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    Product Description

    The Korg AX3000G is a New Standard in Effects
    Every guitarist craves a better way to satisfy his hunger for ultimate tone and control. The new AX3000G satiates that need with a powerful multi-effect processor that reaches far beyond its predecessors. Featuring Korg's proprietary REMS modeling technology, the AX3000G delivers high-quality modeling sounds and numerous ways to control those sounds in real time. With an expression pedal, a control switch, and an expression step sequencer, the AX3000G Modeling Signal Processor has all the elements guitarists need to fulfill their expressive vision.

    Korg AX3000G Features

    • Korg's REMS modeling technology delivers 72 realistic classic and modern amp, cabinet and effects models.
    • Assignable control switch and expression pedal with 8 point LED pedal indicator for real-time parameter control.
    • New ESS (Expression Step Sequencer) automatically controls most effect parameters in a fixed or random step function that can create radical sound changes.
    • Sixteen types of drive and amp models cover everything from vintage overdrive to high-gain metal.
    • Eleven types of pre-effect, cabinet, modulation, delay and reverb modeled effects deliver a broad sound palette.
    • Transform your guitar with pickup, acoustic body and top, plus synth modeling effects.
    • Thirty-two preset programs are provided, plus the internal memory can hold 96 of your own original programs.
    • Send/return jacks let you connect your favorite distortion pedal or other effect unit.
    • MIDI IN/OUT allows you to edit and store original sounds on your computer using the dedicated editor/librarian software (Windows and Macintosh are supported).
    • Up to seven effects can be used simultaneously.
    • Amp/line selector is included for maximum output versatility.
    • Heavy-duty metal chassis stands up to the rigors of travel and stage performance.
    • Auto Chromatic tuner with highly visible 8 point LED allows bypassed or muted (silent) tuning.
    • Backlit LCD ensures easy visibility.
    • Knob-based interface for quick, intuitive editing.

    Korg's legendary REMS technology delivers new amp, cabinet and effects models
    The AX3000G packs 72 types of amp models and effect sounds delivered by Korg's world-acclaimed "REMS" modeling technology. In addition to true-to-life reproductions of a wide array of vintage and modern guitar amps and cabinets, REMS also provides standard effects such as chorus, delay and reverb, in gorgeous detail. These effects transcend the stereotypical concept of effects, and open up completely new vistas of sound for the electric guitar.

    There are synth effects that model a guitar synthesizer, and completely new effects such as the Filtron that goes far beyond the conventional auto-wah. You can use the Acoustic effect to transform the sound of your electric guitar into that of an electro-acoustic, or Pickup Modeling to transform the tonal character of your pickups without switching guitars. The AX3000G also provides send/return jacks that make it easy for you to connect your favorite effect unit There's even a digital output (S/P DIF optical) jack so you can digitally record your playing without losing any of the amazing sound produced by REMS.

    Expression pedal and control switch for even greater expressive power
    In addition to using the AX3000G's expression pedal in standard ways, such as to control volume or wah, you can freely assign the pedal to a variety of effect parameters for unrivaled expressive control. For example, if you assign the "MANUAL" parameter of a flanger to the pedal, you can use the pedal to control the sweep, creating a highly distinctive sound. By assigning the pedal to control the delay time of the "ECHO PLUS" effect (which models the sound of a tape echo), you can use the pedal to control delay time. There is virtually no limit to the new sounds you can create in this way – the pedal can control the reverberation time of a reverb effect, the modulation speed of a chorus, flanger, or phaser, and much more.

    The AX3000G also provides a control switch that is a great asset in live performance. For example, you can use it to switch each effect block (such as the pre-effect and insert effect) on/off, to set effect parameters such as tap tempo of a delay in real time, to switch the rotational speed of a rotary speaker effect, or to control the Expression Step Sequencer (ESS). The possibilities are endless!

    Expression Step Sequencer for a new realm of control
    The Expression Step Sequencer (ESS) automatically controls most effect parameters in a fixed or random step function. You can assign up to eight steps of effect parameter values in the step sequencer, and specify one of seven ways in which the sequencer will play back these steps: Forward, Backward, Alternate 1/2, Random, Forward (one-shot), and Alternate 1/2 (one-shot). This lets you create sounds with complex movement that were unachievable until now.

    For example, use the ESS with a pitch shifter effect to specify the pitch shift amount of each step and produce sounds that are reminiscent of a synthesizer's arpeggiator. Or use the ESS with a wah effect and create wah sounds that move in stepwise fashion. Of course there's also a Smooth setting that lets you produce a continuous change between steps. Vary the ESS speed in real time with the ESS expression pedal or a control switch. Eight Large-diameter LEDs give you a clear visual indication of the total number of steps in the sequence and location of the step that is currently in use.

    Thirty-two amazing programs using Korg's proprietary voicing technology
    Korg's team of tone technologists have poured their decades of unrivaled tone-creation experience into every one of the AX3000G's 32 wide variety of preset programs. Use the internal programs or save your own in the 96 program locations that are provided for you to store your settings. There's also an Individual mode in which you can use the foot switches to turn individual effects on/off just as if you were controlling a row of compact effects.

    Analog-feeling ease of operation
    Because the AX3000G is so easy to use, you can select, edit and use all of its features effortlessly. You can select an effect model just by turning the effect select knobs provided for each effect block. And you can edit each individual effect simply by turning the knobs of the familiar, analog-style user interface. Effect parameters are shown on the panel as a clear, understandable matrix.

    Built-in auto chromatic tuner
    The built-in auto chromatic tuner operates automatically when the AX3000G is bypassed or muted. Simply by selecting Mute mode when you're on stage, you can tune without producing sound from your guitar amp or other connected equipment. The note name is shown in the bank display, and the pedal indicator and name display provide an accurate pitch indication that is easy to see even on dimly lit stages.

    Designed for maximum ease of use and the ideal playing experience
    Since the Output of the AX3000G can be connected to a variety of guitar amps (all of which have a different tonality) – or a mixer/recorder – four different equalizer settings are provided so you can ideally match the output of the AX3000G for the best results. The output choices are AP1 for connection to an opened-back U.S. combo amp; AP2 for connection to an opened-back U.K. combo amp with a distinctive sounding mid-range; AP3 for connection to a stack with 4 x 12 cabinets; and Ln for use with the Line output (including S/P DIF OUT), to go directly to a mixer/recorder or the power amp input of your guitar amp.

    Key Lock helps make live performance switching easy
    The Key Lock function lets you prevent the switches and knobs from being accidentally changed during live performances. Every aspect of the AX3000G has been designed with the utmost attention to detail in order to ensure the ideal playing experience.

    Extended possibilities via MIDI
    The AX3000G can receive program change messages, and can also transmit MIDI messages in response to pedal operations to control other MIDI devices. You can also control the AX3000G from your DAW software, making it an ideal addition even to high-end recording setups.

    AX3000G Sound Editor editor/librarian software for even more sound-creating potential
    The AX3000G Sound Editor editor/librarian software lets you graphically view the many parameters of the AX3000G and easily edit them, as well as save and organize programs. This software can be downloaded from the website of your regional Korg distributor. Operating requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, Mac OS X v10.2 or later.

    Effect Types

      DRIVE/AMP MODEL (16 types):
    • TUBE OD
    • FAT DIST
    • FUZZ
    • BLACK 2x12
    • AC15
    • AC30TB
    • UK 68P
    • UK '80S

      CABINET MODEL (11 types):

    • TWEED 1x8
    • TWEED 1x12
    • TWEED 4x10
    • BLACK 2x10
    • BLACK 2x12
    • VOX AC15TBX
    • VOX AC30TBX
    • VvOX AD120VTX
    • UK H30 4x12
    • UK T75 4x12
    • US V30 4x12

      Pre Effect (11 types):

    • COMP
    • PICKUP
    • VOX WAH
    • AUTO WAH
    • OCTAVE
    • RING MOD
    • DRONE
    • SYNTH

      Modulation Effect (11 types):

    • ROTARY
    • TALK MOD

      Delay Effect (11 types):

    • 2TAP DELAY
    • FREEZ

      Reverb Effect (11 types):

    • SLAP
    • SPRING
    • BOUNCE
    • PLATE
    • GARAGE
    • CANYON
    • ROOM
    • STUDIO
    • HALL
    • ARENA

      Noise Reduction

    Product Specifications

    Korg AX3000G Specifications

      Number of Amp Types:
    • 11

      Number of Cabinet Types:

    • 16

      Number of Effects:

    • Pedal Types: 11
    • Modulation Types: 11
    • Delay Types: 11
    • Reverb Types: 11
    • Noise Reduction: 1

      Number of Programs:

    • 96: 24 Banks x 4 Channels

      Audio Inputs:

    • INPUT: 1/4-inch phone jack
    • INSERT RETURN: 1/4-inch phone jack
    • AUX IN: Stereo Mini-jack

      Audio Output:

    • OUTPUT x 2: 1/4-inch phone jacks
    • INSERT SEND: 1/4-inch phone jack
    • PHONES: Stereo Mini-jack
    • LEVEL Knob: Adjusts OUTPUT and PHONE
    • S/P DIF OUT: 16-bit, 44.1kHz optical connector (IEC60958, EIAJ CP-1201)

      Signal Processing:

    • A/D Conversion: 20-bit
    • D/A Conversion: 20-bit
    • Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz


    • Tuning Range: A0~C7 (27.5Hz ~ 2093Hz)
    • Tuner Calibration: A = 438Hz ~ 445Hz


    • IN
    • OUT

      Power Supply:

    • DC9V: Included AC adapter


    • 19.69 (W) x 9.49 (D) x 2.83 (H) inches
    • 500 (W) x 241 (D) x 72 (H) mm


    • 7.94 lbs.
    • 3.6kg

      Included Items:

    • AC adapter

    Specifications subject to change without notice.

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  631-390-6500 Warranty:  1 year parts and labor; US Customers – register your Korg keyboard, keyboard workstation, keyboard rack module or digital piano online and receive a certificate that extends the product warranty for an extra year from the date of purchase. This offer is good for mdse purchased from an authorized Korg dealer after November 1, 2002.
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