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    Mackie 32x8 8 Bus Mixer

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    Product Description

    The Mackie 32x8 is one serious Mixer. From is very well thought-out 4 band EQ on each channel, individual channel mute, and channel subgroup routing, the 8-bus series are designed with the profession musician in mind.

    A totally new fader design was commissioned by Mackie to ensure truly accurate taper for the best attenuation available, just like larger, more expensive consoles.

    Extensive metering, 8-busses, a talkback mic, versatile effects routing, phantom power, bulletproof construction and even direct outputs on each channel are featured. The 8-bus line is a super affordable group of full-functioning boards for live or studio work.

    The 8-Bus series was designed to eliminate the last barrier between you and audio creativity -- the 32-8, 24-8 are capable of sound quality equal to or better than that of $100,000 consoles. 8-Bus consoles have recorded more platinum albums and major motion picture soundtracks than any other mixer in their class -- they set the standard for affordable 8-bus consoles.

    Excellent for project studios and digital multitrack recording, when combined with digital multitrack or hard disk recording systems, a Mackie 8-Bus console can create not just major label CDs, but major motion picture soundtracks and network quality commercials.

    Features include low-noise/high-headroom mic preamps on every channel, as well as channel inserts and direct outs. In the channel strip you'll find Mackie's truly musical EQ -- with Hi and Lo shelving EQ, parametric Hi-Mid, and sweepable Low-Mid EQ -- as well as our Low Cut Filter, which allows you to eliminate mic thumps and room rumble from your mix, and use your EQ for music and vocals.

    With Mix B, "in-line monitoring" is a breeze. Six aux sends and six aux returns allow you to use all the effects you want. And the 8-Bus's complete talkback and phones level controls make communicating with the talent a snap. There's much more:

    When you get right down to it, the 8-Bus series of recording consoles is a value at many times the price. The fact that artists and producers of every shape and size have sworn by them means when you buy an 8-Bus you'll be in good company.

    Channel Strip

    • Mic In
    • Mic/Line Switch
    • Line In
    • Direct Out
    • Channel Insert
    • Channel Trim
    • Flip switch
    • Aux Sends 1 & 2
    • Aux Sends 1 & 2 Pre/Post switch
    • Aux Sends 3-4/5-6
    • Aux Sends 3-4/5-6 shift switch
    • Aux Sends 3-4/5-6 Pre/Post switch
    • Channel/Mix B source switch
    • Hi-Mid EQ controls (boost/cut, sweep, bandwidth)
    • Lo-Mid EQ controls (boost/cut, sweep)
    • Hi Shelving EQ
    • Lo Shelving EQ
    • EQ in switch
    • Low Cut Filter switch (18dB/octave, 75Hz)
    • Mix B pan control
    • Mix B level control
    • Mix B Split switch
    • Mix B Source
    • +22dB Overload LED
    • -20dB LED
    • Pan control
    • Solo switch and LED
    • Mute switch and LED
    • Assignment switches (1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, L-R)
    • 100mm log-taper fader

    Master Section

    • Aux Sends 1 & 2 level controls
    • Aux Sends 1 & 2 solo switches
    • Aux Sends 3 & 4, 5 & 6 level controls
    • Aux Sends 3 & 4, 5 & 6 solo switches
    • Stereo Aux Returns 1 & 2 level controls
    • Stereo Aux Returns 1 & 2 balance controls
    • Stereo Aux Returns 1 & 2 solo and assign switches
    • Stereo Aux Returns 3 & 4 level controls
    • Stereo Aux Returns 3 & 4 solo and assign switches
    • Stereo Aux Returns 5 & 6 level controls
    • Stereo Aux Returns 5 & 6 solo switches
    • Mix B master level control
    • Assign to L/R Mix switch
    • Phones 1 level control
    • Phones 1 solo switch and LED
    • Phones 1 source switches
    • Phones 2 level control
    • Phones 2 solo switch and LED
    • Phones 2 source switches
    • Studio monitor level control
    • Control Room monitor level control
    • Studio & Control Room source switches
    • Talkback level control
    • Talkback assign switches
    • Sub 1-8 L & R meters
    • Main (or solo level) L & R meters
    • Sub 1-8 solo switches
    • Mono and L-R mix assign switches
    • Talkback mic
    • Sub 1-8 100mm log-taper faders
    • L-R main mix 100mm log-taper fader

    Rear Panel

    • DC power in
    • Expander port
    • Main L & R XLR outputs
    • Submaster/tape outputs (triple-bused).
    • Tape output operating level switch, +4/-10
    • Tape Returns
    • Tape Return operating level switch, +4/-10

    Product Specifications


    Measured 20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth Tape Returns selected, no EQ, Channel Pans alternating L/R, L/R. "Faders up" refers to Unity gain, 0dBu position.

    • Output Noise: Main L/R or Submaster
    • Master fader down: -101dBu
    • Master fader up: (24 channels assigned, channel faders down): -90dBu
    • Master fader up: (24 channels assigned, channel faders up): -86dBu
    • +4dBu operating level signal-to-noise ratio >90dB

    Total Harmonic Distortion
    1kHz @ + 14dBu measured 20Hz-20kHz, mic input, 1 channel assigned

    • Direct output 0.0013% typical
    • L/R Mix output 0.0014% typical
    • Submaster output 0.0015% typical

    1kHz measured relative to 0dBu, measured 20Hz to 20kHz.

    • Line In to Adjacent Channel: -91dBu
    • Channel Fader down:
      L/R Mix Output: -95dBu
      Submaster Output: -96dBu
    • Channel muted:
      L/R Mix Output: -95dBu
      Submaster Output: -96dBu
    • Channel un-assigned:
      L/R Mix Output: -91dBu
      Submaster Output: -95dBu
    • Adjacent Channel assigned:
      L/R Mix Output: -92dBu
      Submaster Output: -94dBu
    • Panpot attenuation:
      L/R Mix Output: -87dBu :
      L/R Mix Output: -87dBu

    Frequency Response

    • 20Hz to 60kHz, any input to any output: +0/-1dB
    • 10Hz to 120kHz, any input to any output: +0dB/-3dB


    • Mic input, 150 ohm termination, 20Hz-20kHz: 129.5dBm
    • Mic input, shorted, 20Hz-20kHz: -136dBV


    • Mic input, max gain, 1kHz 83dB

    Maximum Levels

    • Mic input: +14dBu
    • All other inputs: +22dBu
    • L/R Mix balanced output: +28dBu
    • All other outputs: +22dBu


    • Microphone input: 1.5 kohms
    • Channel insert return: 2.5 kohms
    • All other inputs: 10 kohms or greater
    • All outputs: 120 ohms


    • Hi-Mid
      Type: Full parametric (Q) variable from 1/12 to 3 oct.
      Range: 500Hz - 18kHz
      Boost/Cut: ±15dB
    • Lo Mid
      Type: Swept
      Range: 45Hz - 3kHz
      Boost/Cut: ±15dB
    • Hi
      Type: Shelving
      Range: 12kHz
      Boost/Cut: ±15dB
    • Lo
      Type: Shelving
      Range: 80Hz
      Boost/Cut: ±15dB
    • Lo Cut
      Type: HP filter
      Range: 75Hz
      Boost/Cut: 18dB/oct. slope (Tchebechev)

    8*Bus Power Supply

    • Power Consumption: 400 watts
    • Output:
      +18V: 3.5A
      -18V: 3.5A
      +48V: 250MA
      +12V: 1.5A
      +5V: 3A
    • Weight: 24 pounds not including power cable.
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 3.35" (85mm) x 19.00" (483mm) x 10.08" (256mm)

    Mixer Dimensions

    • Front to Back: 28.74" (730.0mm)
    • Left to Right: 45.8" (1163.3mm)
    • Top to Bottom (with optional meter bridge at maximum height): 9.54" (242.3mm)

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  800-258-6883 Warranty:  All SRM, DLM, HD, iP and C Speakers, Reach, PPM Mixers, HRmk2 Studio Monitors: 3-year inclusive of electronics, 2-year drivers (where applicable), nontransferable; Thump, Freeplay, Onyx Mixers and Interfaces, DL, VLZ4, ProFX mixers, MRmk3 Studio Monitors, Big Knob, MCU Pro Series, SP260, FRS Series Amplifiers, Mixer Bags/Covers/Hardware, Loudspeaker Bags/Covers/Hardware: 1-year nontransferable; FreePlay Lithium Ion Battery: 90-day all inclusive, nontransferable;B-Stock items, 90 days.
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