Korg SDD3000 Programmable Digital Delay Pedal

    A total of eight delay types that include analog delay modeling, the KOSMIC effect that generates a fantasy-like sound, reverse, and panning.
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    The rack-mounted SDD-3000 which appeared in 1982 was a classic digital delay that dominated the world thanks to its peerless sonic character. The classic delay effect that’s central to the guitar sounds in world-class rock bands owe a great deal to the SDD-3000, which has been the driving force behind numerous famous songs over the years.

    Korg SDD-3000 Programmable Digital Delay Pedal Features:

    • A total of eight delay types that include analog delay modeling, the KOSMIC effect that generates a fantasy-like sound, reverse, and panning.
    • The preamp that defined the sound of the SDD-3000 is faithfully reproduced.
    • A filter circuit that adds change to the feedback sound
    • Choose from five types of modulation waveforms that modulate the delay time. You can also create waveforms that interpolate between two types, and make fine adjustments to the waveform.
    • Use special sound-shaping techniques such as flanging, chorus, vibrato, doubling, and Doppler effects.
    • A wide range of delay times is available, from 1 millisecond to long delays with a maximum of 4,000 milliseconds.
    • Sync mode lets you specify the delay time in terms of 11 different note values ranging from whole notes to 32nd notes.
    • A total of 80 programs (40 banks x 2 channels) can be saved.
    • LCR function lets you create multi-tap delay effects.
    • MIDI connectors are provided, allowing you to trigger program changes from an external device, or to transmit program data as a bulk dump.
    • Seamless bypass and program changes allow you to retain the reverberant sound when switching
    • Reliable true bypass design

    Now, thirty years later, it's been reborn as the SDD-3000 PEDAL, packing all of the SDD-3000's functionality into a convenient pedal unit. Featuring a head amp with ample headroom, a filter circuit that modifies the feedback sound, and modulation waveforms that allow a diverse array of delay effects, it covers all of the SDD-3000's important elements. In addition to specifications that will satisfy SDD-3000 users, it provides many new functions such as eight delay types, long delay up to 4,000 milliseconds, selectable modulation waveforms, stereo input/output, and MIDI. The user interface has also been updated for dramatically improved ease of use.

    Eight different delay types give you a wide range of variety
    At the core of your sound-shaping, you can choose from a total of eight delay types. In addition to the original SDD-3000 delay, there's also analog delay modeling that provides the warmth of a BBD device, a TAPE model that reproduces a tape echo, the clean MODERN delay sound, the fantasy-like KOSMIC delay which adds pitch change to the reverb sound, REVERSE which plays the delay sound backward, a pitch shifter placed before the delay, and PANNING which controls the stereo position of the output. A wide range of delay effects can be produced with this single unit. In addition, there's a ducking function that lets you apply delay only when the input is at a low level.

    A faithful replication of the original SDD-3000's preamp
    Its preamp was one of the most important factors that raised the SDD-3000 to the status of a legendary effect unit. The thick, present sound that distinguished the SDD-3000 was a decisive aspect of its character. Many musicians even used the SDD-3000 in a bypassed state simply as a preamp in order to obtain this effect. It goes without saying that the SDD-3000 PEDAL faithfully replicates this preamp. Ample gain and headroom are maintained, and input/output attenuators are also provided. This lets you set the input/output levels optimally when using this unit, meaning that in addition to guitar, you can use it with a variety of instruments including analog synthesizers, keyboards, and vintage effects, and be confident that the SDD-3000 PEDAL's potential will be maximized for any audio source.

    Two bypass modes to suit your needs
    For the bypassed sound, you can choose either the direct sound that has been routed through the preamp circuit and adjusted by the gain setting to an appropriate level, or you can choose a true bypass sound where relay switches connect the signal lines directly without passing the signal through any electronic circuitry whatsoever, thus ensuring that the unit does not affect the sound in any way.

    A filter circuit that modifies the feedback sound
    A low-cut/high-cut filter can be applied to each delay repeat, allowing a range of effects from a natural softening to a harder emphasis. By using the inverter to reverse the phase of the delay sound, you can also obtain flanging effects.

    Five types of modulation waveforms to modulate the delay time
    One of the characteristics of the SDD-3000 was its modulation capability for modulating the delay time. This function dramatically expands the range of delay sounds, giving you even more expressive power. The SDD-3000 PEDAL gives you a choice of five new waveforms, allowing you to generate complex sounds such as chorus, vibrato, doubling, wow/flutter, and Doppler effects, giving this unit a variety of possibilities that go beyond the bounds of existing delay effect units.

    All features of the legendary SDD-3000 digital delay, packed into a pedal unit.

    Product Specifications
    Input (0dBm=775mV)
    Input Level:
    -30dBm, -10dBm, +4dBm
    Max (Clip) Level (VR at 5): -13dBm, +7dBm, +21dBm
    Output (0dBm=775mV)
    Output Level: -20dBm, -10dBm, +7dBm
    Max (Clip) Level: -3dBm, +7dBm, +21dBm
    Frequency Response (Typ.)
    10Hz ~ 20kHz:
    +0.5dB, -1dB (Direct)
    10Hz ~ 17kHz:
    +0.5dB, -3dB (Effect: This frequency response is only when DELAY TYPE is set to SDD-3000.)
    Dynamic Range (Typ.)
    110dB (Direct) A-Weighted 94dB (Effect) A-Weighted
    Low CUT:
    Turn over freq: 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz
    Roll off: -3dB/OCT, -3dB/OCT, -3dB/OCT
    High CUT:
    Turn over freq; 8KHz, 4KHz, 2KHz
    Roll off; -6dB/OCT, -6dB/OCT, -6dB/OCT
    Frequency range: 0.0 (stop), 0.01Hz ~ 15Hz
    Intensity Delay type: KOSMIC, PITCH : -12 ~ 0 ~ +12, Others: 0.0 ~ 10.0
    Delay Time: 1 ~ 4,000 milliseconds 1 millisecond step (With full bandwidth)
    Dimensions: (W x D x H) 260 × 170 × 77 mm / 10.24" x 6.69" x 3.03"
    Weight: 1.5 kg/3.31 lbs
    Power Supply: AC Adapter (DC 9V)
    Current Consumption: DC 9V 600mA
    Accessories: DC9V AC Adapter
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  631-390-6500 Warranty:  1 year parts and labor; US Customers – register your Korg keyboard, keyboard workstation, keyboard rack module or digital piano online and receive a certificate that extends the product warranty for an extra year from the date of purchase. This offer is good for mdse purchased from an authorized Korg dealer after November 1, 2002.
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    Modernized vintage delay. Amazing!!!
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    When I heard Korg was relaunching the SDD 3000 in pedal form I thought "yeah right". Most companies that do that end up with some crappy replica wannabe that hurts their image a lot. These guys nailed
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