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    ISP Technologies Theta Preamplifier Guitar Preamp

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    Product Description

    The theta Preamplifier offers a unique approach to the guitarist, providing two selectable input pre-distort preamplifiers. Using the Theta preamp is like having two low-noise, extremely high quality preamp pedals at the input of the amplifier. Each front end preamp has gain, bass, mid level, mid sweep and treble which provides amazing pre-distort tone shaping. The amplifiers' "Clean" and "Distort" circuits have the same post distort tone shaping. tone beyond your wildest dreams! No other amplifier, Tube, Solid State or Digital even comes close to the sonic flexibility of the Theta.

    The Clean channel has additional tone shaping with the inclusion of a Presence control providing more than 20db of high frequency boost. You want gain? The Theta Preamp literally has more gain available than any amplifier ever produced with greater than 160db of gain you can control and make usable only because we'be included dual independent full-featured Decimator Noise Reduction systems. The Decimator defines a new standard for excellence in real time noise reduction performance. The Decimator was designed to provide the maximum possible performance in a noise reduction system designed specifically for extremely high gain guitar amplifiers.

    The Thea Preamp Decimator is the only system in the world designed with dual channels of single ended noise reduction. Configured specifically for high gain guitar applications. The Theta preamp is the first to incorporate "Dynamic Saturation Modulation", which delivers the actual feel of a saturated tube power amplifier. Shipped with a 6 button footswitch to control all of the parameters of the Theta and come with the interconnection cable.

    Product Specifications
    ISP Technologies Theta Preamplifier Guitar Preamp Specifications
    • Bass Control (Pre amp 1 and 2): +/-15dB at 80Hz
    • Bass Control (Clean and Distort): +/-15dB at 80Hz
    • Mid Sweep Frequency (Preamps): 300Hz to 6KHz
    • Mid Sweep Frequency (Channels): 300Hz to 6KHz
    • Mid Boost/Cut Range (Preamps): +/- 12dB
    • Mid Boost/Cut Range (Channels): +/- 12dB
    • Presence Range (clean): 0dB to +18db
    • Decimator Effective Noise Reduction: Greater than 80dB
    • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 19 x 4 x 8”
    • Weight: 16 lbs.
    • Ships: with a dedicated 6 button footswitch to control all of the parameters of the theta preamp and the interconnection cable
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  248-673-7790 Warranty:  3 Year Pedals; 2 Year Rack Processing
    Adam, mcleanadamb@gmail.com
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    Product Rating
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    I've owned this preamp for several years now, and for the stuff I play/compose, it stomps all others (and I've owned a few). The distortion is the most articulate but mean, clear but aggressive, open and punchy I've ever worked with. With the sweepable mids, it's hard to get to muddy or ice picky at all... High gain is smooth and just outright brutal. And that's BEFORE you kick on the pre-distort preamp!!!!! Tones for days... the most versatile guitar preamp to exist in my opinion. Has a very unique sound, but can also emulate other brand name tones. The cleans are out of this world. I love to record direct via the line outs (no cabinet emulation) to get that Alex Lifeson HOLD YOUR FIRE/PRESTO/A SHOW OF HANDS direct sound. This does it so well. Sparkly, open and rich... add some chorus and delay and you won't believe your ears. The cabinet emulated XLR out is my favorite feature to record with... sits so well in a mix whether it is high gain or clean. Get the Theta!!!!!!
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