KAT Percussion KT3 Advanced Digital Drum Kit

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    Product Description

    The 6-piece KT3 digital drum set represents KAT's latest advancement in its KT drum series. This big brother edition of the widely acclaimed kt2 features large 11" white floor tom and snare drum pads, a larger 12" hi-hat cymbal, two 12" crash cymbals, a 14" ride cymbal with an all-new bell trigger and most importantly, a new library of amazing, high quality sounds.

    KAT KT3 Electronic Drum Set Features

    • New 11” Snare and Floor tom pads
    • New 12” Hi-Hat Pad
    • New multi-layered drum kits
    • New built-in play along tracks
    • USB 2.0/ Midi ports
    • 550 sounds
    • 45 preset kits + 25 user programmable kits
    • 3 boom cymbal arms
    • Red accents on module and rack
    The kt3 module has as much connectivity as you have come to expect from a KAT kit. A pair of 1/4" stereo output jacks accommodate direct recording and mixer amplification. A stereo input jack allows you to plug in your mp3 player so you can play-along and practice to your favorite tunes.

    KAT KT3 Sound Module
    • Advanced sound module with 550 internal sounds
    • 45 Preset Drum Kits
    • 25 additional user programmable kits
    • 100 Built-in Play along tracks
    • Learning Mode
    • Push button interface
    • USB 2.0/ Midi Ports - Includes wire harness, 2 additional trigger cables and Power supply
    The built-in general MIDI sound card includes a variety of play-along songs that are both fun and challenging to play. The sophisticated kt3 sound module includes 45 pre-configured drum sets, 25 user-programmable drum sets, 100 built-in play along songs, and 550 studio-quality drum, cymbal, DJ, EFX, and percussion sounds.

    Product Specifications
    KAT KT3 Electronic Drum Set Includes
      (1) KT3 USB/MIDI trigger sound module 
      (1) 11" dual-zone snare pad 
      (2) 9" dual-zone tom pads 
      (2) 11" dual-zone floor tom pads 
      (1) Shock-absorption kick tower with 9" pad 
      (1) Hi-hat controller 
      (2) 12" dual-zone crash cymbals 
      (1) 14" dual-zone ride cymbal w/ bell trigger 
      (1) 12" hi-hat cymbal 
      (3) Boom cymbal arms 
      (1) Straight hi-hat arm 
      (1) Drum rack with mounting hardware 
      (1) Silent Strike bass drum beater
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  805-919-2499 Warranty:  1 Year
    Scott W Smith
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstardullstar
    Great little kit for the price
    Product Rating
    What is your opinion of this product?
    A small e-kit that is eminently portable with a good sound module. Literally dozens of drum voices and 40+ programmed kits. The sound module is constructed of plastic so it requires care to not harm it; I would have preferred a tougher construction here. Easy pad programming. Pads are pretty responsive. Cymbal reproduction is about the same as most e-kits...almost but not quite. Can't argue with the price, considering name-brand products cost 3 times the price of this kit for essentially the same capabilities. This kit looks better, too...color scheme is more interesting than the traditional black and white found in competitor products. I have a feeling the white pads may discolor with high usage, though.
    Thank you for submitting your review. We highly recommend using the KAT HD400 Hi-Def Stereo Electronic Drum Speaker System to experience the best performance! You can find it on our website by searching for the following item number: KAT HD400US
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstardullstar
    The quality seems what is expected
    What is your opinion of this product?
    It's everything the product description says. AMS DELIVERED and I was surprised at how fast the product came. It was pretty simple to set up and play. I have yet to adjust the settings as the biggest draw back is having to buy a peddle and I am not extremely happy with the cymbals. This could just be sensitivity settings and as stated I have not had time to learn that yet. The pads are really nice and seem solid.
    Jeffrey Cribb
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    I love it!
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I have been a professional percussionist for over 30 years. 20 years in the Marine Band. Worked at a musical instrument mega store. Of course we had the Roland, Alesis, Yamaha flagship kits. But I could never afford a TD30! I am super impressed with this kit. It is affordable and awesome! Thank you so much!
    Product Rating brightstardullstardullstardullstardullstar
    Fair to middlin'
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I ordered this product over Roland KD11 simply because the Roland wasn't available with the 12 equal payments plan. This unit has one more cymbal and one more tom than the Roland, however. To me, it is a tad on the toyish side. The functionality is good. Choke-able cymbals and two zone pads all around, too. The pre-programmed sets are a bit weak in my opinion, BUT you can customize your own sounds and sets, so you aren't limited by the pre-programmed stuff. This seems like a notch above the DDrum stuff, but not a professional outfit, in my opinion. If not such a nightmare to pack back up, I'd send it back and figure out a way to get the Roland.
    Carlos Negron
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Awesome Product
    What is your opinion of this product?
    The drum kit was easy to assemble. The manual was easy to read and understand. The quality was awesome for the price and AMS processing was outstanding. I got the product earlier than they had estimated. I'm still working on learning how to take a full advantage of the kit as the module and pads have many programming variations. I couldn't be happier with the kit. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an electric drum kit and are on a budget. :)
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstardullstardullstar
    Not as I expected
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I own Alesis and Roland electronic drums, And the Rolands are far better in overall kit changes and programing. The Kats are fine but very limited on programing.But I have to say better than Alesis.This would be a good beginner kit. I have been drumming 53 years. A lot of sounds you would never use as with other electronic kits.Just not as impressive as I expected.Cymbals are mounted on each corner with very little way to adjust, Changing the boom arms that have more travel and mounting them on the rack would be much better.
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Awesome kit!
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Quick and easy setup right out of the box. Only had it a week but am very happy with it. The frame is very sturdy and good quality materials. My like some of the less expensive kits with a PVC frame. The pre loaded kits are great, and I'm looking forward to creating some custom sounds. The bell trigger on the ride took some getting used to, but works great. Same with the mute on the 2 crash cymbals. Sounds great live also!
    Michael Breshears
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Couldn't be happier
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Product was as advertised and performed as expected. Packaging was perfect as always and the shipping was fast. The KT3 drum set was extremely easy to set up but it is well made and seems to be very durable. Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase.
    richard salinas
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    I love this drum set
    What is your opinion of this product?
    This kit has more features than my yamaha DTX set for the same price.
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