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    Product Description

    The Line 6 GuitarPort XT is a powerful tool for guitarists seeking a no-hassle way to learn, play and record music.
    GuitarPort XT delivers 18 classic and modern guitar amp models, 24 cab models, and 28 must-have studio and stompbox effects. Plus, included tools such as a chromatic tuner, hum reducer, metronome, and riff looper with half-speed playback ensure a great musical experience. Line 6 has taken the studio standard digital modeling they perfected with POD XT, and their expertise in guitar-friendly user interfaces, and combined them into a computer-based product anyone can use and afford.

    Amp Models Based On:

    • Marshall 1974X (18W Reissue)
    • Orange AD30TC
    New Effects Models Based On:
    • Sans Amp Bass Driver
    • Maestro Bass Brassmaster
    • Arbiter Cry Baby
    • Sub Octaves (Synth Effect)
    GuitarPort Is The Total Guitar Experience From Line 6
    GuitarPort gives you everything you need at your fingertips to get the most out of your guitar, from jamming along to your favorite songs to building your soloing skills, or just playing for fun.
    • 16 amp and cabinet models based on POD XT
    • 19 must-have Stompbox and Studio effects
    • Effects can be routed Pre- or Post- Amp
    • MP3, WAV and Audio CD playback
    • Looping and real-time half-speed without changing pitch
    • 24-bit converters & 32-bit processing
    • Line level and headphone outputs
    • Ideal guitar front end for other recording software
    • Metronome for practicing
    • Built-in chromatic tuner
    • Includes preset tone library
    Just connect the shiny red GuitarPort hardware to your Windows PC with the included USB cable and connect GuitarPort's stereo output to multimedia speakers, headphones or your stereo. Then fire up the GuitarPort software, plug in your guitar and you're ready to jam!

    GuitarPort Online
    Each week thousands of guitarists connect to GuitarPort Online to download and play along with the latest and greatest tracks, lessons and licks. A subscription to GuitarPort Online provides unlimited access to hundreds of tracks and lessons - covering the greatest guitarists of all time.

    From blues legends to metal shredders...jazz virtuosos to country pickers... GuitarPort Online allows you to play with the best and learn from the best.

    The best part of all? If you own a GuitarPort you can join today and try it for free.

    GuitarPort Effects
    GuitarPort features classic stompbox effects like delay, chorus, tremolo, flanger, reverb and more. Tweak to your heart's content, save as many variations as you want, or choose from our extensive library of ready to rock tones. From models based on classic stompboxes like the Fuzz Face, Tube Screamer, Phase 90, and Uni-Vibe, GuitarPort is like having a whole rack system and custom pedal board living inside your computer.

    GuitarPort also offers the ability to change the signal path of the effects for every tone. The reverbs, modulation effects, and delays can be routed either in front of the amp (pre) or after (post), so that chorus can be either a stompbox or a rack unit, depending on what you need.
      Effects Models:
    • Facial Fuzz (based on Fuzz Face)
    • Fuzz Pi (based on Big Muff Pi)
    • Screamer (based on Tube Screamer)
    • Classic Distortion (based on ProCo Rat)
    • Vetta Comp
    • Line 6 Sine Chorus
    • Line 6 Flanger
    • Phaser (based on MXR Phase 90)
    • U-Vibe (based on Uni-Vibe)
    • Opto Tremolo (based on 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb)
    • Rotary Drum & Horn (based on Leslie 145)
    • Analog Delay Modulation (based on Deluxe Memory Man)
    • Tube Echo (based on EP-1 Tube Echoplex)
    • Line 6 Digital Delay
    • Standard Spring Reverb
    • Brite Room Reverb
    • Medium Hall Reverb
    • Cavernous Reverb
    • Slap Plate Reverb
    • Wah (based on Vox Wah)
    • Volume (Pre- or Post-Amp Routing options)
    • Compressor (based on LA-2A Compressor)
    • Noise Gate

    Amps & Cabs
    Line 6 invented digital modeling guitar amps and is the magic behind the guitar tones used on countless platinum albums.

    Now, Line 6 brings that acclaimed tone technology from the greatest recording studios in the world to your desktop. GuitarPort's meticulously crafted recreations of a dream collection of 16 classic and modern guitar amplifiers coupled with two dozen cabinet options easily capture the range of tone found on the best guitar tracks ever recorded.

    You can mix and match POD XT-quality amp and cab models based on Marshall, Fender, Mesa/Boogie, Vox, Roland, Soldano and more, with controls laid out for a guitarist and not some computer geek. And the sound? The same dead-on classic tones used by hundreds of thousands of Line 6 users every day.
      Amp & Cab Models:
    • Line 6 Treadplate
    • Line 6 Chemical X
    • Line 6 Insane
    • Line 6 Piezacoustic 2
    • Line 6 Spinal Puppet
    • 1953 Small Tweed based on wide panel Fender Deluxe Reverb
    • 1958 Tweed B-Man based on Fender Bassman
    • 1964 Blackface 'Lux based on Fender Deluxe Reverb
    • 1967 Class A-30 Top Boost based on Vox AC-30
    • 1968 Plexi Lead based on Marshall Super Lead
    • 1968 Plexi Jump Lead based on Marshall Super Lead with jumped channels
    • 1987 Jazz Clean based on Roland JC-120
    • 1990 Brit J-800 based on Marshall JCM-800
    • 1993 Solo 100 Head based on Soldano SLO-100
    • 2001 Treadplate based on Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier
    • Tube Instrument Preamp

    GuitarPort Tracks & Jam Tools
    To put your great guitar tone to use, GuitarPort gives you an easy to use audio player that lets you jam along with MP3s, WAV files, or any audio CD in your personal collection. You can rip tracks, scan through the audio, jump to any point, loop sections, and even slow to half speed without changing pitch for careful study of your favorite lick.

    The loop control lets you select any section of music and, well, loop it! Just hit the Loop button on the transport bar, grab the orange handles to set your locate points, and you'll hear the loop instantly.

    With tracks that you've downloaded from GuitarPort Online (membership optional), the loop handles can even snap to the song sections like verse, chorus, solo, etc. When you're trying to learn a tricky guitar part, the Half Speed button is your friend. Click on it once and GuitarPort slows the track to half speed without changing pitch. Now you can catch every one of those notes and nail the part! Once you've got it down, turn off Half Speed and you're back to full speed, ready to jam on the new part you've learned.

    Developing your technique is no longer a monotonous affair with GuitarPort’s programmable metronome. In addition to standard click, it also offers a selection of kick, snare, and hi hat samples that let you construct your own drum patterns in phrases up to eight bars long. Using the slider control to set phrase length, you can easily build a practice groove in straight 4/4, or more complex odd-meter patterns, and the tempo dial spins your beats-per-minute setting anywhere from a ridiculously slow 15 BPM to an out-of-this-world prestissimo of 300!

    Other useful tools that come standard with GuitarPort include an on-board digital tuner and an intelligent hum reducer for taming the noise produced by a guitar’s magnetic pickups.

    GuitarPort Frequently Asked Questions
      What is GuitarPort?
      GuitarPort is a musical experience designed for all electric guitar players. It brings Line 6's revolutionary POD XT-based guitar amp and effects modeling technology to your personal computer for an amazingly low price. Select from sixteen classic amp models, connect up any speaker cabinet model you want, throw on some stompbox or studio effects (like models based on the Tube Screamer, Uni-Vibe, and Echoplex) and play. GuitarPort's modeling gives you the tone of an amazing arsenal of amps and effects, perfectly mic’d in a great studio, all within your computer.

      Along with a huge range of killer tones, GuitarPort incorporates an audio player that allows you to jam along with CDs and MP3s, loop any section you choose, and even slow down songs without changing pitch. Other features include a built-in guitar tuner, a noise gate, and an intelligent hum reducer that learns the hum of your particular setup.

      GuitarPort is also the portal to a world of guitar experience through the internet, with our optional GuitarPort Online service (more on that later!).

      How does it work?
      GuitarPort is a unique combination of hardware and software that work together to become the ultimate guitar experience on a computer. Setup is simple: Plug your guitar into the GuitarPort, plug the GuitarPort into your PC's USB port, plug the GuitarPort into some speakers or headphones, and you're ready to rock. The GuitarPort gets its power from your computer's USB port, so there's no additional power cord or wall wart.

      From the software, you select and control every aspect of your tone, your audio player, and GuitarPort Online. If you've got more than one computer, you can install the software on each of them and then just plug the GuitarPort's USB cable into whichever one you want to use.

      How does it sound?
      In a word, unbelievable! Line 6® invented modeling guitar amps six years ago, and we've never stopped perfecting this technology. Line 6's modeling amps and POD® direct guitar recording devices have been used on countless hit recordings and by hundreds of thousands of guitarists the world over. The evolution of this modeling legacy is all brought to GuitarPort. And despite its price, GuitarPort doesn't compromise on audio quality thanks to its studio-grade 24-bit converters. GuitarPort includes carefully crafted models based on classic and modern amps plus a few of our own.

      What's the big black knob for?
      It's a good old-fashioned volume control.

      What kind of computer and software is required for GuitarPort XT?
    • Pentium 4 -1.2GHz or better (2.5Ghz or more recommended)
    • Windows XP (with SP2 only)
    • 512MB RAM minimum (1GB or more recommended)
    • 1GB free HD space minimum (10GB or more recommended for recording)
    • Drive speed 5400rpm minimum (7200rpm or faster recommended)
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Internet connection for online features

    • Intel or Power PC based G4 -1.25GHz or better (G4 1.67 or better recommended)
    • Power PC and Intel processor platforms are supported
    • OS X 10.4 or better
    • 512MB RAM minimum (1GB or more recommended)
    • 1GB free HD space minimum (2GB or more recommended)
    • Drive speed 5400rpm minimum (7200rpm or faster recommended)
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Internet connection for online features

    • USB
    • One free USB 1.1 or 2.0 compatible port on computer, or self-powered USB hub (requires power from USB, so bus-powered USB hubs are not supported)

    • What about Macintosh?
      YES. GuitarPort XT with GearBox software fully supports Mac OS X.

      What recording software can I use with GuitarPort?
      If you're looking for an easy way to record your musical ideas with GuitarPort, check out RiffWorks. It’s everything you need to record guitar, including the exclusive InstantDrummer as well as online collaboration and publishing features.

      What is GuitarPort Online?
      GuitarPort Online is a revolutionary service that provides a library filled with hundreds of backing tracks for jamming or practice, playing tools such as matching amps with tracks, new patches, artist and gear info, playing tips, tablature, music news, user forums, a personal tone locker, and more. It's offered only by Line 6, and is exclusively for GuitarPort owners.

      What do I get as a member of GuitarPort Online?
      As a member of GuitarPort Online, you gain unlimited access to an extensive library of amazingly produced audio tracks. Recorded with some of the best musicians in the world (in the best studios around the world), these tracks represent some of the greatest guitar songs of all time. These tracks are available with and without the guitar part, and can automatically set your guitar tone to the right sound for each song. There's even tablature or lead sheets for lots of the tracks available on screen and song maps that let you loop the chorus, bridge, solo, etc.

      For more musical inspiration, there are hundreds of grooves and loops in lots of styles that are great to jam over. Real tracks of great drummers and bass players ready to back you up whenever the mood strikes you.

      How do the online tracks sound?
      With GuitarPort Online, the songs you hear are the original artist recordings (plus remixes without guitar if the multi-tracks are available), or meticulously crafted recreations. How meticulous? How about Stevie Ray Vaughan songs freshly recorded with Double Trouble in Austin, Texas? Or some Jimi Hendrix tracks recorded in New York with original Band of Gypsies members Billy Cox and Buddy Miles, and Eddie Kramer himself at the board? And the list goes on. Many incredible musicians have contributed their talents in order to make GuitarPort Online an amazing musical experience. Robben Ford, Gregg Bissonette, Tony Franklin, Brent Mason, Steve Vai, Carmine Appice, Jay Graydon, Rudy Sarzo, Leland Sklar, Roscoe Beck, Tom Brechtlein and Simon Philips are some of the amazing talents that recorded the tracks you get to play along with on GuitarPort Online. With tracks ranging from Chet Atkins to Iron Maiden, Chuck Berry to Dream Theater, GuitarPort Online offers a great guitar experience for players of every skill level and every musical style. In addition, the range of lessons, many provided by the actual artists like Sum 41, Spacey-T from Fishbone, Eric Johnson, and Godsmack, will bring you from beginner to advanced.

      In order to maintain the high quality of these audio productions, copies of the tracks are downloaded and stored on your computer's hard disk. This way, the quality is not limited by your internet connection speed. Once downloaded, the tunes can be instantly selected for play whether you are connected online or not, for as long as you are a member of GuitarPort Online.

      Do I need an internet connection?
      In order to access the optional GuitarPort Online service, you need to have an internet connection and an ISP (Internet Service Provider) for your computer. Any connection speed will do, but of course, the faster the better. You can also use all of the capabilities of GuitarPort, as well as jam along with any GuitarPort Online Tunes that have been downloaded, while not connected to the Internet.

      What does GuitarPort Online cost?
      GuitarPort Online membership is only to GuitarPort, TonePort UX1 and UX2, POD XT, POD XT Pro, POD XT Live and GuitarPort RiffTracker owners, and costs just $7.99 per month (billed to your credit card). You can cancel your membership at any time. You can also join again at any time to get back all of the GuitarPort Online tracks and services without any penalty.

      Do I have to become a member of GuitarPort Online?
      No. Even without GuitarPort Online, GuitarPort is an incredibly affordable way to have top-notch Line 6 amp modeling, effects, and a 24-bit USB audio interface for recording. Not to mention the built-in tuner and noise gate, plus, the ability to jam with CDs and MP3s, loop sections, and slow tracks down without changing pitch. And if you change your mind, you can join in on GuitarPort Online whenever you're ready.

      What comes in the box?
      GuitarPort comes with its snazzy red USB hardware interface, a USB cable, and the installation CD. The installation CD includes the GearBox software, tons of preset tones, plus tutorial and help files.

    Product Specifications
    GuitarPort Requirements
    • Pentium 4 1.2GHz or better (2.5Ghz or more recommended)
    • Windows XP (with SP2 only)
    • 512MB RAM minimum (1GB or more recommended)
    • 1GB free HD space minimum (10GB or more recommended for recording)
    • Drive speed 5400rpm minimum (7200rpm or faster recommended)
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Internet connection for online features

    • Intel or Power PC based G4 1.25GHz or better (G4 1.67 or better recommended)
    • OS X 10.4 or better
    • 512MB RAM minimum (1GB or more recommended)
    • 1GB free HD space minimum (10GB or more recommended for recording)
    • Drive speed 5400rpm minimum (7200rpm or faster recommended)
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Internet connection for online features

    • USB
    • One free USB 1.1 or 2.0 compatible port on computer, or self-powered USB hub (requires power from USB, so bus-powered USB hubs are not supported)

    Audio System Requirements
    In order to listen to GuitarPort, you will also need powered multimedia speakers for use with your computer, or a stereo system with audio inputs, or headphones. GuitarPort includes stereo mini (1/8) and stereo RCA outputs for interfacing to music and sound equipment. Plus, of course, you're going to need an electric guitar.

    Internet Connection Highly Recommended

    If you want to access the optional GuitarPort Online features, you will need an Internet connection, with Internet access provided by an Internet Service Provider.

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  818-575-3600 Warranty:  July 12, 2017 Helix warranty: 2 Years for qualifying customers who register a Helix Floor, Helix Rack, or Helix LT processor, or a Helix Control pedal in the United States within the first year of ownership. Customers who already own a Helix product will have a second year added to their current one-year Helix Warranty at no cost: 1 Year on other products; G-Port and RiffTrack Package: 90 Days; B-Stock: 90 Days
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