Korg Kronos 73 73-Key Synthesizer Workstation

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    Product Description

    Kronos has Changed the Game!!
    Reimagined, redefined and subsequently redesigned, Korg's Synthesizer Workstation keyboards are amoung the most sought in the industry. The 73-key Kronos offers powerful sounds, creative KARMA variable phrasing, and Korg's finest RH3 - the 3rd generation of Korg's Real Weighted Hammer Action keys. The most revolutionary sounds, style and functionality for music production and live playing, Kronos changes the game for keyboardists everywhere.

    Korg Kronos 73 Synthesizer Workstation Keyboard Features

    • 9 Sound engines, each offering a unique sound-creation technology (see list below)
    • 16-part Combis allow all engines to function together in perfect harmony
    • Dynamic Voice Allocation to keep the polyphony high
    • Korg’s finest RH3 Graded Hammer Action
    • Comprehensive interface, based around a new large 8 inch TFT TouchView display
    • Virtual Memory Technology (VMT)
      • Aided by a fast SSD (Solid State Disk)
      • High polyphony and massive, ultra-long, and unlooped samples
      • Unheard of performance from a hardware instrument
    • Smooth Sound Transition allows held or sustained notes to keep sounding when changing sounds or modes
    • Set List mode organizes Programs, Combis, and Songs in an easy-to-select screen
      • Includes performance notes!
    • Use up to 16 premium-quality effects at once; individual effects rival dedicated units
      • 12 Insert effects
      • 2 Master effects
      • 2 Total effects
    • On-board sequencer
      • 16 MIDI tracks + 16 audio tracks
      • 24-bit, 48kHz recording quality
    • Open Sampling System – Instant sampling and resampling from any mode
    • Sophisticated KARMA technology generates infinitely variable performance-driven phrases, musical effects, and backing tracks to catalyze your creativity
    • Expanded Drum Track for play-along grooves and inspiration
    • Signature sounds created with guidance from world class musicians
    The Game Has Been Changed
    Kronos is more than a new instrument. It is a milestone in synthesis and workstation evolution; one that embodies fresh ideas and breakthrough technologies. Kronos brings together multiple sound engines working in harmony and new interactive performance features that reflect the way musicians play. Most importantly, Kronos provides a seemingly inexhaustible supply of breathtaking, spectacular sounds. Prepare to be amazed.

    Nine Engines; a Universe of Sound
    Kronos unites nine individual synthesis engines in a single instrument, each providing the finest sound creation techniques available. Together, they represent not only the rich legacy of Korg, but the history of the electronic keyboard industry itself. Dig into the classic sounds of timeless instruments that are still loved to this day. Enjoy unique sounds that once startled the world. Venture into new sonic territory with sounds that have become possible now.

    Product Specifications
    Korg Kronos 73 73-Key Synthesizer Workstation Specifications
    • Keyboard: 73-key Natural Touch Semi Weighted
    • Tone Generator Synthesis Types: 9
      • SGX-1 Premium Piano (Acoustic Piano)
      • EP-1 MDS Electric Piano (Electric Piano)
      • HD-1 High Definition Synthesizer (PCM Virtual Memory Technology)
      • AL-1 Analog Synthesizer (Analog Modeling)
      • CX-3 Tonewheel Organ (Tonewheel Organ Modeling)
      • STR-1 Plucked String (Physical Modeling)
      • MOD-7 Waveshaping VPM Synthesizer (VPM Synthesis)
      • MS-20EX (CMT Analog Modeling)
      • PolysixEX (CMT Analog Modeling)
    • Maximum Polyphony:
      • SGX-1: 100 voices (dual-stereo notes; 400 voices in the maximum.)
      • EP-1: 104 voices
      • HD-1: 140 voices
      • AL-1: 80 voices
      • CX-3: 200 voices
      • STR-1: 40 voices
      • MOD-7: 52 voices
      • MS-20EX: 40 voices
      • PolysixEX: 180 voices
    Note: Maximum polyphony depends on the kind of synthesis engines and the number of effects being used. KRONOS dynamically allocates voices to multiple synthesis engines when they are used simultaneously.
    • Number of Programs: 1,664 user memory programs (1510 or more come preloaded)
      • 760 or more HD-1+750 or more EXi
      • Additional 256 GM Level2 preset programs
    • Number of Combinations: 1,792 user memory combinations
      • 448 or more come preloaded
    • Number of Drumkits: 152 user memory drumkits
      • 77 or more come preloaded)
      • Additional 9 GM Level2 drum preset programs
    • Preset PCM: 314 MB (ROM 1,505 multisamples, 1388 drum samples)
    • Build-in Expansion PCM Libraries:
      • EXs1 - ROM Expansion
      • EXs2 - Concert Grand Piano
      • EXs3 - Brass and Woodwinds
      • EXs4 - Vintage Keyboards
      • EXs5 - ROM Expansion 2
      • EXs6 - SGX-1 German D Piano
      • EXs7 - SGX-1 Japanese C Piano
      • EXs8 - Rock Ambience Drums
      • EXs9 – Jazz Ambience Drums
    • Capacity of PCM RAM: Approx. 1GB
    • Wave Sequences: 374 user memory, 160 or more preload
    • Drum Kit System: Assignable stereo/mono samples
      • 8 velocity zones per oscillator
      • Includes crossfade functions
    • Sampling System: Open Sampling System (resampling, In-Track sampling)
    • Bit Depth/Sampling Frequency: 16-bit/48 kHz stereo/mono sampling
      • Maximum 512 MB memory
    • Sample Locations: 4,000 samples/1,000 multisamples
      • 128 indexes per multisample
    • Ripping: Direct sampling (ripping) from audio CD (CD-DA)
    • Formats:
      • Korg format
      • AKAI S1000/S3000 data (with advanced Program parameter conversion)
      • SoundFont 2.0
      • AIFF
      • WAVE
    • Editing: Time Stretch, Time Slice, Crossfade Loop and other standard features
    • Insert Effects: 12 (Stereo in / stereo out)
    • Master Effects: 2 (Stereo in / stereo out)
    • Total Effects: 2 (Stereo in / stereo out)
    • Timbre EQ: High, low, and mid band
    • Effect Types: 185
    • Modulation: Dynamic Modulation and Common LFO
    • Effects Control Busses: Two stereo side chains
    • Effect Presets: 783 Maximum 32 per 1 effect (Preset User)
    • KARMA Modules: One module in Program mode
      • Four modules in Combination and Sequencer modes
    • Generated Effects (GE): 2,048 presets, 1,536 Users (96 come Preload)
    • Controllers: On/Off, Latch, Chord, Assign, Module, Control, KARMA Realtime Control Sliders 1-8, KARMA Scene 1-8, KARMA Switches 1-8, KARMA Wave-Sequencing, GE Sub Category, Freeze Randomize, Time Signature Control, Tempo Synchronize, Auto RTC (Real Time Control) setup
    • Drum Track Patterns: 697 preset (includes preset patterns of the MIDI sequencer)
    • Sequencer/HDR:
      • Tracks: 16-track MIDI sequencer + 16-track hard disk recorder + master track.
      • Number of Songs: 200 songs
      • Resolution: 1/480
      • Tempo: 40.00 – 300.00 (1/100 BPM resolution)
      • Maximum memory: 400,000 MIDI events or 300,000 audio events
      • MIDI Tracks:
        • 16 tracks plus the master track
        • 697 preset/100 user patterns (per song)
        • 18 preset/16 user template songs,
      • Format: Korg (KRONOS, OASYS) format, SMF formats 0 and 1.
      • Audio Tracks:
        • 16-track playback
        • 4-track simultaneous recording
        • WAV file format 16bit/24bit
      • Maximum single-file recording time (mono): 80 minutes
      • Automation: Volume, Pan, EQ, and Send1/2; 5,000 regions (max.), Event Anchors, BPM Adjust
      • RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play and Record): 1 Pattern set per song.
    • Disk Mode: Load, save, utility, audio CD burning, audio CD playback, data filer function (save/load MIDI System Exclusive data), CD-R/RW (UDF format read/write), ISO9660 Level 1. (Needs External USB CD Drive, etc.)
    General Specifications
    • Controllers: Vector joystick, joystick, ribbon controller, switches 1 and 2
      • Control Assign Switches: Assigns the Control Surface to Timber/Track, Audio, External, Realtime Knobs/KARMA, or Tone Adjust.
      • Mixer Knobs Switch: Assigns the Mixer Knobs to either Channel Strip or Individual Pan, Reset Control Switch, Solo Switch, Knobs 1-8, Switches 1-8 (Upper Row), Switches 1-8 (Lower Row), Sliders 1-8, Master Slider
    • KARMA Control: On/Off, Latch, Chord Assign, module Control
    • Display: TouchView graphical user interface
      • 8 inch TFT, SVGA (800x600 dots), adjustable brightness
    • Outputs:
      • L/MONO, R: 1/4 inch Balanced; 170 ohms Stereo; 85 ohms Mono (L/MONO Only)
        • Nominal Level: +4.0 dBu
        • Maximum Level: +16.0 dBu (when load impedance is 600 ohms or greater)
      • Individual 1-4: 1/4 inch Balanced; 170 ohms Stereo; 85 ohms Mono,
        • Nominal Level: +4.0 dBu
        • Maximum Level: +16.0 dBu (when load impedance is 600 ohms or greater)
      • Headphones: 1/4 inch stereo phone jack
        • Output impedance: 33 ohms
        • Maximum Level: 60+60 mW (when load impedance is 33 ohms)
      • S/P DIF: Optical, 24-bit, IEC60958, EIAJCP-1201, 48 kHz (The same signals as L/MONO, R)
      • USB-B: 24-bit, 48 kHz, 2 channels (the same signals as L/MONO, R)
    • Inputs:
      • Audio Inputs 1 and 2: 1/4 inch Balanced; Input Impedance: 10 kohms
        • Nominal Level: +4.0 dBu
        • Maximum Level: +16 dBu
        • Source Impedance: 600 ohms, S/N: 95 dB (Typical)
        • Dynamic Range: 95 dB (Typical)
        • Crosstalk: 95 dB (at 1 kHz, Typical)
      • S/P DIF: Optical, 24-bit, IEC60958, EIAJCP-1201, 48 kHz
      • USB-B: 24-bit, 48 kHz, 2 channels
      • Control Inputs: Damper pedal (half damper supported)
        • Assignable switch, Assignable pedal
      • MIDI: In, Out, Thru
      • Interface: Two high-speed USB 2.0 A connectors (for external USB devices)
    • Disk Drives: 30 GB SSD (2.5”)
    • Power Consumption: 60 W
    • Included Accessories:
      • AC cord, Quick Start Guide
      • Accessory DVD Disk (Restore Data, KORG USB Driver, Manual PDF, etc.)
    • Dimensions (WxDxH): 48.94 x 16.18 x 5.71 inches (1,243 x 411 x 145 mm)
    • Weight: 44.75 lbs (20.3 kg)

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  631-390-6500 Warranty:  1 year parts and labor; US Customers – register your Korg keyboard, keyboard workstation, keyboard rack module or digital piano online and receive a certificate that extends the product warranty for an extra year from the date of purchase. This offer is good for mdse purchased from an authorized Korg dealer after November 1, 2002.
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