Livid Base II USB MIDI Pad and Fader Performance Control Surface

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    Product Description

    Building on the flagship Base controller, which introduced velocity sensitivity and touch responsive hardware to Livid’s line of MIDI controllers, Base II delivers thicker and more playable drum pads, brighter multi-color LEDs and an ergonomically redesigned enclosure at an artist friendly price.

    Livid Base II Performance MIDI Controller Features

    • Thicker, softer velocity pads and buttons
    • Ergonomically redesigned aluminum chassis
    • Brighter RGB LED backlighting
    • 32 pressure sensitive pads with aftertouch
    • 7 assignable color modes
    • 9 touch faders with RGBs
    • 8 touch buttons
    • 8 function buttons
    • Compatible with any software that supports MIDI
    • USB powered class-compliant MIDI
    • Ultra light and heavy-duty aluminum construction
    • Included in the box: BASE, USB Cable, Quality Control checklist, Registration Card
    • Dimensions: 10.25 x 11x 0.75 (26 cm x 28 cm x 1.9 cm)
    • Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 Kg)
    Base II puts your beats, synths, and effects under your hands, ready to tweak, play, and perform. It’s 32 pressure sensitive pads are built with a great feel for tapping out beats and delicate aftertouch for playing instruments. Nine sensitive touch sliders give you instant, responsive access to your effects. Onboard presets let you re-program the Base II on the fly and instantly re-map and update all the controls. Use the Base II Editor to make custom setting, maps, colors, and presets, no matter what software you use. Legendary Livid quality and a rugged build of aluminum makes sure your Base II works wherever you play.

    Designed to Perform. Built to Last.
    Base II is built for performance. Whether you’re making beats, performing, composing, or controlling lights and visuals, Base II delivers. Make it your custom instrument or use advanced scripts and creative templates for the most popular production software: Ableton Live, Native Instruments Traktor, FL Studio, Propellerhead Reason, Bitwig Studio, and more. And it doesn’t stop at music. Base II is an ideal companion for pro visual mixing platforms such Arkaos Grand VJ and VDMX.

    Base II integrates into your system with simple MIDI learn. It’s compatible with all major DAWs and plug-ins and easy to start using. Connecting with USB class compliant MIDI means there are no drivers or scripts necessary. Use the Base II Integration Guide for controller scripts, setup instructions, and other resources to use Base II with your favorite music production or DJ software.

    Base II and Live
    Dynamic controller mapping to connect Base II to different functions in Live. Access clip triggering, mixing, solo/mute, record arm, sends and returns, device parameters and macros, track selection, session navigation, user-customized maps and, most impressively, pressure sensitive control over drum racks and synths.

    Base II and Bitwig
    Fully integrated controller mapping in Bitwig Studio. Base II provides an incredibly flexible with access to playing, editing, and composition features with track, device, and instrument control. Base II is your hardware solution for clip launching, generating beats, adjusting effects, playing synths, recording clips, and even step-sequencing.

    Base II and Reason
    Mapped for maximum playability of synths and effects in your Reason rack. Base II offers an adaptable surface from which to play any synth in any key with a selection of scales. The pressure sensitive grid of pads are an ideal fit for the Kong Drum Designer. Base II automatically detects any instances of Kong or scale and key settings to adjust the Base II mapping and LEDs for you.

    RGB Backlighting
    Every control on the BASE II contains RGB backlighting. With the exception of the touch faders, these lights will be controlled by your software, template, or program and will be in the "off" state until they receive MIDI messages telling them to turn on. There is an option in the editor called "local control" that can be enabled if you wish to see the button light up when you press it. Most of the time however, LED feedback is best left up to the software, script, or template you are using.

    Velocity Pads
    The BASE's pads output Note On messages with corresponding CC values by default. All of the BASE's pads are backlit by RGB (Red-Green-Blue) LEDs and are individually capable of displaying 8-states (7-colors and off). Velocity sensitivity can be changed with the editor including disabling it.

    RGB Backlit Buttons
    The BASE's buttons output Note On messages by default. Each of the 8 function buttons contain one RGB (Red-Green-Blue) LED capable of displaying 8-states (7-colors and off).

    Touch Buttons
    The BASE's touch buttons (above the faders) output Note On messages by default. Each of the capacitive touch buttons contain 2 RGB (Red-Green-Blue) LEDs and are individually capable of displaying 8-states (7-colors and off).

    Touch Faders
    The BASE's touch faders output cc messages by default. Each of the touch fader contains RGB (Red-Green-Blue) LEDs and are individually capable of displaying 8-states (7-colors and off). The faders have multiple LED modes, walk (follow), fill, EQ and spread. These settings can be controlled using the editor.

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