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Laney Lionheart L20H Guitar Amplifier Head

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Product Description

The Laney Lionheart L20H Twin Channel All Tube Amplifier: Warm and expressive Tone Perfect for Studio and Live Applications.
Lionheart represents everything Laney has learned through forty years of tube heritage, distilled into a single amplifier range. This twin channel, all tube amplifier features Parallel single-ended Class A output from 4x EL84 matched tubes, providing 20 watts of rich tube power. The L20H also features gold plated PCB's and jack sockets. Sealed gold contact relays are used in all signal paths for minimum sound coloration, and the amp comes fitted with the renowned Type 4 large spring line reverb for the classic guitar reverb sound.

Laney's Lionheart L20H Features

  • Class A dual Channel 20 Watt Amp Head
  • Clean and Drive Channels with Passive EQ
  • Three 12ax7 and Four EL84 Valves
  • Built -in FX Loop
  • Footswitch: FS2 (Included)
Each L20H features a hand stamped build number in the order they come off the Laney production line, and comes with a custom made Lionheart dust cover.

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  866-871-5800 Warranty:  Amplifiers, speaker enclosures and mixers: 5 Years; Speaker Components: 1 Year (includes speakers, baskets, drivers); Valves/Tubes: 90 Days

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Laney Lionheart L20H Amplifier Head Specifications

  • Power RMS: 20 Watts
  • Inputs: Two 1/4 inch jacks, Hi and Lo
  • Channels: Clean and Drive
  • Equalization: Passive
    • Bass
    • Middle
    • Treble
  • Preamp Valves: 3x 12ax7
  • Output Valves: 4x EL84
  • Class: Class A
  • Footswitch: FS2 (Included)
  • Speaker connections: Three 1/4 inch jacks
  • Impedance: 4, 8 and 16 ohm
  • Baffle: Marine Grade Plywood
  • Cabinet Design:
    • Marine Grade Plywood
    • Retro banding strip
    • Leather strap handle
  • Channel Controls:
    • Clean: Gain
    • Drive: Gain and Volume
  • Additional Controls and Routing:
    • Bright Switch
    • Reverb
    • FX Loop
  • Master Section: Global EQ, Reverb and Tone controls
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 22.1 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 37.5 lbs

Customer Reviews

Dave Submitted: 11/27/2017
Product Rating
Beware Made in China crap
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
I bought this amp thinking is made in the U.K. bc the stock picture says that, but is made in China and nowhere in the website says the country of manufacture.
AMS Responds:
Rockerfeller Submitted: 3/2/2014
Product Rating
I have Gigged this Amp for 4 Years Now and I LOVE it!
Your general opinion of this product.
I have waited 4 years to review this amp because we all pretty much love everything we buy the first month, don't we? I use this amp in a Country / Classic Rock cover band for weddings, corporate gigs and things like that, about 40 - 50 shows per year. Guitar are primarily a G&L Tele style and several Hamer USA with humbuckers or P90s. It's not too loud when it is wide open for most of the shows we do, and. I don't have to mic it for most situations.
See Reliability below
The manual comes with some suggested settings for each channel. That made it easy to dial in a great tone out of the box and then tweak it. The tone knob is a pretty cool feature.
I love the clean channel. I run it wide open at about 3 o'clock for lead tones. At that point, the overdrive tone is coming form the power tubes which is a great sound and feel. Excellent break up and I often don't need any dirt pedals to get great lead and rhythm tones. When you back off the volume knob it cleans up VERY well and responds to your picking dynamics. Hit the strings hard and you get a sweet crunch tone. A lighter touch, gives a cleaner tone with a little bite to it. Gain Channel: I use it more as a volume lead boost channel for larger gigs. The amp has a shared EQ for both channels. While the Gain channel has gorgeous rock tones, you have to dial in the EQ section different. If I was just playing rock, I would probably do that, but I need more versatility for the gigs I use it for. However, when you dime your guitar on this channel you get rich over the top lead tones. Roll off your volume knob and it cleans up just like the clean channel.
Reverb: Some people don't think it has enough. It might not take you surfing, but I can find pretty much any wet sound I want somewhere between 1 and 10 on the dial. I have owned lots of amps. This has become my main live rig. I love the tone of the Lionheart series so much, that I recently picked up L50H Lionheart 50 watt head for larger outdoor venues. Hope this review helps!.
Laney did a good job with the Tolex. It came with a dust cover that is very handy. I take care of my gear, and there after 4 years of constant gigging it still looks new.
I have played Laney amps for 14 years and gigged them constantly. Other than changing tubes, I have never had a problem with any of them. The Lionheart seems to be built tough!. The other guitar player in the band plays Dr. Z Amps and he's had several of them break down on him over the last four years. The Lionheart has never, ever gone out on a gig, and I have never had a problem with it in 4 years. (I'm not knocking Dr. Z amps, they sound GREAT! Just comparing reliability)
Marc Submitted: 4/25/2010
Product Rating

incredible value
Your general opinion of this product.
For the tone/funtion/build quality to the dollar, this amp has no match. Performs at or near the Level of the (no longer available) AC30 for 60% of the cost - AND its a top shelf, made in the UK Laney. Need a 20-30 something WATT, EL84, class A Brittish amp head? what are you waiting for?
Senor V from Carrollton, TX Submitted: 4/9/2010
Product Rating

The head and all it's parts seem to be made really well. Excellent craftsmanship. It's definitely a keeper!
This head is "Handmade in Great Britain." Just like it says on the nice little plaque on the back of the head. The high quality parts that gives me some confidence that this head will last a very, very long time. No cheap lower-end foreign type parts here.
Your general opinion of this product.
Overall, Laney's Lionheart All-tube head is an amazing deal! If you're looking for a Hi-Gain amp, either look elsewhere for that or buy a seperate distortion pedal for it. However, if you're looking for a really true sounding EL84 tube tone with an overdrive channel for blues, blues-rock or classic rock, this is it man! The reliability, craftsmanship and great tube tone are all here. No joke! Just a simple "non-digital" tube amp for playing small venues like the old days but with a few upgrades like a PCB board and awesome high-end transformers as well as high quality electronic parts!
For a 20 watt head, it's a bit on the heavy end to me, weighing at around 36 lbs or so. The control knobs on it were extremely smooth right out of the box. Nice dust cover too!
The tone of this head is very warm sounding. Alot of low end. However, with a flip of the 'bright' switch and some tweaking of the EQ, you can get a very usable sound for different types of music styles. I believe that Echo & the Bunnymen use this lionheart series amp too.
The blue tolex on it looks really nice and classy. The chrome parts on it and the leather handle also give the head a great look.
Out of the box, the head sounded absolutley sweet!
One Eyed John from Southern Arizona, Submitted: 11/23/2008
Product Rating

Awesome club amp !
Exceptional attention to detail except for one issue : some of the preamp tubes are incredibly difficult to replace, and couldn't be easily done on stage. I had to pull the chasis out of the cabinet.
This amp has played 40 + gigs in the six months I've had it and works great, everything is solid, and I don't expect anything to break. The weak link would be to lose a preamp tube, which isn't something that happens alot anyway.
Your general opinion of this product.
Absolutely stunning sounds run through two emminence 10's mounted in an old open-backed Acoustic combo. The solid-state Acoustic provides my back-up amp, while I use it's speakers with the Laney.20 watts is very very loud with this amp- perfect for the size clubs I play, but maybe a bit much for the living room.The sounds are really good at low levels, but- not surprisingly, the amp is at its best cranked.Expect this amp to sound like 40 watts at least, so- keep that in mind.
Lots and lots of sounds to sort through on this amp.Plan on spending some time with the tone and presence controls.
Mind blowing shimmering bluesy cranked tone with a strat and two tens.Sort of like a cranked blackface deluxe right out of the box.You could do alot worse than that ! I am thrilled with the sounds on this amp.
Good looking amp head, it's true- but I really don't care.
Great sound right out of the box.


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