Line 6 LowDown LD150 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

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    Product Description

    Line 6 LowDown Bass Amplifiers, their first ever line of bass amps, delivers an incredible array of dialed-in, stage-perfected bass tones.
    While most bass combos focus on volume and clean tone, LowDown amps offer five must-have effects and five killer bass amp models, that cover everything from funk to classic rock and beyond. Plus, the oversized, high-speed power amp has incredible articulation and bottom end punch that’s ideal for live or studio work.

    Finally, there’s a line of bass combos that give you great tone, performance, and flexibility all at an incredible price.

    LowDown Amp Models
    LowDown delivers five carefully crafted amp models that can take you from modern punch to a thunderous, full-on assault! Each model automatically dials up a great sound that you can change to your liking and save into a preset using the channel memories on the front panel.

    Clean – Inspired by* the Eden Traveler, this model is all about clean, funk and fusion bass tone. It’ll give you all the warm lows and punchy highs you need.

    R & B – Inspired by* a 1968 B-15 Flip Top, this model is a tribute to those late 60’s and early 70’s clean fat bass tones. It is the kind of tone you hear on most Motown recordings, as played by a pioneering young James Jamerson.

    Rock - This model is inspired by* the ’74 Ampeg SVT. This workhorse has appeared on innumerable recordings and arena stages worldwide. And now all the tone of the 300-pound behemoth 8X10 and head is available in your combo!

    Brit - Based on a ’68 Marshall Super Bass, this model delivers the kind of overdriven bass sound brought to us by late ‘60’s British rock pioneers like Cream and The Who.

    Grind – As the name would suggest, this is for modern rock lovers, Alice in Chains to Mudvayne and Rage Against The Machine. Based on* a distorted SansAmp PSA-1 into an SVT in addition to a direct clean bass signal mixed in, this model gives you that angry, clear and punchy aggression that takes your sound to DEFCON 1.

    But that’s not all...

    Synth – Sitting at the back of the model knob is this secret weapon that turns LowDown into a ’70s classic bass synth. From funk to modern rock, this synth model delivers incredible tones and tracks every dynamic move you make with ease!

    LowDown Effect Models
    LowDown features a critical set of effects that no bass player should be without! You get a full time, vintage studio compressor model, and the Smart FX knob dials up three different heavyweight effects that are custom tailored for bass.

    Envelope filter – Based on* a Q-Tron, this is the baddest envelope filter on the planet. This effect can be heard on tons of major funk and rock tunes.

    Octaver – Based on* the EBS OctaBass, this effect produces a single note one octave below the pitch of the played note, adding a powerful new vibe to your sound.

    Chorus – Based on* the much loved TC Electronics Chorus. This is the most transparent, smooth and expressive chorus for bass ever built. Using it does not reduce your low end and it’s especially beautiful on fretless bass.

    Amazing Tone On Stage and In The Studio!
    The XLR Direct Output was designed for recording or sending your sound to a house sound system when you’re playing live. This output utilizes our exclusive A.I.R. processing which has made Line 6 products like POD the undisputed standard for direct recording. Whether you’re playing a gig in a club or rushing off to a recording session, this POD-based direct out will give you huge, mic’d amp tone everywhere you go!

    LowDown Press & Quotes
    Line 6, known for their industry-leading software-modeling products, raises the bar even higher with the introduction of LowDown portable bass combos that offer a wealth of great modeled tones in three user-friendly packages. LowDown amps bring the versatility of Line 6's amazing software-modeled tones to new heights and new venues, as well. The LD amps indeed like it down and dirty, and they're perfectly suited for the road. Setting a high standard for value, this new amp trio is sure to attract a lot of attention.
    Bruce Jacobs, Bass Guitar, October 2006
    LIN LD150 LIST
    There's enough cool gear out there to fuel a lifetime of lust. Exotic basses, sweet-sounding amps, and potent effects are now just a car ride or mouse click away. But cool and fun - and I mean big-grin, embarrassing-giggle fun - that's still a relative rarity. One company nails it every time, though: Line 6. The LowDown amps bolster an already exciting range of bass goodies like the Bass Variax and Bass POD. Line 6's first bass amps, the LowDown combos make extensive use of digital modeling to achieve a remarkable range of sounds and features. Line 6 designed the LowDown series for killer rock tone, believing that its proprietary digital technology overcomes the sonic shortcomings they see as inherent in solid-state combo amps.
    Jonathan Herrera, Bass Player, August 2006
    LIN LD150 LIST

    * All product names used in this webpage are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Line 6’s sound model development.

    LowDown Amps are available in four powerful Sizes:

    • LowDown Studio 110: 1x10-inch - 75 Watts all the amp mnodels and effects in a compact 12x12x12-inch combo amp
    • LowDown 150: 1x12-inch – 150 Watts with a convenient Tilt Back monitor design
    • LowDown 175: 1x15-inch with horn – 175 Watts
    • LowDown 300 Pro: 1x15-inch with horn - 300 Watts


    Product Specifications

    Line 6 LowDown 150 Bass Amplifier Specifications

    • 5 Incredible Bass Amp Models: Clean, R&B, Rock, Brit, and Grind
    • 5 Essential Bass Effects: Synth, Compressor, Envelope Filter, Octaver, and Chorus
    • Deep Switch With Special Tone Shaping for Supreme Fatness
    • XLR Direct Out with Line 6 exclusive A.I.R. processing
    • 4 Programmable Channel Memories, 36 with FBV Shortboard
    • Headphone Out
    • Jam Along CD/MP3 1/8-inch Input
    • Built-in Chromatic Tuner
    • Footswitch Jack for FBV Express or FBV Shortboard
    • 12-inch Speaker
    • 150 Watts
    • Convenient Tilt-Back Monitor Design
    • Dimensions: 48 lbs, 16 inches L x 17.5 inches W x 21.5 inches H

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  818-575-3600 Warranty:  July 12, 2017 Helix warranty: 2 Years for qualifying customers who register a Helix Floor, Helix Rack, or Helix LT processor, or a Helix Control pedal in the United States within the first year of ownership. Customers who already own a Helix product will have a second year added to their current one-year Helix Warranty at no cost: 1 Year on other products; G-Port and RiffTrack Package: 90 Days; B-Stock: 90 Days
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