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    Lexicon Omega Studio USB Audio Interface

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    Product Description

    The Lexicon Omega is the way to start recording today, whether you are a guitarist, keyboard player, vocalist, instrumentalist or an audio engineer.
    Omega supports 6 audio channels, up to 4 at one time, as well as MIDI and S/PDIF, so, you get all the connections you need to start recording your own music quickly. Once everything is connected, you have up to 32 stereo tracks to get it just right. Lexicon’s 30-year legacy of excellence in reverb can be found in the Pantheon reverb plug-in. With 35 presets and 6 different reverb types, Pantheon gives your mix that professional Lexicon sound found in studios world-wide.

    Lexicon Omega Studio Features

    • 6 channels of 24-bit streaming audio via USB (4 record, 2 playback)
    • Seven analog audio inputs
    • Two XLR mic inputs with extremely low noise dbx preamps
    • 20 dB Mic Pad
    • Four 1/4 inch analog RF filtered TRS active-balanced line inputs
    • One 1/4 inch ultra-Hi-Z analog instrument input
    • Two 1/4 inch analog TRS servo-balanced, active line outputs
    • S/PDIF coaxial digital input and output
    • 1/4 inch TRS insert on each mic input
    • MIDI In and Out
    • +48V phantom power
    • 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, supporting sample rates of 44.1kHz and 48kHz
    • Zero-latency analog record monitoring with adjustable balance between input and playback
    • Stereo and Mono input source monitoring
    • Power supply included
    Omega Desktop Recording Studio Includes
    • Steinberg Cubase LE: More info coming soon
    • Lexicon Pantheon Reverb Plug-In: Infuse your mix with legendary Lexicon reverb. Designed by the same Lexicon engineers who created the signature Lexicon sound, Pantheon offers 35 factory presets featuring 6 reverb types (hall, chamber, plate, room, ambience and custom) controlled by an intuitive user interface with 16 editable parameters
    • Omega Studio Hardware: Plug in with USB, and now your PC has all the connections to make it a true studio. Omega Studio offers one of the most extensive I/O selections available in its class. Complementing 6 channels of 24-bit streaming audio (4 out, 2 in) are MIDI IN/OUT and S/PDIF. And our Mic XLR inputs not only support +48V phantom power, they are driven by high-quality dbx mic pre amps
    The Lexicon Pro Omega Studio is an integrated computer recording system that includes the Omega 8x4x2 USB I/O mixer now with a VST version of the Pantheon world-class Lexicon reverb plug-in, coupled with Steinberg’s intuitive cross-platform Cubase LE featuring 48 track audio/64 MIDI tracks, up to 8 VST instruments, 2 insert/4 aux sends per channel and ASIO drivers. Steinberg’s industry-standard Cubase is a comprehensive 48 track recording suite that includes all the modules needed to track, edit and mix. With the addition of Cubase LE, the Omega Studio contains all of the components necessary to transform a computer into a professional 24-bit recording studio.

    Unlike standard computer I/O boxes based on a patch bay concept, the Omega Studio is built around a mixer paradigm. An 8-input, 4-bus, 2-output USB I/O mixer with inserts, instrument input, MIDI I/O and complete metering and monitoring functions gives the user the freedom to record and mix without re-patching or the need for any additional hardware.

    The Omega I/O mixer provides 8 inputs plus an instrument input which are assignable in pairs to any of 4 simultaneous record channels featuring ultra-transparent, high-resolution analog to digital converters to capture a performance with pristine 24-bit quality.

    Two of the inputs feature extremely low-noise dbx mic preamps with 48-volt phantom power and TRS insert points. Four TRS active balanced line inputs accept up to +22 dBu signals to allow interfacing to either unbalanced or professional high-output level balanced equipment. Included is an S/PDIF input combined with an additional DAC for zero-latency, and direct monitoring of the S/PDIF source to enable simultaneous tracking of analog and digital sources. A high-impedance instrument input is conveniently accessible on the front panel.

    The Omega I/O mixer provides a peak indicator for each analog input as well as an assignable bargraph meter for signal level monitoring. By monitoring the signal at the A/D converters, the system avoids the problems with software-only level monitoring that can miss clipping and distort, thus ruining the track. The Omega I/O mixer also includes a fully opto-isolated MIDI input to ensure that there is no annoying ground loop hum or MIDI talk-through noise common with many I/O boxes and sound cards. The MIDI output has rock-solid synchronization to USB frame rate to support applications requiring critical sync.

    Lexicon Pantheon Reverb Plug-In
    Designed entirely by Lexicon engineers, the Pantheon reverb plug-in offers 35 factory presets featuring 6 reverb types (hall, chamber, plate, room, ambience and custom) controlled by an intuitive user interface with 16 editable parameters. The Lexicon name is synonymous with the world’s best reverb. Pantheon continues this legacy by bringing that Lexicon sound to your projects.

    Pantheon features a wide range of reverb types including Hall, Chamber, Room, Plate, Ambience and Custom. A full compliment of user adjustable parameters is available, including: Room Size, RT 60 (decay time), Pre Delay, Damping, Diffusion, Spread, Bass Boost and Frequency, Delay and Regeneration, Independent Left and Right Echo Time and Level, Wet/Dry Mix and Output Level.

    Whether mixing for music, film/TV, or multimedia, the set of 35 factory presets in Pantheon will cover your needs. Presets ranging from Vocal, Instrument and Drums, to Live Sound and Special Effects make it easy to add that Lexicon Sound to your projects.

    For the first time PC recording studios have access to the classic Lexicon sound that's heard on the vast majority of the world's most successful albums and soundtracks. Lexicon’s Pantheon Reverb is an indispensable tool for any serious musician, engineer or post-production professional.

      Pantheon Features
    • Classic Lexicon Reverb known throughout the recording world
    • 35 factory presets, plus a powerful editor for creating additional presets
    • 6 Reverb types including: Hall, Chamber, Plate, Room, Ambience and Custom
    • Sixteen user adjustable parameters for fine tuning the reverb
    • Advanced yet easy-to-use interface
    • Floating point DSP processing
    • Mono and Stereo Operation
    • 16 and 24 bit compatible
    • Efficient CPU Utilization
    • Sample Rates up to 96kHz

    Product Specifications
    Lexicon Omega Studio System Requirements
    • Pentium III 500 MHz (1.2 GHz recommended)
    • Windows 2000 or Windows XP
    • 128 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
    • 100 MB of available hard disk space
    • EIDE/Ultra DMA 7200RPM hard disk type or better
    • Power PC, G4 Processor (450 MHz or faster)
    • Mac OS X version 10.2.8 or later
    • 128 MB RAM minimum (512MB recommended)
    • 20 MB available hard disk space
    • 18 ms hard drive (average speed time) or faster
    • QuickTime 3.0 or later
    Lexicon Omega Studio Specifications
      Microphone Inputs
      (2) Female XLR Pin 2 Hot
    • Input Impedance: 664 Ohms balanced
    • Phantom Power: +48 Volt
    • EIN: -118 dB @ 51 dB gain (150 Ohm source impedance) -120 dB A-weighted
    • Maximum Input Level: -2 dBu (150 Ohm source impedance)
    • Frequency Response: +0, -0.2 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz, ref. 1 kHz
    • THD+N: <.005%, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
      Insert Inputs
    • Two 1/4 inch TRS balanced or unbalanced
    • Send Level (ring): +19 dBu maximum
    • Maximum Return Level (tip): +19 dBu maximum
      Line Inputs
    • Four 1/4 inch TRS balanced or unbalanced
    • Input Impedance: 20 kOhm unbalanced, 10 kOhm unbalanced
    • Maximum Input Level: +19 dBu (40 Ohm source impedance)
    • Frequency Response: +0, -0.2 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz, ref. 1kHz
    • THD+N: <.012% A/D, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, <.012% A/D/A, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
      Instrument Input
    • One 1/4 inch mono jack
    • Input Impedance: 1 MOhm unbalanced
    • Maximum Input Level: +19 dBu
    • Frequency Response: +0, -0.25 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz, ref. 1 kHz
    • THD+N: <.0125% A/D
    • <-74 dB any input or output to any recording channel, 20 Hz-20 kHz
    • <-95 dB at 1 kHz typical
      Line Outputs
    • Two 1/4 inch TRS balanced or unbalanced
    • Level: +19 dBu maximum
    • Impedance: 110 Ohms
      Headphone Output
    • One 1/4 inch stereo jack
    • 100 mW per channel at 50 Ohms
      MIDI Interface
    • 5 pin DIN connectors for MIDI in and MIDI out
      Digital Audio Input
    • Coaxial RCA (S/PDIF format)
      Digital Audio Output
    • Coaxial RCA (S/PDIF format) always transmits the audio data from the USB stream
      D/A and A/D Conversion Sample Rate
    • 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz (determined by computer application)
      Dynamic Range
    • A/D
      • >101 dB typical, unweighted, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
      • >104 dB typical, A-weighted, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    • D/A
      • >107 db typical, unweighted, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
      • >109 db typical, A-weighted, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    • A/D/A
      • >100 dB dB typical, unweighted, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
      • >103 dB typical, A-weighted, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
      Analog Path
    • >115 dB dB typical, unweighted, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    • >118 dB typical, A-weighted, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
      USB Type B Socket
    • Version 1.1, Version 1.1 hubs are not supported
      Power Requirements
    • PS0913-B adapter supplied
    • 4.625 x 7.25 x 7.75 inches (118mm x 184mm x 197mm) (W x H x D)
    • Weight: 2.65 pounds

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  801-568-7567 Warranty:  1 Year
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