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Laney Lionheart L5T112 Heritage Guitar Combo Amplifier

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Product Description

The Laney Lionheart L5T112 Tube Amplifier; Forty years of Laney tube heritage, distilled into a single amplifier range.
Designed to deliver the warm and expressive tone of a tube being pushed hard, The Lionheart 5 watt combo amp provides the evocative, classic tones of hot tubes pushed hard, but at a volume level your neighbors can live with! Featuring the purest of designs - single-ended Class A output achieved with a single EL84, driven from 3x 12AX7 preamp tubes.

The L5T-112 also features gold plated PCB's and jack sockets. Sealed gold contact relays are used in all signal paths for minimum sound coloration, and the amp comes fitted with the renowned Type 4 large spring line reverb for the classic guitar reverb sound.

Laney Lionheart L5T112 Features

  • Class A Dual Channel 5 Watt Combo
  • Clean and Drive Channels with Passive EQ
  • Three 12ax7 and a single EL84 Valve
  • Built-in FX Loop
  • 1x 12 inch Celestion Heritage G12H Speaker
  • Footswitch: FS2 (Included)
Each L5T-112 features a hand stamped build number in the order they come off the Laney production line, and comes with a custom made Lionheart dust cover.

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  866-871-5800 Warranty:  Amplifiers, speaker enclosures and mixers: 5 Years; Speaker Components: 1 Year (includes speakers, baskets, drivers); Valves/Tubes: 90 Days

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Laney Lionheart L5T112 Tube Combo Amplifier Specifications
  • Power (RMS): 5 Watts
  • Inputs: 2x Jack, Hi and Lo
  • Channels: Clean and Drive
  • EQ: Passive Bass, Middle and Treble
  • Bright Switch: Yes
  • Preamp Valves: 3x 12ax7
  • Output Valves: 1x EL84
  • Amp Class: Class A
  • Reverb: Yes
  • Footswitch: FS2 (Included)
  • Speaker connections: 2x Jacks
  • FX Loop: Yes
  • Impedance: 4 and 8 ohm
  • Drivers: 1x 12 inch Celestion Heritage G12H
  • Baffle: Marine Grade Plywood
  • Cabinet Design:
    • Marine Grade Plywood cabinet
    • Retro banding strip
    • Leather strap handle
    • Folding tilt back mechanism
  • Weight: 41.9 lbs (19 Kg)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 22.1 x 16.7 x 10 inches (562 x 423 x 253 mm)
  • Channel Controls: Gain (Clean), Gain and Volume (Drive)
  • Master Section: Global EQ, Reverb and Tone controls

Customer Reviews

Brian Submitted: 1/13/2015
Product Rating
the BEST Classic rock combo on the planet!!
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
LOVE this thing ALL tube, ALL tone.....class A amp that for only 5watts is AMAZING AND LOUD!!! happy with this amp!!!
Brian Terhorst Submitted: 8/11/2013
Product Rating
Amazing tone without the earbleeding volume usually required - sweet cleans too
Your general opinion of this product.
Nicely built, with a g12H greenback that sounds perfect. The cleans are sweet while the bluesy and beyond overdrive can be reached without making your ears bleed. Great very controllable tone throughout - not heavy metal but plenty of gain accesible otherwise.
extrememly well made fronm the best materials - had it for 2 years and it has performed without a flaw.
easily transportable - around 40 lbs. I mic it for a gig.
great tone I paly a strat, a tele with SD dual humbuckers and an Ibenez hollow body. All come through with their distinctive sound beautifully.
played great out of the box
Nice blue toles
hads worked great for over 2 years.
steve from DC Submitted: 5/12/2009
Product Rating

Probably the best sounding low power combo amp out there
Very high quality "hand made" in the UK amp. Just for the record though, the Lionheart series is not "hand wired." It uses printed circuit boards AKA PCBs. There's absolutely nothing wrong with PCBs, however, and in fact many major amp manufacturers tout and use them, e.g. Mesa Boogie, Orange, Marshall. Just because an amp is hand-wired or point-to-point doesn't necessarily make it better -- usually just a lot more expensive since they take longer to build. Military electronics haven't been hand-wired in decades -- they all use PCBs -- enough said.
Had it for a few weeks with no problems.
Your general opinion of this product.
Amazing looks, quality, and tone for any combo amp -- let alone at this price.
Tolex feels bumpy just like on most amps. :)
Plexi-ish to more modern grind. Gritty clean to full-on blues. Sparkly bright or dark. You name it... you can get it with this amp.
Good stuff.
Sadly, I'm single.
JJMAC from Vanvcouver Wa Submitted: 3/17/2009
Product Rating

Great versitility tone and drive thru a great little amp
Laney does is right with this little amp. Had a Fender Hot Rod which was a good amp but could not use it to it's fullest due to the volume. This amp allows my Axis to show off all its different tone adjustments and reproduce the sounds of the vintage Vox to the Fender I had in the past. I have not tried the additional 2 by 12 cabinet that is available and am not sure it would be needed. Mike what I brought might just do the job. Ordered this as a scratch and dent but the amp is perfect and shipped complete in the original carton and all components. Hats off to American Music they came thru on a products others could not!
While the amp is fairly new I expect this will not be a problem due to the quality of what I have seen so far. It has one of the best reverbs you can get and cabinet quality is solid. Besides the fact it is a hand wired unit.
Your general opinion of this product.
Would definitly recomend the amp to anyone looking for a well built product and wants to have the sound of tubes. The best part is being able to turn it up and use the full power it was designed to reproduce.
While the controls are to the rear of the amp. In the tipped back mode they aren't as visible to tweak just a little price to pay but they are all clearly marked.
This amp as I said before definitly has cut. Plug in a strat I think you could break crystal. It is very responsive to all picking and offers great sustain with my set up no add on boxes.
Finish quality is the best love the color of the cabinet and the tolex looks classy.
Not a related item.
paul leonard from orlando, florida usa Submitted: 3/8/2009
Product Rating

from the moment you flip the on switch, you can feel the quality!! incredibly well made. even minor details are not overlooked. sturdy handle, plush tolex, and thoughtful tilt mechanism and great features. but the heart and soul, the bread and butter, what you are really buying this for is what is best!! hand wired amp, and solid all the way!!
have had it for less than a week.
Your general opinion of this product.
it is exactly what i was looking for. don't play out anymore and the AC30 was great for gigs, but not very usable in the family room. this amp was the answer to prayers! incredible tone both clean and distorted. as articulate as any amp i have ever played. dynamics are spectacular. the natural overdrive made me put away my TS808. no i don't work for laney; i just think this is the best piece of equipment i have bought in so long. no diaappointments!
the tone is incredible. both clean and distortion channels are creamy! warm and thick at one moment and bright and crisp the next. the amp does it all!
gorgeous cabinet, nice handle, beautiful grille, control panel is sexy!


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