KHDK Ghoul Junior Overdrive Pedal

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    Product Description

    Small but lethal, the GHOUL JR will become your main overdrive or to boost an overdriven amp. The GHOUL JR is a hyper powerful overdrive circuit coiled inside a micro-sized box: the ultimate proof that size doesn’t matter. This workhorse delivers massive overdrive with a bonus dose of gain (a literal 12 on a 1-to-10 scale!), plus a wide range of colors from ice picky sharpness to a liquid, creamy tone. You’ll never get lost in the mix: we’ve added a brand new full-on mode for even more powerful cut-through sound. Look for it with the Style switch in ‘down’ setting

    GHOUL JR is crafted and quality tested in Kentucky, USA.

    KHDK Ghoul Junior Overdrive Pedal Controls

      Controls the gain of the circuit. On lower Drive settings, GHOUL JR works as a clean boost with a characteristic mid hump. For more distortion turn the Drive control higher to increase the harmonics, compression and power. Remember: the usual gain range is 1 to 10, but GHOUL JR will take you all the way to 12!

      Controls the overall output volume of GHOUL JR

      A highly effective active high-frequency tone control. At 12 o’clock it’s neutral. Turned clockwise it becomes raw, aggressive and helps your tone cut through. Turned counterclockwise it cuts the highs for a more mellow, warm tone.

      Is your Bass and Body control. CENTER is the basic setting. UP enhances low frequencies to thicken your tone and add massive bottom end, while DOWN improved the tonal response in the mids as well as tone tightness and cut-through, particularly effective with low tuned guitars.

      Delivers three levels of gain and headroom. UP is your basic setting, with the most compressed classic sound. CENTER brings a more dynamic, cutting tone. DOWN is a brand new full-on mode with the most aggressive, fullest setting and a bonus dose of gain for even bigger sustain and cut-through.

    Product Specifications
    KHDK Ghoul Junior Overdrive Pedal Specifications
    • Bypass mode: True Bypass
    • Dimensions: 92 x 38 x 28 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
    • Input Connector: Type Standard 1/4” jack – mono/TS
    • Output Connector: Type Standard 1/4” jack – mono/TS
    • Power Input: 9V DC (center negative) power supply
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  Warranty:  5 Years
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