audio signal to it couldn’t be easier. It has inputs for both RCA and 1/8” connectors, and it can also receive audio via Bluetooth from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

iLoud Micro Monitor: The first monitor that can travel with you
Because iLoud Micro Monitors are the smallest - and lightest (1.7kg / 60.7oz) - monitors in the world, you can now for the first time ever have a true reference monitor system everywhere you go.

If you do productions on the go, you will now have a travel companion that will give you trustworthy sound anywhere — just pack them into your gigbag or backpack with your laptop and go.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications
IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors Pair Specifications
  • Type: 2-way active, bi-amped studio monitor
  • Frequency response (-3dB): 55Hz - 20kHz
  • Frequency response (-10dB): 45Hz - 22kHz
  • Tweeter: 3/4” silk dome, neodymium magnet
  • Woofer: 3” high-rigidity custom composite material
  • Maximum SPL @ 1m (with sine wave acoustic 100Hz to 3kHz): 104dB
  • Number of amplifiers: 4
  • Amplifiers type: High Efficiency Class-D
  • Total output power (both speakers): 70W (peak) - 50W RMS
  • Low frequency output power (single speaker): 18W RMS
  • High frequency output power (single speaker): 7W RMS
  • Acoustic settings: high shelf (0dB or -3dB @3kHz); low shelf (0dB or -3dB @300Hz); desktop (-8dB @300Hz)
  • High performance Bass-Reflex port
  • Bluetooth compatible with A2DP protocol
  • Totally DSP controlled
  • Connectors: 2 x RCA input (cable included); TRS 1/8” stereo input; 4-pin speaker connector (cable included)
  • Size: 180mm/7.09” x 135mm/5.31” x 90mm/3.54”
  • Weight: 920g/32.45oz (left speaker), 800g/28.22oz (right speaker), 1,720g/60.67oz (left + right speaker)

Customer Reviews

Wesley Easter, Submitted: 11/6/2018
Product Rating
Love them
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
Innovative, intuitive, perfect for iPad and ikeys
Joe Submitted: 11/1/2018
Product Rating
Fantastic little speakers
What is your opinion of this product?
I decided to give these a shot when making a smaller rig for mixing at home. I have a large and accurate rig at my studio, but wanted to be able to work when I can't get out there. These speakers are SHOCKINGLY good. Paired with ik multimedias ARC program, I have no issues dialing in a mix. I'm confident in my mix decisions, even in the sub range. Highly recommended.
T. Super Submitted: 10/26/2018
Product Rating
I like them But...
What is your opinion of this product?
The jury is still out for me. I love everything Ikmultimedia. That's way when I have the opportunity get them I was more than happy. iLouds are loud. But are bit too high med ranging for what I was hoping for. I am still tweaking them. Finding that place for them in my studio. But I won't give up hope. I love the iKmultimedia brand. So I am sure I will find the sweet spot. I have experienced some crackling in the slave speaker at times. I was about to return them. Just decided keep them. I am certain that the they are great for others in their studios. IK, keep doing what you do.
Sammantix Submitted: 10/23/2018
Product Rating
Best Purchase Yet
What is your opinion of this product?
These things are wonderful. They're great for my TV shows, my video games, and most importantly, my synths and guitars. They really kick, I rarely have even had to crank their volume up, and when I need to roll it down, everything still sounds great. Definitely consider these
B Gabriel Walker Submitted: 10/14/2018
Product Rating
Shocking little things
What is your opinion of this product?
When I saw these little things, I thought "no way." Still, I needed a set of portable monitors. OMG! I was shocked by the sound. The iLouds are transparent and you can get surgical with them...And yes, they thump way more than you'd ever believe possible. The bass is proportionate and not over-hyped. Mids up front and clear. Treble clear and not brittle. They are not loud, but let's be clear, mixing happens best at "conversational volume." That said, they are really good for mixing. You won't scrap your Focals or Genelecs, but you will make solid, translatable mixes with these little things.
Sam Small Submitted: 10/5/2018
Product Rating
I love these little gems
What is your opinion of this product?
These are some of the best sounding monitors that I've heard. Don't let the small size fool you. The sound produced simply spot on. Bass frequencies are perfect. I would love to pair these with a sub with the same footprint. They are worth every penny.
ROBERT SANFORD Submitted: 9/26/2018
Product Rating
I love this thing
What is your opinion of this product?
I love my speakers I am so glad I purchased them.
Jimmy Submitted: 9/6/2018
Product Rating
Little Speakers with Big Sound!
What is your opinion of this product?
Needed something compact for my studio workspace. Was a bit skeptical about the speaker sizes and sound quality but wow these were a huge surprise. Clear and full sound quality. They're very loud- at least in my studio space. Solid low end and clear mids/highs. Awesome listening experience.
Henry Rueppel Submitted: 7/21/2018
Product Rating
"well worth the money, better than I hoped"
What is your opinion of this product?
The speakers size and audio quality are perfect for FOH studio monitors.
Elena Mathis Submitted: 5/2/2018
Product Rating
Nice speakers!Good Value!
What is your opinion of this product?
I am very pleased with these speakers sound quality. They work great for a home studio. Just make sure you get appropriate cables.


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