Line 6 StageSource L3t Powered PA Speaker

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    Product Description

    The Line 6 StageSource L3t Powered PA Speaker is the world's most versatile loudspeaker system for musicians. This 1,400 Watt 3-way, tri-amped speaker system features Smart Speaker Modes and scalable, multi-function design. The Line 6 StageSource L3t is also designed with multi-channel mixer with smart effects and feedback suppression. This road ready loudspeaker comes with Digital Networking via L6 LINK for large multi-speaker systems.

    Line 6 StageSource L3t Powered PA Speaker Features

    • 1400-watt, 3-way, tri-amped speaker system
    • Clean and articulate audio via dual 10-inch speakers
    • Dual direct radiator design with 1 inch Exit HF compression driver
    • 132 dB max SPL
    • 100 degree horizontal x 50 degree vertical coverage
    • Smart Speaker modes for main PA, personal PA, floor monitor, instrument backline and more
    • Multi-function, modular architecture for true scalability
    • Multi-channel mixer with 3-band EQ, Smart Effects, acoustic guitar modeling and more
    • Digital networking via L6 LINK
    • 12-band feedback suppression and output limiter
    • On-board accelerometer and pole-mount sensors for sound optimization in horizontal, vertical, or pole-mount applications
    • M10 suspension points
    • Dual-braced tour-grade plywood construction
    • Retractable Handle
    • Direct Thru and Mix outputs
    Line 6 StageSource L3t Powered PA Speaker All-In-One PA Diagram Line 6 StageSource L3t Powered PA Speaker For Keyboard Diagram Line 6 StageSource L3t Powered PA Speaker 10 Inputs Diagram

    Smart Speaker Modes
    The Line 6 StageSource L3t output is optimized for a variety of performance scenarios including front-of-house PA, floor monitor, personal PA, keyboard backline, acoustic guitar backline, or with a multi-effects guitar processor as a high-performance electric guitar speaker system. Onboard accelerometer and pole mount sensors automatically detect the speaker’s orientation and set the Smart Speaker mode accordingly.

    Powerful 1,400-watt, Three-way Design
    The 1,400-watt, 3-way, tri-amped speaker system and a dual-braced tour-grade plywood enclosure combine to deliver astounding power and reliability. The innovative multi-function design enables the L3t to be the perfect loudspeaker in a wide variety of applications including floor or stage-stacked, pole- mounted, horizontal as a floor monitor, Virtual Tilt-back for instrument backline or flown with the integrated M10 suspension points for installation.

    Fast Networking via L6 LINK
    In live sound situations where two or more speakers are needed, StageSource products use a proprietary digital networking protocol called L6 LINK to simplify set up. Loudspeakers will automatically self- configure, pan stereo signals, adjust Smart Speaker modes and perform system-wide optimization. Add StageSource L3s subwoofers to the mix and the system automatically sends them the summed signals and sets the crossovers. When combined, Line 6 live sound products form an intelligent ecosystem that sets up faster and helps you sound your best.

    Integrated Multi-channel Mixer with Effects
    The L3t can function as a self-contained live sound solution. With a full-featured onboard mixer including multiple inputs for microphones, instruments, external mixers and MP3 players, L3t delivers all of the tools you need for great live sound.

    Orientation and Pole-mount Sensors
    StageSource L3t uses an internal accelerometer, optical sensors and DSP to accelerate setup and optimize the sound of your system. Based on the information the system detects, it selects the right Smart Speaker mode for the application, and automatically adjusts its performance.

    Integrated Feedback Suppression
    Since feedback can ruin a performance, StageSource L3t uses intelligent 12-band feedback suppression to identify the problem frequencies and adjust levels without affecting the overall sound.

    L3t feedback suppression continuously analyzes the audio signal, identifying frequencies that have the characteristics of feedback (steady frequencies with few overtones, rising in amplitude) and then applies a narrow notch filter to remove the offending frequency. L3t feedback suppression can remove up to 12 independent feedback frequencies. You can set the feedback analyzer to one of three modes, depending on how aggressively the analyzer will seek out potential feedback frequencies.

    Multi-function Design and Scalability
    Multi-function design combined with powerful Smart Speaker modes and digital networking provides true scalability whether you’re using a single L3t as a standalone PA or multiple L3t speakers as main PA, monitors and backline. Add StageSource L3s subwoofers and customize a configuration to meet your live sound or installation needs.

    Road-ready Construction
    StageSource L3t is ready for whatever the road can throw at it. The burly enclosure is constructed of dual-braced, heavy-duty plywood and a tour-grade steel grille with protective screen backing that protects the drivers from impact damage. If you need to fly the speakers, each StageSource L3t features four professional M10 suspension points with a pull-back.

    Product Specifications
    Line 6 StageSource L3t Powered PA Speaker Specifications
    • Acoustical:
      • System Type: Dual 10 inch, 3 way, tri-amplified loudspeaker system
      • LF Speakers: 2 x 10 inch extended range woofer, 2 inch diameter voice coil, 4 ohm
      • HF Transducer: 1 inch compression driver, 1.4 inch diameter voice coil and diaphragm, 8 ohm
      • Frequency Range(-10 dB): 40 Hz – 19 kHz
      • Frequency Response(+/-3 dB): 47 Hz – 18 kHz
      • Maximum SPL Output: 132 kB peak at 1 meter
      • Coverage Pattern (-6 dB): 100 degrees horizontal x 50 degrees vertical
    • Power Amplification and Supply:
      • Output Channel:
        • LF1: 655 Watts, Class D
        • LF2: 655 Watts, Class D
        • HF: 175 Watts, Class AB
      • Cooling: Digitally controlled, variable speed 50 mm fan
      • Protection: Output overcurrent, overtemperature, DC fault
    • Side Panel:
      • Input Type: 2 x mic/instrument XLR-1/4 inch balanced combo
      • Controls:
        • 2 x Gain, 20 dB Pad, LF Level, MF Freq and Level, HF level, Mod Level, Reverb, Feedback Suppression On/Off/Mode
        • 1 x Dual Mono/Stereo Link Mode, Acoustic Modeling Amount, On/Off
      • Indicators: 2 x Signal Present/Clip, 2 x Feedback Suppression On/Off/Mode, 1 x Acoustic Modeling On/Off
    • Rear Panel:
      • Input Types:
        • Line Level XLR-1/4 inch balanced
        • Stereo RCA unbalanced
        • L6 Link XLR
      • Output Types:
        • Balanced Loop Thru XLR
        • Balanced Mix Out XLR
        • L6 Link XLR
      • Controls: Feedback Suppression On/Off/Mode, Master Level, Speaker Mode
      • Indicators: Signal Present/Clip, Feedback Suppression On/Off/Mode, Limit, 6 x Speaker Mode, L6 Link Status
    • Digital Signal Processing:
      • Speaker Modes: Reference/PA, Playback, Floor Monitor, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
      • On-board Effects: Reverb, Modulation, Feedback Suppression, Acoustic Modeling
      • Speaker Protection: Excursion limiting, thermal limiting
      • Digital Networking: L6 Link Intelligent Speaker Networking System
      • Sensors: Speaker orientation, polesensor, power amp temperature, power supply, temperature
    • Physical:
      • Enclosure: 15 mm enclosure, 18 mm baffle, multi ply hardwood, textured black paint, bass reflex design
      • Floor Monitor Upward Angle: 60 degree using kickstands, 30 degree using handle
      • Suspension Points: M10 x 1.5 threaded inserts, qty: 4
      • Pullback Point: M10 x 1.5 threaded insert
      • Grill: 18 gauge perforated steel, black powder coat finish
      • Pole Cup: 35 mm pole cup with sensor
      • Dimensions (HxWxD): 33.875 x 12.25 x 12.25 inches
      • Weight: 57.5 lbs
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