Kemper Profiler PowerHead Guitar Amp Modeling Processor Powered Head

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Product Description

Undoubtedly the most versatile amplification system ever! The Kemper Profiler PowerHead Guitar Amp Head adds a built in 600 Watt power amp to the Kemper Profiler concept, making it not only perfect for studio work, but also an incredibly powerful live rig. Utilizing the Kemper CabDriver mode, guitarists now have the choice of playing through regular guitar cabinets or full range monitor systems. The Kemper PowerHead is a truly revolutionary amp that could be the piece of gear you’ve been looking for all along!

The 600 Watts Class D amplifier is carefully selected for the PowerHead to guarantee utmost performance. After Kemper performed extensive listening tests, a lot of measuring and looking thoroughly at the typical sonic behavior of power amps for guitar amplification on the market it became clear that only the best components are capable of delivering impressive results.

Kemper Profiler PowerHead Guitar Amp Head Features

  • Digitally captures the sonic fingerprint of virtually any guitar amp
  • Powers virtually any guitar cab setup including 4x12-inch, 1x12-inch cabs, as well as full range speakers
  • Delivers 600 Watts at 8 Ohm, 300 Watts at 16 Ohm, does not heat up and is lightweight
  • XLR and 1/4-inch connections allow for connection directly to a mixing console
  • A/B comparison mode for comparing the original amp sound with the profiled sound
  • Standard Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence controls
  • Exchange profiles through the official Kemper Amplifier website profile exchange, emails, or other online forums and services
  • Cabinet section enables you to mix and match head and cab profiles in which ever way you like
  • 4 independent stomp effects slots can host effects including famous overdrives and distortions, compressor, reverb, several delays and LoFi algorithms, and a beautiful rotary speaker emulation
  • Accurate models of classic effects such as a variety of chorus, phaser and flanger pedals
  • External effects loop which you can patch in anywhere among the virtual stomps boxes
  • Gain control ranges over 80dB and features an automatic volume compensation for clean settings
  • Several ground lifts to allow you to easily deal with possible hum and grounding problems
The Kemper Profiler PowerHead amp is as simple as plugging it in and pressing ‘record.’ Just insert it into the recording chain, sit back, and watch the magic. Test signals will be sent from the unit into your tube amp and recorded by the microphone in front of your cabinet. Less than a minute later, the sonic DNA of your tube amp has been extracted. Use the A/B mode to compare the original tube amp with the profiled sound.

The ‘Refine’ feature allows you to fine-tune the nuances of your profile by simply strumming a few chords - a fast and convenient way to tweak the profile to perfection. The four stomp slots let you choose from traditional drive pedals, wahs and EQs, as well as more exotic effects like frequency shifter and wave shaper. Post-amp, you can add up to four stereo effects, including various reverbs, delays and modulation effects. Many effects have a built-in ‘Ducking’ parameter - just find your perfect setting, then store it for easy recall as an effect preset.

With the advent of the Kemper Profiler, everything has changed. Now, for the first time, you are free to create amp tones as unique and individual as you, and capture them perfectly into the digital domain. ‘Profiling’ is the name Kemper has given their proprietary technology that captures the sound and feel of a tube amplifier. The resulting profiles go far beyond a list of static, digital amp models - profiling creates a vivid, dynamic and multi-dimensional reproduction of your existing tube amp.

Product Specifications
Kemper Profiler PowerHead Amp Head Specifications
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 8.54 x 14.88 x 6.81 inches
  • Weight: 14.33 pounds
Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  Warranty:  Limited Hardware: 36 Months
Kenn Smith Submitted: 7/21/2018
Product Rating
The Kemper Profiler, an Excellent Investment...
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
The in my opinion, one of the best in amp modelifcation. If your can’t afford or have limited space for a great amp collection, the Kemper Profiler may be for you. It has every amp, effect pedal you can think of for every style of music, Rock and beyond. It’s the only unit I use in my studio.
Jamie Submitted: 3/15/2018
Product Rating
Best amp ive ever had
What is your opinion of this product?
Not trying to offend andyone but if you think you need a tube amp anymore you are wrong i have a jvm 410h and 1960av cab i profiled it with the kemper using an e609 and you can not tell one difference in the recording from the jvm to a kemper i recorded at 96hz 24bit not one notable difference, sell your tube amps and get a kemper.
AMS Responds:
Turtletaub from Sebring, Florida Submitted: 8/25/2013
Product Rating
Not Just an Amp...It's Every Amp!
Your general opinion of this product.
This is the best musical purchase I have ever made. Believe the hype. Believe the reviews. The Kemper amp is the real deal.
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