Keith McMillen Batt O Meter Musician Battery Tester

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    Product Description

    The KMI Batt O Meter Musician Battery Tester is a small device that allows musicians to test the remaining hours of battery life and voltage of 9 volt batteries while they are still inside gear with a 1/4-inch plug. The Batt-O-Meter works with almost any active instrument pickup or effects unit (stompboxes and other floor effects) that require a 9 volt battery to operate, and is turned on when a standard 1/4-inch cable is plugged into it. The Batt-O-Meter can test stand-alone batteries: 9V, 1.5V (AAA, AA), and 3V. It does this, by automatically placing the battery under an appropriate load to simulate real world usage. It works with Alkaline, Rechargable, and old school Carbon-Zinc batteries.

    Stomp boxes and instruments use a standard stereo 1/4-inch phone jack and devices sense the insertion of the 1/4-inch mono plug to turn on the power. Batt-O-Meter measures the Voltage and Current to let you know how many more hours the battery will work. A micro-processor within the unit allows the device to intelligently determine the different loads that can be put on the battery and calculate the power in hours remaining. This eliminates the need for extra buttons and adaptors, and makes the Batt-O-Meter simple to use.

    What is the Power Probe?
    The Power Probe is not your normal 1/4 inch plug. It is a gold plated 1/4" plug specially designed to allow the Batt-O-Meter to test the unit without turning it on. This allows for far more accurate readings with a wide array of devices.

    Can the Batt-O-Meter check its own battery?
    Yes! The Batt-O-Meter runs with on a 9 volt battery. Holding down the power button puts the device into self-test mode.

    Why hasn't anyone done this or thought of this before?
    It was almost impossible to create the Batt-O-Meter. The Batt-O-Meter required the equivalent of an ultra high impedance instrumentation front end with an auto sensing - auto scaling computer controlled current and voltage measurement system. Doing this with $1000's of test gear is hard enough - doing it for the price of a few batteries was insane.

    Check hard-to-reach batteries via the 1/4" input on most instruments and effects pedals.

      Fast, accurate, and easy to use, the Batt-O-Meter:
    • saves you from risk and stress before a performance
    • saves you money by extending the life of each battery
    • saves you time by checking battery life BEFORE you take things apart
    • save the environment by reducing the number of discarded batteries
    The Batt-O-Meter looks inside your instruments and 9 volt devices to measure voltage and remaining hours of use.

      Quickly and accurate measure:
    • how many volts a battery is delivering
    • hours left before the device runs out of power
    • the remaining life in any 1.5-volt or 9-volt battery
    Plug the gold-plated Power Probe into the 1/4-inch input on most instruments and effects pedals to test the life remaining in a hard-to-reach battery.

    There's more! Test more battery types with increased precision: convenient slide switch differentiates between Alkaline, Rechargeable, and Carbon Zinc batteries.

    The convenient right angle 1/4-inch jack enables you to check a hard-to-reach battery still inside of equipment. Just plug the Batt-O-Meter battery tester into virtually any battery-operated device with a 1/4-inch jack input and find out IF and WHEN to change its battery.

    Stop wasting time and money - don't guess when to change batteries - KNOW with the Batt-O-Meter, the world's first battery tester for musicians.

    (Requires 9 volt battery, not included)

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