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The James Tyler Variax to have for the player who loves that single coil look and sound, the Line 6 JTV69S James Tyler Variax Electric Guitar offers 29 instrument sounds that include 18 vintage electric guitar sounds and 5 acoustic tones and a handful of other eclectic tones. Change sounds easily on the fly between or even in the middle song, connect directly to your favorite recording software through USB or complement your JTV by using the incredible integration with POD HD processors and a DT25 or DT50 amplifier!

    Variax HD - The Ultimate Guitar Collection and Anything You Can Imagine
    With all-new Variax HD technology, James Tyler Variax provides instant access to a huge collection of HD guitars with unprecedented depth, character and detail—making it the ultimate recording guitar.

    Variax HD Upgrade
    This free upgrade delivers a world-class collection of HD guitars rebuilt from the ground up using Line 6’s next-generation HD modeling technology, resulting in unprecedented sonic character and a more natural playing experience. From rare vintage electrics to classic acoustics and exotics, each HD instrument delivers superior articulation and exceptional feel—perfect for capturing inspired performances.

    All-New Workbench HD Software
    The all-new Workbench HD software makes it possible to build one-of-a-kind custom guitars by combining the HD body styles, HD pickups and components in unique ways. Featuring an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, Workbench HD provides full control over scores of important instrument characteristics such as string pitch, string volume, pickup position and much more. Workbench HD also lets you select any Variax pickup model and use it with the natural tone and response of your physical James Tyler Variax guitar—or blend the Variax HD signal with the magnetic pickup sound to create hybrid instruments.

    The Ultimate Recording Guitar
    Recording guitarists have always had to contend with the challenges of selecting the right guitar for the right tones, tuning/retuning issues, pickup noise in the studio, mics and mic preamps for acoustic guitars, and more. James Tyler Variax eliminates these problems—so you can concentrate on nailing your performance.
    • Free Variax HD upgrade features an extensive collection of HD guitars, so you can record with a palette of the world’s greatest instrument sounds.
    • With a world-class collection of HD acoustic guitars and exotic instruments, you can record acoustic tracks with pristine sound quality—without ever having to set up a microphone or a mic preamp.
    • With virtually limitless alternate tunings, you can easily switch between tunings while tracking.
    • The HD guitar tones in James Tyler Variax are completely free of pickup noise, so you can capture pristine takes without hum.
    • With James Tyler Variax, there’s no need to interrupt the creative flow by finding, tuning and acclimating to the feel of a new instrument. You can easily switch between HD guitars and tunings just by turning the model knob—enabling you to stay in the moment.

    The Variax HD upgrade and Workbench HD software are compatible with all James Tyler Variax guitars. Download the updates from

Line 6 JTV69S James Tyler Variax Electric Guitar Features
  • Easy navigation between 29 Incredible Instrument sounds and 11 alternate tunings
  • Three vintage-style single-coil pickups an L. R. Baggs Radiance Hex piezo
  • Incredible integration with DT25 or DT50 amps and POD HD500 or POD HD Pro
  • Doubles as a USB interface for Straight to Software recording
  • Free Workbench software available for download
  • Includes battery charger kit and high-quality gig bag

29 Amazing Instruments in One
By combining patented, industry-leading Line 6 digital modeling technology with boutique-style craftsmanship, James Tyler Variax is the only guitar in the world that can sound like an entire collection of vintage instruments—28 models, plus the James Tyler-designed guitar itself. No more dragging piles of instruments to gigs or recording sessions. JTV69S gives you an endless variety of guitar sounds—from classic acoustic and vintage electric tones all the way to sitar and banjo, plus the onboard SSS pickup configuration—in a double-cutaway, 25-1/2 inch scale-length guitar designed by one of the world’s finest luthiers.

18 Vintage Electric Guitars
When it comes to electrics, we’ve included 18 incredible instruments to take you from classic rock sounds to blues, country and more. Featuring meticulous models of Strat, Les Paul and Rickenbacker guitars, among others, your James Tyler Variax provides instant access to the guitar tones favored by the world’s most famous players. Whether you’re performing or recording guitar, Variax gives you an amazing breadth of sounds for all styles of music.

10 Amazing Acoustic and Eclectic Instruments
JTV69S makes it easy to switch between electric and acoustic guitar sounds on a moment’s notice. The acoustic guitar collection features beautiful six- and twelve-strings, jumbos and a “parlor,” ideal for a variety of genres and playing styles. Line 6’s breakthrough acoustic guitar modeling technology gives these five models breathtaking depth and detail, capturing the subtle nuances of string vibration through the soundboard and the tonewoods of the original modeled guitar body. You can take your tone even further—from country music stylings to the sound of the Indian subcontinent—with the inspiring dobro, sitar, banjo and Tricone models.

1 Finely Crafted Guitar
Designed in the tradition of the classic 25-1/2 inch scale, bolt-on neck, three-pickup solidbody, JTV69S features an alder body, a 22-fret maple neck carved to a comfortably rounded Tyler '59 profile and a rosewood fingerboard. This time-tested design yields the bright, percussive snap and bite that characterize this breed of guitar, with plenty of bluesy warmth when required.

Access Alternate Tunings—Instantly
Imagine going from “Brown Sugar” in Open G to “Kashmir” in DADGAD with the twist of a knob. JTV69S provides immediate access to 11 alternate tunings, so you can stay in the creative moment instead of spending quality time with your tuner. You can mix and match any tuning with any instrument—and also create your own tunings on the fly with Virtual Capo. It’s easy to save your custom tunings, either to the open Model slot on the Alt Tune knob, or to one of the other alternate tuning slots.

Create Custom Instruments with Variax Workbench
Variax Workbench is your personal custom shop—with a twist. The software takes you far beyond what’s possible in the physical realm, so the only limit is your imagination. Mix and match the 28 instrument body models (solid-body, semi-hollow or hollow) with any of the 17 pickup models (single-coil or humbucking) to create unique guitar tones or celebrated classics. You can fine-tune all the details of each tone, or change your tuning to Open G, DADGAD, Drop D, or anything else you can imagine, without ever needing a tuner. Once you load your custom instruments into your JTV69S, it’s easy to access them with a twist of the Model Selector or Alternate Tuning knobs.

Designed by James Tyler, Master Luthier
Spot-on, industry-leading modeling is only half of the James Tyler Variax story. Equally important are the innovative design and boutique playing experience provided by master luthier James Tyler. Tyler’s visionary concepts and meticulous attention to detail have made his guitars the top choice of world-renowned session players and performers—and made him the perfect partner for the Variax guitar series. Each James Tyler Variax guitar was designed by Tyler and is built to his exacting specifications to ensure exceptional playability.

Exceptional Playability
James Tyler has made a career of understanding what makes vintage instruments so phenomenally playable, and applied this expertise to the James Tyler Variax modeling guitars. Since the feel of the neck is one of the most important aspects of a guitar, he chose a proven design inspired by his custom work—and designed the neck joint to provide absolute access to the upper frets. Tyler used four neck mounting ferrules, eliminating the need for a neck plate and allowing him to carve away even more wood from around the neck screws. Crafted from premium tonewoods, JTV69S sounds and feels incredible.

Expertly Wound Pickups
After decades of partnering with other manufacturers to spec pickups for his custom guitars, James Tyler began winding his own pickups in 2007—and has since released more than 30 variations. Drawing on this vast expertise, Tyler carefully designed the pickups for the JTV69S guitar. A nod to the traditional format, JTV69S features an SSS pickup configuration complete with three vintage-voiced single-coil pickups that are loaded with alnico magnets and wound to James Tyler's precise specifications.

Custom Tremolo Bridge
One of the most integral parts of any guitar is the bridge, where seemingly small changes can mean huge differences in tone and tuning stability. Tyler leveraged years of experience to design the James Tyler Custom Tremolo bridge for the JTV69S, which provides the smooth vibrato action that characterizes this breed of guitar. Each string enters the bridge through the front of the tremolo, which brings the ball end as close to the saddle as possible—facilitating re-stringing. The knife edges and tremolo pivot posts provide nearly zero resistance which, in conjunction with locking tuners, deliver exceptional tuning stability. It’s also easy to intonate, and simple to set up the action.

Premium Nut, Tuners and More
A high-quality guitar nut also plays a critical role in maintaining tuning stability and extending the life of your strings. As you hit the strings on a guitar, they flex, retract and move in the nut—and if they bind even a little, you’ll end up quite out of tune. That’s why Tyler chose the precision-engineered, self-lubricating Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL nut, which allows the strings to move—and enhances the JTV69S guitar’s performance and tone by bringing out hidden harmonics in each note.

Play for 12 Hours—Or All Night
JTV69S features a long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which delivers at least 12 hours of playing time on a single charge. It also features a four-LED battery life meter, which lets you know how much time you have left. To get the most from each charge, simply roll down the volume when you’re not using the guitar, and the electronics will go to sleep after just a few seconds. And thanks to the pickup bypass function, you can always use the guitar without batteries. 

Get More from Your JTV69S
Unlike a traditional guitar, James Tyler Variax modeling guitars can expand their capabilities over time. Line 6 is continually working to refine Variax technology, so be sure to check for updates that enhance your James Tyler Variax guitar—and the way it integrates with your other Line 6 gear.

The Dream Rig
Individually, the JTV69S guitar, DT25 or DT50 amplifier and POD HD500 multi-effect processor are powerful sonic tools. Collectively, they form the ultimate integrated dream rig—and provide limitless sonic possibilities. With the press of a single footswitch, you can change sounds, routing, instruments, effects and tuning—instantly transforming your setup into virtually any rig.

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  818-575-3600 Warranty:  July 12, 2017 Helix warranty: 2 Years for qualifying customers who register a Helix Floor, Helix Rack, or Helix LT processor, or a Helix Control pedal in the United States within the first year of ownership. Customers who already own a Helix product will have a second year added to their current one-year Helix Warranty at no cost: 1 Year on other products; G-Port and RiffTrack Package: 90 Days; B-Stock: 90 Days

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Line 6 JTV69S James Tyler Variax Electric Guitar Specifications
  • Body: Alder body
  • Neck: Bolt-on solid maple
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Scale Length: 25-1/2 inches
  • Neck shape: Tyler '59
  • Frets: 22 medium-jumbo
  • Inlays: Dot
  • Nut Width: 1-5/8 inch
  • Nut: Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL self-lubricating nut
  • Tuners: Sealed locking staggered tunners with 16:1 ratio
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Bridge: Fully adjustable Tyler-designed tremolo
  • Pickups:
    • Neck: Vintage-style alnico single-coil pickup wound to Tyler's specs
    • Middle: Vintage-style alnico single-coil pickup wound to Tyler's specs
    • Bridge: Vintage-style alnico single-coil pickup wound to Tyler's specs
    • Piezo: L. R. Baggs Radiance Hex piezo pickup system
  • Controls:
    • Master Volume knob
    • Tone knob
    • Model and Alt Tune knobs (for accessing instrument sounds and alternate tunings)
    • 5-way selector switch
  • Other Electronics:
    • VDI (Variax Digital Interface) for integration with Line 6 POD HD500 and POD HD Pro, and limited compatibility with POD xt, POD X3, Vetta II amplifier and other legacy Line 6 products
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery (12 hours of play time) and international wall charger
    • Guitar functions as standard electric guitar with battery removed
  • Included Accessories:
    • 1 battery, charger kit with International adapters
    • Workbench breakout box with USB and VDI cable
    • Free Workbench software download
    • Wrenches
  • Case: Includes high-quality padded gig bag

Customer Reviews

C W Smith, Submitted: 6/27/2018
Product Rating
Great guitar!!!
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
To the guy with the problem changing strings. Change one at a time. These are great guitars. You have to be smarter than what you are working on.
Phil Submitted: 5/13/2017
Product Rating
Guitar is a lot of fun but needed a lot of setting up.
What is your opinion of this product?
It's basically a Yamaha Pacifica with the Variax electronics. This is my second Yamaha electric and both need neck and bridge adjustments. The frets are high compared to my Ibanez SZ520 and so is the action but not so much that it's a problem. Some things its missing is a headphone amp so you can plug directly in the guitar and an on board tuner. I'd probably give it 5 stars if had those two features.
Alfredo Submitted: 9/4/2016
Product Rating
Nice upgrade from the old 700 Variax!
What is your opinion of this product?
Alder body makes it lighter than my previous Variax 700(black)which was Mahogany, Sounds more organic and even better after the update. Variax model selector now has a led light that will display name of selected bank, nice addition! Alnico single coils sound warmer than their Strat sound counterpart but the hum when using overdrive/distortion can be annoying sometimes, but that's normal on Alnico single coils pickups, It came with two lithium battery packs and USB PC/Mac connector which was great! As for the looks; is a nice classic sunburst paint and comfortable body. Neck is a little bit thicker than my old Variax 700 and it seems like there's no varnish on it, but the difference is not a big deal, at least for me, still plays fast. Comes with 010 D'Addarios, generic locking tuners, great action setup and mostly in tune (thanks American Musical Supply). My only big complain is about the Line 6 gig it looks so cheap and poorly padded. I own 3 other Variax instruments all three of them have nice padded professional looking gig back this one is mediocre as best. All in all is a great instrument I wish I could by all models!
Kevin Campbell Submitted: 8/30/2015
Product Rating
Very Inspiring
What is your opinion of this product?
I've had the JTV69S for about a week and have played it every day for at least 4-5 hours a day. At my first rehearsal with a full band, I used 7 different settings and they all fit perfectly within the mix. I did have to spend about an hour making some string height and bridge adjustments right out of the box. The sound of the JT just on it's own is outstanding without the modeling. Neck is like butter. Very impressed. Can't put it down.
Keith Abell Submitted: 6/4/2015
Product Rating
Awesome best guitar ever
What is your opinion of this product?
5 star. I love it. Great sound I've told a bunch of people about already. Only thing is the strings buzz. Working on that issue
Jordan Submitted: 4/10/2014
Product Rating
great strap
What is your opinion of this product?
Disappointing, to say the least. Had trouble with it from the get go. Can't play with nine gauge strings, they'll pop out of the finger nut. and with any gauge string, the high E slips down off the neck when soloing. neck joint is a bit hinky. But the worst is the bridge saddle design - it ensures that when you change strings, the tremolo springs cause the whole bridge to pop up and off the two mounting posts and smash the tremolo block against the interior wood of the guitar, no big deal except they mounted the pc board for the piezos right there so it is guaranteed to be smashed quite dramatically every time you change the strings. they could have prevented this with a half penny's worth of plastic stopper. pitiful oversight. two smashes and my jtv 69 was out of commission with all kinds of electronic glitches. had to spend about 80 bucks to send it back for warranty because unless you live in a big city, there aren't many Line6 service centers. Good idea poorly executed.
Don from Phoenix, Az. Submitted: 2/1/2013
Product Rating

I love it
I originally ordered the one with the humbucker but sent it back. Than waited for the new one with the 3 single coils and I am so glad I did. this guitar is great so much better than the original one I love it...
I don't know I just got it...
Your general opinion of this product.
great guitar much better than I expected...
this one is setup pretty good.
with or without the modeling this thing sounds great...
perfect finish... I got the gold one...
not to bad...


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