LR Baggs M1 Soundhole Magnetic Acoustic Guitar Pickup

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    Product Description

    The LR Baggs M1 acoustic guitar pickup is the world's first body-sensitive soundhole magnetic pickup, eliminating the trade-off between convenience and performance. From your first strum you'll know that the M1 is pure magic. What makes it so different? The secret is the breakthrough patent-pending TriAxial Dynamic Technology developed by Gary Garrett and Lloyd Baggs. This new technology allows the pickup to respond to the guitar's string and body vibrations. It's never been easier to get superior live sound!

    LR Baggs M1 Features

    • Completely passive operation: no batteries to worry about
    • Quiet, hum-free operation under the most challenging live conditions
    • Highly feedback resistant
    • Adjustable pole pieces with smooth threadless tops preserve fingerstylists' nails
    • Built-in gold-plated 1/8 inch jack makes moving or removing the pickup a snap
    • Includes a prewired strapjack harness
    LR Baggs M1 - Exposed
    The M1 is a humbucking pickup - with a twist. In a common stacked humbucker, the second, lower coil cancels hum, but doesn't contribute anything positive to the sound. In fact, it can muddy the sound of the main coil. We unlock the second coil. This allows it to make a positive sonic contribution while maintaining the pure open sound of a single coil - but without the hum.

    LR Baggs Triaxial Dynamic Technology Exposed
    In the M1, the hum-canceling coil is suspended under the main coil by a tuned support that allows it to move in three dimensions. The primary coil moves with the guitar top and creates a body signal in the suspended secondary coil. This brings the LR Baggs M1 to life, with string and body sound all in one. It's like having a dual pickup system in your soundhole.
    And it's all passive!

    LR Baggs has carefully tuned the support to control motion in all three dimensions. This allowed them to selectively add the presence and realism from the body signal while suppressing runaway feedback.

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