Korg PX4D Pandora Personal Multieffects Processor

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    Product Description

    The Korg Pandora PX4D provides portable Multi Effects to electric guitar and bass.
    Since its introduction, the Pandora series has been acclaimed by guitarists and bassists for its high-quality sound, versatile functionality, and superb user interface in an amazing pocket-sized package. Combining both guitar and bass effects into a single unit, the PX4D delivers a major leap in functionality as well. Its comprehensive range of sounds includes vintage amps and a wide range of cabinets, as well as effects ranging from classic to distinctively unique.

    The PX4D is a great choice not only for practicing, but for any situation that demands great guitar or bass sound, including recording and live performance.

    Korg Pandora PX4D Features

    • Numerous Built-in high-quality REMS modeling effects
    • A total of 158 effect types from realistic amp sounds to sophisticated effects
    • 200 programs provided - 100 preset and 100 user programmable
    • Offers up to seven effects simultaneously
    • Knob-based interface for quick and intuitive editing
    • Phrase Trainer function is a great way to learn by ear or to practice soloing
    • 100 rhythm and bass patterns in a variety of styles with realistic PCM sound
    • Aux In jack lets you play along with external CD or MP3 audio sources
    • Key Transpose lets you shift the key of the audio that is input
    • Bass Canceller removes the bass part from an external audio source
    • Built-in Auto Chromatic Tuner provides a Mute function for silent tuning
    • Semi-transparent LCD illuminates the characters when backlit
    • Power using batteries or an AC adapter (sold separately)
    High-Quality Effects Utilize REMS Modeling Technology
    The PX4D contains 158 effects that deliver vintage amp sounds and much more. From high-end tube amps to rare vintage amps and classic favorites, the 25 amp types faithfully model the amp sounds that guitarists and bassists seek. Each of the 23 cabinet effects that reproduce the acoustic and structural resonances of a speaker cabinet were newly created especially for the PX4D.The creative possibilities are limitless – you can even combine a guitar amp with a bass cabinet.

    In addition to standards such as compressor and wah, there are numerous realistic modeling effects that deliver a versatile range of tones. Pickup modeling transforms the sound of a single-coil pickup into that of a humbucking pickup (or vice versa), a guitar (bass) synth that lets you play synth sounds, an intelligent pitch shifter that automatically harmonizes with your playing, a talk effect that produces the impression that your guitar is speaking, a slow attack effect that creates violin-type swells, a feedback effect that allows feedback playing techniques that are normally possible only at high volumes, a rotary speaker that changes speed in response to your picking or fingering dynamics, a fretless bass effect that simulates the distinctive sound of a fretless bass, and many more are ready for your use.

    200 Programs To Select
    The PX4D provides 100 preset programs and the PX4A provides 50 preset programs, covering a broad range of styles, including sounds of famous artists. You can also create and store 100 of your own user programs.

    Amp-Like Ease Of Operation
    The user interface is knob-based for intuitive and easy use. Frequently-used parameters, such as the amp type, have their own independent dial, and the tone controls can also be adjusted as easily as on a guitar or bass amp simply by turning the knobs. The value dial makes it a simple matter to adjust amp types and parameter values. There’s also a TAP button that you can use to set delay times or the tempo of a rhythm pattern.

    100 Rhythm And Bass Patterns
    The one hundred built-in rhythm patterns cover a broad range of styles that include rock, jazz, funk, blues and dance music. The PCM sounds used in these patterns produce realistic accompaniments that are fun to play along with. There are even Bass patterns that let you specify the key chord, so you can practice any style of music while listening to a full rhythm and bass line. Since you can use the effect programs at the same time as these patterns, this is a great way to practice your picking, improve your rhythm or develop your sense of pitch. You can also make Chain Pattern settings to combine up to sixteen different rhythm patterns.

    Built-In Phrase Trainer
    You can record up to 30 seconds from an audio source such as a CD, MD or MP3, and play it back repeatedly (looped) at a slower speed without changing the pitch. This is a great way to learn complex or rapid passages by ear, since you’ll be able to hear the phrase slowly. You can also record a phrase that you play yourself along with the built-in rhythm and bass accompaniment, and then practice soloing over the top of it.

    Combine Your Playing with an External Source
    You can connect a CD player or another external audio source to the Aux In jack, and use the Key Transpose function to change the pitch of the song upward or downward by as much as one octave. The PX4D also contains a Bass Canceller function that erases the bass sound from an external audio source so that you can play and hear your bass along with the song.

    Semitransparent LCD for Superb Visibility
    The LCD that displays the names of effects and programs is backlit so you can read it easily even on a dimly lit stage. Immediately recognizable icons represent numerous functions. The display uses a semitransparent LCD so that characters and icons are lit up when backlit, providing a distinctive appearance. The unit also comes with a strap holder so that you can attach it directly to your instrument strap.

    Effect Types:
    Dynamics & Pickups: Amplifier: Cabinet: Modulation & Filter:
    • COMP
    • VOX WAH
    • WAHUP1-2
    • WAHDWN1-2
    • OCTAVE
    • RING
    • RINGUP
    • AC SIM
    • HUM>SGL
    • SGL>HUM
    • HF TONE
    • COMP2
    • B OD
    • B DIST
    • B FUZZ
    • PREAMP1-2
    • LOWCUT
    • BTQ CLN
    • BTQ OD
    • TWD1X12
    • TWD4X10
    • BLK2X12
    • AC15
    • AC30
    • AC30TB
    • UK BLUES
    • UK’70S
    • UK’80S
    • UK MDN
    • US HI-G
    • US MDN
    • FUZZ
    • VALVE
    • VALVE2
    • LA STUD
    • JAZZ
    • STUDIO
    • AC100
    • UK MAJOR
    • SYNTH
    • 1X8TWD
    • 2X10BLK
    • 4X10TWD
    • 1X12TWD
    • 1X12VOX
    • 2X12BLK
    • 2X12VOX
    • 4X12VOX
    • 4X12CLS
    • 4X12MDN
    • 4X12VIN
    • LA4X10
    • MDN4X10
    • MTL4X10
    • CLS8X10
    • UK4X12
    • STU1X15
    • JAZ1X15
    • AC2X15
    • US2X15
    • UK4X15
    • LA1X18
    • COMBI
    • CHORUS1-2
    • FLANG1-4
    • PHASER1-3
    • U-VIBE1-2
    • TREM1-3
    • ATPAN1-2
    • ROTARY1-3
    • PITCH1-3
    • MAJ3UP
    • MAJ3DWN
    • MIN3UP
    • MIN3DWN
    • PER4TH
    • PER5TH
    • MAJ6TH
    • FEEDBK1-4
    • FILTER
    • FILTUP1-2
    • FILTDN1-2
    • TALK1-4
    • RANDOM1-4
    Delay: Reverb:
    • SLAP1-5
    • DELAY1-5
    • PPDLY1-5
    • ECHO1-5
    • MULTI1-5
    • DRYAIR
    • WETAIR
    • ROOM1-2
    • PLATE1-2
    • HALL1-2
    • SPRING1-2

    Product Specifications
    Korg Pandora PX4D Specifications
    • Effects:
      • 158 types
      • Maximum number of effects available simultaneously: 7
    • Number of programs:
      • User: 100
      • Preset: 100
    • Inputs:
      • Guitar Input: 1/4-inch jack
      • Aux: Mini stereo jack
    • Output: Line/Headphone Dual-Purpose Output (Stereo phone jack)
    • Tuner Section:
      • Detection Range: 27.5 Hz-2,093 Hz (A0-C7)
      • Calibration: A = 438 Hz-445 Hz
    • Rhythm Section: 40-208 bpm
    • Power Supply:
      • Four AAA alkaline batteries
        • Backlight OFF: 10 hours (continuous use)
        • Backlight ON: 7 hours (continuous use)
      • AC adapter (sold separately) DC4.5V
    • Included Items:
      • Owners manual
      • Four AAA alkaline batteries
      • Strap holder
    • Dimensions (W x D x H): 2.99 x 4.41 x 1.06 inches (76 x 112 x 27 mm)
    • Weight: 0.3 lbs (138 g) not including batteries

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  631-390-6500 Warranty:  1 year parts and labor; US Customers – register your Korg keyboard, keyboard workstation, keyboard rack module or digital piano online and receive a certificate that extends the product warranty for an extra year from the date of purchase. This offer is good for mdse purchased from an authorized Korg dealer after November 1, 2002.
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