KHDK Dark Blood Kirk Hammett Signature Distortion

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    Product Description

    Dark Blood delivers an angry, merciless amp-like distortion which makes it KHDK’s most evil pedal to date. The tone of Dark Blood is tube-like and mid-heavy with added high gain. Its unique power is its distinctly amp-like sound.

    Richly articulate and deep, Dark Blood can provide the main tone into your clean amp and is also excellent as a fly rig and a backup to an amp or modeling rig.

    With its high gain and aggressive, uncompromising dynamics, this is the ultimate pedal for gain-freaks, excellent both for palm muting riffs and searing high gain solos.

    Dark Blood is built on KHDK’s original circuit combining solid state and mosfet technology. In classic metal fashion, a treble booster was added to the front end of the circuit to push your tone to the limit.

    KHDK Dark Blood Kirk Hammett Signature Distortion Features

      Doom controls the pre-distortion equalization which determines the amount of low-end grunt present in your tone. This control moves from a tight bass to a long sustain, giving you a liquid, solo-ready tone. Doom control allows perfectly tune the response of pedal for low-tuned or eight-strings guitars.

      Gate controls the background noise in your tone. It only allows a strong signal to pass, while weaker humming or hissing is blocked. Turn Gate clockwise for noise reduction. Avoid upushing the Gate with lower Gain settings; this will negatively impact the decay of your tone.

      Gain controls the gain of the circuit. A lower setting creates a pick sensitive tone with excellent dynamic, while a higher setting brings a massively overdriven tone.

      Treble Control is a passive, natural sounding low-pass filter. It cuts high end and offers a wide frequency range. Turned clockwise, it becomes raw, aggressive and cuts through. Turned counterclockwise, it cuts highs for a warmer and more mellow tone. With different amps, the tone can be bright or dark; use this control to set the ideal amount of brightness/top end.

      Volume sets the output volume of the pedal. Warning: at higher settings, the Dark Blood has a massive output. This pedal gets LOUD!

      Lo/Hi is tied directly into the gain and offers two steps of gain. LO is intended for rhythm playing while HI adds saturation, sustain, and compression. HI setting is recommended for a more powerful rhythm or soloing.

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