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    Line 6 Spider Valve 212 Guitar Combo Amplifier

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    Product Description

    Line 6 Spider Valve Guitar Amps fuse the versatility of amp and effects modeling with the performance and feel of a world-class tube amplifier.
    Combining award-winning Line 6 modeling technology with a genuine tube amplifier designed by legendary amp designer Reinhold Bogner, Spider Valve delivers unmatched performance, responsiveness and tonal flexibility on the stage and in the studio.

    Line 6 Spider Valve 212 Features
    • 40W Class AB tube amp through (2) 12AX7 preamp tubes and (2) 6L6 power tubes
    • 2x12-inch configuration featuring Premium Celestion Vintage 30 speakers
    • 12 dialed in amp models (channel voices) that deliver a complete tonal range from shimmering clean to insane grind.
    • 7 Smart Control Effects including Tape Echo, Multi-Tap, Sweep Echo, Flanger/Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo and Reverb.
    • 36 user programmable channels
    • 200+ artist created presets covering the greatest guitar tones of all time
    • POD 2.0 XLR direct out for studio direct tone.
    Just as Line 6 revolutionized the world of amps through our pioneering modeling technology, Spider Valve shatters the boundaries of tube amp performance by applying that same tonal range to Bogner’s all-tube amp design, boutique component selection and stellar voicing.

    Spider Valve delivers 12 channels of amp modeling - combined with several flavors of built-in modulation, delay and reverb – driven by an all tube, all Bogner amplification design boasting 6L6 power tubes, 12AX7 preamp tubes and premium Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.

    Combining the performance, response and feel of a well crafted tube amp with the inspiring capabilities of amp and effect modeling - Spider Valve delivers the best of both worlds.

    With the simple front-end controls and display, programmable patches and presets are instantly within reach. Tweak your tone even further with the front panel Presence, Drive, Bass, Mid and Treble controls: this is a true-blue tube amp, and it acts like one, responding and delivering all the analog detail, performance and warmth of every amp model and effect.

    Amp Models

    Clean Amber Clean
    Amber LED – Select this amp model and adjust the tone controls to get crisp, amazing clean tones, great warm jazz tones, and all the high-end shimmer you’ll need with a generous amount of bottom end.

    Blue LED – Line 6 developed this amp model to emulate those late 60’s and early 70’s clean tones. It started off as an amp model based on a 1973 Hiwatt Custom 100. Line 6 extended the tone control range and tightened up the low end.

    Amber LED – This amp model draws on our analysis of mid 60’s Fender amps, including blackface ’65 Twin Reverb and blackface ’64 Deluxe Reverb. It features a classic glassy high end tone with some snap and bite.

    Twin Twang
    Blue LED – This amp model is based on a number of vintage tweed amps. Line 6 evaluated a ’53 Fender tweed Deluxe Reverb, ’58 Fender tweed Bassman and a ’60 Gibson Explorer to create a swingin’ Rockabilly tone.
    Twang Blue

    Blues Amber Blues
    Amber LED – Based on a mix of a ’65 Marshall JTM-45, a ’58 Fender Bassman, a ’63 Fender Vibroverb and a Supro so it slides between gritty swamp-infected cleans to syrupy smooth, walloping drive tones.

    Blues: Class A
    Blue LED – based on a fawn Vox AC30 amplifier with an updated and expanded tone control circuit. Line 6 wanted to capture that early British pop rock tone that the Beatles and the Stones are so well known for.

    Amber LED – A sound crafted during Line 6 studies of the ’68 Marshall Plexi 50 watt which was used by a number of early metal bands. Crunch provides a wider range of tone control settings than the original Marshall amp.

    Crunch: On Fire
    Blue Green LED – Based on a ’68 Marshall Plexi 100 watt with a few added extras: the combination of a Variac and the jumped input channels creates that infamous brown sound.
    Crunch Blue

    Metal Amber Metal
    Amber LED – An amp model based on the Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier which produces a tight and punchy, high gain Metal sound.

    Spinal Puppet
    Blue LED – This sound was created to be an aggressive high gain amp model with a unique mid control that will sweep through an entire spectrum of tone on one knob. The Mid knob for this amp model changes the character of the distortion. When set to minimum, the distortion exhibits Fuzz pedal characteristics. When it is set to noon, it mimics the creamy modern high gain amp tones. And when it is turned up to Max, it’s very much reminiscent of that Class A sound.

    Amber LED – An amp model dialed in for shredding based on the Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier red channel. It combines the intensity and impact of Metal Red but delivers more midrange and teeth for that bone-crushing, brain piercing insane grind.

    Insane: Eighties Solo
    Blue LED – Line 6 had a goal in mind to provide you with as much input gain distortion as possible short of complete meltdown. You get an obscene helping of distortion while still retaining tonal definition and character.
    Insane Blue

    Unleash your Effects Arsenal
    From the DL4 stompbox to the Echo Farm plug-in, Line 6 effects have achieved cult status in top studios and stage rigs of discerning guitarists. With Spider Valve, Line 6 delivers a palette of top grade integrated effects - easily accessed and tweaked from the front panel using the SmartControl FX knobs.

    Modulation: A choice of phaser, chorus or tremolo lets you tweak your tone from rich luscious modulations to
    dramatic orbital gyrations.
    Delay: From the swirling feedback of the sweep echo to the organic decay of the tape echo, Spider Valve delays provide an
    unmatched level of dimension and depth.
    Reverb: The Spider Valve effects arsenal is complete with a dedicated reverb control – allowing you to dial in anything
    from subtle ambiences to cavernous spaces.
    Spider Value In/Outs
      FBV Pedal – Plug in one of our optional Line 6 FBV foot controllers for channel switching, tap tempo, effects on/off control, wah/volume pedals,
      access to 32 more channel memories, and tuner capabilities.
      Balanced Direct Out – Provides dedicated POD -quality tone output for studio-direct recording.
      Preamp Out – This is a pre-tube amp output than can be used for all sorts of things. For one, you can drive a second amp from the Spider Valve modeling pre,
      or you can use it as an effects send to feed outboard effects. You can then use the Power Amp In as a series effects return.
      Power Amp In – This is a direct connection to the all-tube power amp, including the 12AX7 preamp tubes, matched 6L6 power amp tubes, Master,
      and Presence controls. Perfect for pairing your Bogner designed all tube power amp section with a front end modeler such as the POD xt Live.
    Speaker Outputs
      Output A is for an 8 ohm speaker load and will let you hook up (1) 8 ohm speaker/cab
      Output B is for a 4 ohm speaker load. You can either hook up (1) 4 ohm speaker/cab or (2) 8 ohm speakers/cabs.


    Product Specifications

    Line 6 Spider Valve 212 Specifications

    • 40W Class AB tube amp through (2) 12AX7 preamp tubes and (2) 6L6 power tubes
    • 2x12 inch configuration featuring a pair of Premium Celestion Vintage 30 speakers
    • 12 dialed in amp models (channel voices) that deliver a complete tonal range from shimmering clean to insane grind
    • 7 Smart Control FX (up to 3 simultaneous) including Tape Echo, Sweep Echo, Standard Delay (all with Tap Tempo) Chorus/Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, and Reverb
    • Built-in front panel tuner
    • 36 user programmable channels
    • 300+ artist created presets covering the greatest guitar tones of all time
    • POD XLR direct out for studio direct tone
    • Compatible with FBV2, FBV Express and FBV Shortboard foot controllers
    • Single and dual 1/4 inch speaker output jacks for connection to auxiliary cabinets
    • 1/4 inch power amp input jack for POD amp and effect modelers
    • Weight: 60 lbs
    • Dimensions: 30 L x 25 H x 15 D Inches

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  818-575-3600 Warranty:  July 12, 2017 Helix warranty: 2 Years for qualifying customers who register a Helix Floor, Helix Rack, or Helix LT processor, or a Helix Control pedal in the United States within the first year of ownership. Customers who already own a Helix product will have a second year added to their current one-year Helix Warranty at no cost: 1 Year on other products; G-Port and RiffTrack Package: 90 Days; B-Stock: 90 Days
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