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    Lanyao Mic-Grip Wireless Handheld Mic Safety Strap

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    Product Description

    Mic-Grip Wireless Mic Strap - The safety net for your wireless microphone.

    Wireless dropouts are a problem but dropping your wireless hand held mic is an even bigger problem. Sweaty hands, fatigue, or a split second of inattention is all it takes to send your mic to the floor, or worse. Mi-Grip provides an easy to install, easy to use safety net for your wireless mic. You can even spin the mic with no worries.

    Lanyao Mic-Grip Wireless Handheld Mic Safety Strap Features

    • Adjustable metal strap with flexible canvas hand loop for attachment to any wireless handheld mic transmitter
    • 5" metal strap

    Product Specifications
    Mic-Grip Wireless Mic Strap Installation:
    Before removing the protective tape covers, gently bend the metal tabs around the mic barrel careful to avoid any switches or view screens and leave room to mount the mic in a mic stand clip. You want the smallest possible seam so if the tabs are too long mark one side and cut to size with a good scissor. When you have the proper size remove the tape covers and press the tabs onto the mic. Tip: For added comfort wrap electrical tape around the mic tabs to cover the seam.
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