Kable Keepers 8 Inch Velcro Strap Bag Of 25 Black

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    Product Description

    This unique cable tie was designed to secure all types of cables & make them more manageable. Each Wrap-All is a single 8", self-gripping strap that opens & closes quickly. They allow for easy installation and removal and can be used over & over again. Made from industrial-grade hook and loop, each Wrap-All strap is a seamless unit with no buckles or hardware that can damage delicate cables. They're infinitely adjustable and two or more can be hooked together to fit the fattest cables.

    About Kable Keepers
    In 1998 two astute young entrepreneurs had a vision. It raced across the sky on a flaming chariot driven by a golden haired maiden named Madilyn. She spoke to them in an ancient language known only to the tribesmen of Outer Mongolia and Frank LoParco, a tire salesman from Des Moines, Iowa.

    Anyway, after this holy experience ended, Kable Keepers was born. Being that our founders were full-time professional musicians with lots of cables that were always a tangled mess, they set forth on a mission. They had to find a way to keep their cables neat and tidy. So they searched the world over for the perfect cable wrap material. Little did they know that they would find their buried treasure almost in their own backyard.

    They found an industrial strength hook and loop fabric (made by a world famous company that shall remain nameless) that worked perfectly. So they entered into an exclusive agreement with this giant company and agreed to purchase millions of these little straps in the hope of bringing much needed relief to the music industry.

    From their little shop in Orlando, FL, they manufacture their unique delivery system and load it up with their straps for shipment all over the world. Kable Keepers products are available in 41 states and 18 foreign countries and sales is growing at a record pace.

    The boys from O-Town have worked hard to establish their name in a very competitive market. The combination of quality products and first-rate customer service has been the reason for their explosive growth. At Kable Keepers the emphasis is on the customer. As it was in the beginning, is, and always will be.

    So the next time you're feeling scared of the dark, don't hide your head under your pillow. Get up and turn the light on for God's sakes. And remember, at Kable Keepers we never sleep. Call us anytime, we love to talk.

    Product Specifications


    • Dimensions: 1 x 8"
    • Average Shear (PSI): 29
    • Average Peel (PIW): .06
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    Phone:  888-656-0080 Warranty: 
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