Korg microKorg XL Analog Modeling Synthesizer with Vocoder

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    Product Description

    Joining the ranks of the top-selling originals microKORG and R3, the 37-note velocity-sensitive Korg microKorg XL Analog Modeling Synthesizer with Vocoder offers Korg’s legendary analog modeling, along with an ergonomic interface, in a lightweight and portable keyboard. The microKorg XL employs full eight-voice multi modeling technology, a 16-band vocoder, on-the-fly parameter editing and USB MIDI connectivity, all packaged with the great-feeling Natural Touch keyboard action.

    The MMT (Multi Modeling Technology) sound engine is descended from the RADIAS/R3 synthesizers, while the dual effects processors come down from the famous KAOSS line. The black key/white key proportions have been adjusted for easier chording; the key response has been improved for rapid-fire soloing. Together with a sound-bending vocoder and six-pattern arpeggiation, microKORG XL packs a powerful sonic punch.

    Korg microKorg XL Analog Modeling Synthesizer with Vocoder Features

    • Vintage design is both fresh and nostalgic
    • 37 Key Natural touch keyboard is compact, yet easy to play
    • Korg's renowned MMT (Multi Modeling Technology) engine, optimized for the microKORG XL
    • 17 powerful KAOSS derived effects
    • 16 band vocoder for voice controlled effects
    • 128 powerful sounds are built-in and ready for immediate use
    • Intuitive sound selection; simply specify the music genre and instrument category
    • Included gooseneck microphone
    • Editing software can be downloaded from the Korg website
    • Battery or AC Power
    8-Voice MMT Sound Engine
    The eight-voice MMT synth engine offers traditional analog waveforms plus a total of seven algorithms, including formant waveforms, noise, and PCM/DWGS waves for those vintage keyboards and strings. Cross-modulation, unison stacking, and VPM (Variable Phase Modulation) let you create sounds that would be impossible for a conventional PCM synthesizer. Sync and ring modulation make it easy to create complex and powerful sounds. Two multi-mode filters, a drive/waveshaping circuit for distinctively distorted sounds, and EG and LFO for creating time-varying tonal change, provide plenty of parameters for serious synthesis. Virtual Patching brings it all together.

    17 Effects
    Also on board are 17 effects derived from Korg’s KAOSS series of dynamic effects processors. Included are reverbs, choruses, decimation, distortion, grain shift, several types of delay, flanger and much more. The delay effects can be synchronized to MIDI clock for beat-sensitive situations. You can even process external sounds!

    Users can apply two effects at a time to any program or performance. A virtual patch mode lets users further sculpt their sound by setting synthesis parameters to be modulated by other parameters. Up to six virtual patches are available per program.

    Natural Touch Keyboard
    The Natural Touch Mini Keyboard is firm and easy to play, inspiring confidence and greatly enhanced expressivity. The proportion of the black keys to white keys has been adjusted to make chording easier, and the improved touch allows rapid-fire phrases. The waterfall keys project a feeling of quality, and also make it easier to play glissandos, smears and slides.

    16 Band Vocoder
    The built-in vocoder features 16 bands with formant shift. Add vocal characteristics to any sound, creating everything from talk-box filtering, pseudo choirs, talking instruments to vintage Sci-Fi robots. Our unique Formant Hold allows you to freeze the vocal input for continuous vocoder effects. Use the Formant Shift function to adjust the level and pan of each of the sixteen bands, greatly altering the tonal character.

    The distinctive retro-styling allows for quick selection of any of the 128 on-board, editable programs. In addition, any sound source can be run through the vocoder via the stereo audio inputs. A fully sync-able step arpeggiator lets users choose from six preset patterns (Up, Down, Alt1, Alt2, Random and Trigger) or create their own with the on-board step arpeggio editor. An included heavy-duty gooseneck mic provides immediate access to the vocoder.

    Clean, Uncluttered Control
    Three large knobs let players instantly modify the current sound to their liking. The knobs can also be used to explore the full edit mode with the large backlit LCD screen as their guide. The full edit mode allows users to choose filters, adjust AMP, EG and LFO settings, add effects and EQ the sound, then save it all on the spot. You're also free to select and assign your favorite parameters. Download the free Editing software and manage sounds on your computer.

    USB Connectivity
    The microKORG XL offers direct USB connectivity with users’ computers, allowing it to act as a MIDI controller for their favorite software. The three real-time knobs on the front panel can transmit MIDI messages (control change), so they can be used as controllers for software synthesizers. USB also provides instant access to the dedicated Editor/Librarian, without the need for additional interfacing hardware.

    The microKORG XL’s compact size is perfect for musicians or DJs looking to add a synth to their setup, especially when space is an issue. It is also a great choice for use in a computer-based music setup. With its battery power option, it can be easily transported from studio to stage to living room.

    Product Specifications
      Interface and Keybed
    • Display: Custom backlit LCD
    • Keyboard: 37-note Natural Touch action
    • Switches: 7; Bank (2 position), Octave Up and Down (toggle), timbre select (2 position), Arp On/Off, Vocoder On/Off, Write, Exit/Shift
    • Knobs: 7; Volume, Tempo, Program Select (genre and category), Real-Time Assign, Edit Menu Selector
    • Wheels: Pitch and Modulation

    • Programs
    • Polyphony: 8 voices (up to 4 when the vocoder is selected)
    • Program: 128
    • Number of Timbres: Maximum 2 (when using Layer, Split, or Multi)
    • Synth: 2 oscillator + noise generator

    • Oscillator 1
    • Modulation: WAVEFORM, CROSS, UNISON, VPM

    • Oscillator 2
    • Waveform: SAW, PULSE, TRIANGLE, SINE
    • Modulation: RING, SYNC, RING+SYNC
    • Wave Shaping

    • Multi-Mode Filters
    • Filter 1: -24 dB/oct LPF – -12 dB/oct LPF, HPF, BPF, Thru
    • Filter 2: LPF, HPF, BPF
    • Vocoder: 16-band vocoder, adjustable level and pan for each band, Format Shift function, Formant Hold function
    • Keyboard: 37-note (mini keyboard, velocity sensitive, no aftertouch)
    • Effects Timbre: 2-band EQ
    • Master: Master effects (17 effect algorithms)
    • Arpeggiator: UP, DOWN, ALT1/2, Random, Trigger (6 types), Step Arpeggiator function
    • Programs: 128 programs (banks A/B x 8 genres x 8 categories)

    • Connections
    • AUDIO IN [LINE] jack, AUDIO IN [MIC] jack (with AUDIO IN [MIC/XLR] switch)

    • AUDIO IN [LINE] jack
    • Maximum Input Level: +19 dBu
    • Input Source Impedance: 8 ohms
    • Connector: 1/4 inch phone jack (unbalanced)

    • AUDIO IN [MIC] jack
    • Maximum Input Level: -11 dBu
    • Input Source Impedance: 7 k-ohms
    • Connector: XLR (balanced)

    • Output
      L/MONO, R jacks
    • Maximum Output Level: +6 dBu @ 10 k-ohm load
    • Output Source Impedance: 1 k-ohm
    • Connectors: 1/4 inch phone jacks (unbalanced)

    • HEADPHONE jack
    • Maximum Output Level: 36 + 36 dBu @ 33 ohms load
    • Output Source Impedance: 10 ohms
    • Connector: 1/4 inch stereo phone jack
    • MIDI:IN, OUT
    • USB Connector: B type

    • Included Accessories
    • XLR Gooseneck Microphone with windscreen
    • DC9V Power Adapter

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  631-390-6500 Warranty:  1 year parts and labor; US Customers – register your Korg keyboard, keyboard workstation, keyboard rack module or digital piano online and receive a certificate that extends the product warranty for an extra year from the date of purchase. This offer is good for mdse purchased from an authorized Korg dealer after November 1, 2002.
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