LR Baggs FM Feedback Master w/Belt Clip

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    Don't put up with feedback from your acoustic guitar - and don't let bad EQ kill your tone! Play louder and sound better with the Feedback Master. With TWO unique, surgically narrow fixed depth sweepable filters, the Feedback Master has everything you need to easily control feedback without ruining your sound. The circuitry is 100% analog, pure class A and all discrete for pure sweet sound. The Feedback Master will work with virtually any pickup, active OR passive. The Feedback Master comes with both a belt clip and a microphone stand adapter.

    Play Louder and sound better.
    The Feedback Masterâ„¢ is the best-sounding and easiest-to-use feedback remedy available for acoustic instruments. It features a phase inversion control and two precise Garrett Null sweepable notch filters to accurately locate and eradicate feedback from top and air resonances without destroying your tone. The circuitry is all-analog pure class A from end to end to provide great tone quality.


    • Two proprietary Garrett Null sweepable narrow-band filters easily locate and damp air and top feedback resonances, controlling feedback without sacrificing tone
    • Phase inversion switch for additional feedback control
    • Adjustable gain for optimum signal level and lowest noise
    • All analog pure class A discrete circuitry makes is utterly transparent and quiet
    • Works as a standalone buffer-preamp with virtually any active or passive pickup
    • Includes mic stand adapter and belt clip

    What do you mean by "All discrete, Class A circuitry," and how does that affect the sound?
    Much audio circuitry these days is put together with integrated circuits, or op amps. These chips are versatile and easy to design with, but the drawback of that versatility is that this circuitry usually includes many extra parts that aren't needed in every application. These extra parts can cloud the sound and add noise. Contrarily, a discrete circuit has only the parts it needs, carefully selected for that one application - like cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients rather than going for the frozen dinner. Some of LR Baggs' designs have only two transistors in the signal path, as opposed to the six or more in a typical op amp.

    Class A circuitry is a term for a particular style of amplifier design. There are also classes B, AB, C and D. The reason we use (and brag about) class A is that this is generally accepted to be the smoothest, most musical style of amplifier.

    Bottom line: Class A, all-discrete circuitry will generally be the sweetest, lowest-noise and most musical way to design solid state audio.

    Product Specifications


    • Size: 4.75 x 2.85 x 1.25"
    • Weight: (with battery): 7.3 oz.
    • Battery Type: Single 9V
    • Power Consumption: 2mA
    • Battery Life: > 250 hours
    • Class: Pure Class A all discrete
    • Null 1: Off - 320 sweepable
    • Null 2: Off - 320 sweepable
    • Gain: 3dB to 24dB
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: -92dB, 20Hz - 20kHz unweighted
    • Input Impedance: 10 Megohms
    • Output Impedance: 800 Ohms

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