Krank Amps Revolution Plus Guitar Amplifier Head

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    Product Description

    The Krank Amps legend starts here with the 120-Watt Revolution Plus all-tube, hand wired touring head.
    Proudly designed and built in the USA by most dedicated bunch of amp fanatics ever assembled, the Krank Revolution Plus features two channels each with separate volume and concert tuned 3-band EQs. Two separate Master Volume controls on the Krank channel allow for switching from power chord to solo level and the Master Presence control adjusts both Kleen and Krank channels to your cabinet. The proprietary Sweep control on the Krank channel gives the Revolution an infinite variety of tone voices and we promise that your sound is in there just waiting for you to dial it up. Loaded with four premium Electro Harmonix 12AX7 preamp tubes and four premium Sovtek 6550 power tubes, the Revolution was built with absolutely no compromises.

    The Revolution includes a rugged, all-steel two-button footswitch for channel switching and switching between the two channel master volumes on the Krank channel. The Revolution head is perfectly matched to the Revolution 4 X 12 solid wood touring cabinet with matching black steel grill and loaded with Eminence V12 Legend drivers.

    Krank Amps Revolution Plus Hand Built Guitar Amplifier Head Features

    • 2 switchable channels – Kleen and Krank
    • Exclusive EQ sweep control on the Krank channel
    • Separate volume and 3-band EQs per channel
    • 2 footswitchable Master Volume controls on the Krank channel
    • Master Presence control for both channels
    • 4 – Premium Electro Harmonix 12AX7 preamp tubes
    • 4 – Premium Sovtek 6550 power tubes
    • Line out
    • 4, 8, and 16-ohm speaker output impedance selector Series effects loop
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    The Krank Amps Revolution tube head features two channels with separate volume, bass, mid, and treble controls.
    If you are sick and tired of reading guitar amp descriptions that go on and on about their sound and features, but when you finally hear the amp it sounds nothing like what was promised, then you're in for a refreshing surprise. Krank's goal was to build a modern and perfect tube guitar amp by correcting the mistakes of other manufacturers. For example, many of the features of other amps on the market are unnecessary and suck the tone and life out of the amp. By completely rethinking how high-gain guitar amps are built, the Revolution series was born. In contrast to other amps on the market, Krank's design creates true stability of the circuit and allows a guitarist to sculpt tone. At Krank, they like to think they have broken new ground in amplifier technology. The result is the Krank Revolution Series One 120-watt Head.

    Imagine how hard your amp has to work to both amplify your guitar and hum! If you want to hear what it sounds like when a guitar amp is only amplifying the pure tone of your guitar, plug into the new Krank Revolution Plus Series One Head and you will never go back. The Kleen channel is buttery and punchy with vintage tube tone. Simple, but truly Kleen. The Krank channel is Armageddon through your speakers: the crunchiest gain you’ve heard to date (without collapsing on itself) and still extremely clear. Whether you’re playing bar chords or open chords, you can hear all of the strings ring through clearly. Just listen to the difference and you too will join the Revolution.

    Product Specifications

    Krank Amps Revolution Plus Hand Built Guitar Amplifier Head Specifications

    • 120-watt guitar head
    • Two channels with separate volume, bass, mid, and treble controls.
    • Two separate master volume controls on the distortion channel for lead boosting through a footswitch.
    • Presence control for Kleen and Krank channels.
    • Proprietary sweep control on the distortion channel, which changes the overall values of the EQ for the entire amp.
    • Four 6550 output tubes.
    • Four 12AX7 preamp tubes. vLine output.
    • 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker outputs.
    • Footswitch controls channel and master volume selections.

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  888 KRANK-IT Warranty:  Limited Lifetime to Original Owner
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