iZotope Trash 2 Distortion Software Effect Plugin

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    Product Description

    The iZotope Trash 2 Distortion Software Effect Plug-in provides an entirely new sonic architecture, brand new features, optimized performance, better sound quality, and support for modern hosts and formats. Audio mangling, distortion, experimentation and all out sonic mayhem is possible with this incredible plug-in. iZotope gives Trash 2 over 60 distortion algorithms so you can get the perfect sound!

    iZotope Trash 2 Distortion Software Effect Plug-in Features

    • Distort in ways you never dreamed with the Trash module’s 60+ distortion algorithms, perfect for transforming your sound into something never before heard
    • Design your own unique distortions, from massive to mild and everything in between, with a new, customizable, multiband Waveshaper
    • Let your tracks inhabit any space or object with the new Convolve module. Choose from over 100 impulse responses or load your own to put your bass in a washing machine or your keys in a cave
    • Find a new voice: make your audio speak and growl with two redesigned Filter modules, each one featuring new vowel formant filters, screaming peaks, node modulations, and more
    • Start trashing your audio immediately with an extensive new preset library and an ear-friendly Limiter that ensures you can play without fear
    Trash and burn
    The Trash 2 software plugin combines the power of multi-band, dual-stage distortions and advanced post-filtering for immediate sonic transformation. Give your low end some thump, get a warm crunch on the midrange, and let your high end soar—all without the over-hyped side effects.

    Shape shifter
    Invent a distortion that the world has never heard. Design your own distortion algorithms with iZotope Trash 2's new customizable Waveshaper. If the physics of waveshaping have your brain in a knot—not to worry. With Trash 2 it's easy: simply draw in, tweak, and create infinite distortions. Don't know where to start? Load one of Trash 2's 60+ distortion algorithms and adjust at will. Trash has shaped everything from major music releases to film and game sound effects over the past decade.

    Follow your impulses
    The power to morph sound from one object to another is yours with the new Convolve module. Melt your synth bass into a metal bowl, push your electric piano into a vintage cabinet, or play your guitar tone through a human voice box. Convolve includes over 100 impulse responses—a collection of amps, objects, animal sounds and mouth shapes that are ready and waiting to transform your sound. Or, concoct a unique convolution and load any .wav or .aiff file into Trash 2.

    Beyond distortion
    Explore new sonic dimensions with the Filter, Delay and Dynamics modules. Breathe life and movement into your audio using the dual Filters, each with 20+ evocative filter types to shape your tone. Modulate, invigorate and apply exotic filter sounds, then control and manipulate each node with LFOs, envelopes and side-chaining. A filter bank unlike any other, you're free to custom-design your ultimate filter styles and reach the bleeding edge of sound design. Polish it all off with Trash 2's rich, organic Delay options and a new analog-modeled compressor worth turning up to 11.

    Product Specifications
    iZotope Trash 2 Distortion Software Effect Plug-in Specifications
    • Supported operating systems:
      • Windows: XP (32-bit), Vista (64-bit), 7 (32- & 64-bit), Windows 8
      • Mac: OS X 10.5.8 or later (Intel-based Macs only)
    • Plug-in formats: RTAS, AAX, AudioSuite, VST, VST3, Audio Unit, DirectX
    • Plug-in host compatibility: Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts like Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, GarageBand, Logic, SONAR, ACID, Vegas, Ableton Live, and many more
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    Not worth 99 bucks
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    After an hour and a half I could not get a decent distortion sound out of this plugin, just a bunch of garbled crap you would never want to use on a recording. If you are looking for a way to create tasteful distortion look elsewhere!
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