Mackie Onyx 1220 Stereo Mixer

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    Product Description

    Mackie Onyx Mixers delivers more useful features, better sound quality, advanced tonal shaping, lots of extras like 4-segment LED metering on every channel, and FireWire connectivity - included in this special deal!
    New Onyx mic preamps meet or surpass any standalone mic preamp on the market in terms of pure fidelity and headroom. The Neo Classic Perkins EQ circuitry gives you the sweet musicality of British EQ and a true hardware EQ bypass. This analog brilliance is paired with a full-featured discrete Aux section, a completely redesigned mix bus and summing amp section, and a Talkback section with onboard mic.

    The Onyx 1220 provides 4 mic/line inputs, 8 line inputs, 2 buses and 3-band Perkins EQ with sweepable midrange. The Onyx 1620 provides 8 mic/line inputs, 4 stereo line inputs, 2 buses and 4-band Perkins EQ with dual sweepable midrange. Add the optional 96k FireWire card and you can output a combination of direct outputs (from every single input channel) and the L-R mix, directly into a FireWire equipped computer, and, at the same time, return 2 channels of computer audio for monitoring through the control room/phones matrix.

    Mackie Onyx 1220 Features

    • Premium 12-channel small-format analog mixer with all-new circuitry
    • 4 new ONYX mic preamps with sound comparable to boutique preamps
    • New 3-band Perkins EQ with sweepable mids
    • 96K FireWire option for streaming 14 independent channels of audio to computer with zero latency input monitoring through mixer
    • 2 channels of monitoring from computer via FireWire option card
    • 2 Aux sends w/ Pre/Post switches
    • 4 stereo line-level inputs
    • Built-in Talkback section for use with internal or external mic
    • True hardware EQ Bypass
    • "Planet-Earth" ± power supply Individual 48v Phantom Power switches on all mic inputs
    • Linear taper 60mm faders with ultra-smooth response on all channels
    • Balanced direct outs for every channel via DB-25 connection
    • Selectable instrument inputs on first two channels - no DI box needed


    Starting from scratch...
    At Mackie, their expertise designing great sounding, ultra-reliable compact mixers goes without saying. They practically built their company on the shoulders of their hallmark blue and red knobs, legendary XDR preamps and VLZ circuitry. So why develop a whole new small-format analog mixer line from scratch? Call 'em crazy, but they felt it was time. Introducing Onyx Series mixers.

    Delivering the premium goods.
    It's one thing to modify a previous design. It's anothing thing to completely reinvent it. Mackie chose the latter. The Onyx 1220, 1620 and 1640 start with all-new premium analog circuitry, setting new standards for high-headroom, low-noise operation. Next up are Mackie’s new Onyx mic preamps, which meet or surpass expensive esoteric standalone mic preamps in terms of fidelity and transparency. Then there’s the completely new Perkins EQ circuitry, a "neo classic" 3- and 4-band design which gives you the sweet musicality of British EQ with greater filter control and minimum phase shift (plus a true hardware EQ bypass). And all this analog innovation is rounded out by a new Aux section w/ individual Pre/Post control, plus a new Talkback section with built-in mic for easy studio communication. In short, Mackie listened to everything theirr compact mixer customers were telling them, and made it so.

    Built for the digital era.
    In addition to balanced direct outputs on every channel via dual DB-25 connectors (a first for any small-format analog mixer), you can outfit each Onyx mixer with an optional FireWire I/O card, which lets you stream either 12 or 16 independent channels of 24-bit/96k audio, plus a stereo mix, directly to your Mac or PC. You can also monitor a stereo mix via FireWire from your computer, making our Onyx Series mixers superb audio interfaces to your digital world... or any other world you plan to rule.

    Two months to design a knob?
    Yep. Onyx knobs feature a more comfortable contoured shape with tapered top, smoother grip and a high-profile beak so you can almost mix blind.

    Optional FireWire I/O
    The Simplicity of Analog. The Convenience of Digital.

    The Onyx FireWire I/O Card is a true first. This 24-bit/96k card bridges the gap between Mackie's flagship Onyx analog mixers and a Mac or PC, giving musicians and engineers a great-sounding and very efficient way to go from analog to digital - without the need for separate converter boxes or interfaces.

    Onyx Reviews

      Reviewed: Onyx 1620
      "Holy crap! ... I have to admit that (the Onyx boards) sounded phenomenal. One of them is already working in Britney's dressing room. The other one we are passing around within the audio department at the moment doing everything from recording the band to routing talkback microphones."
      -Monty Lee Wilkes
      Britney Spears' Front of House Engineer

      Reviewed: Onyx 1220
      "We do a lot of writing and recording on the tour bus, so the rig is really important. You need gear that sounds great in the space you’re in, can travel around the country, and is compact enough to fit in a limited space. The preamps on the Onyx have a really good sound, and the EQ feels just right to me. I run most of my keyboard modules through it."

      "It’s also built really solid - I can take it from the studio to the bus, and it’s tough enough to get knocked around and still sound great."
      -Mike Shinoda, MC & Vocals, Linkin Park

      Evaluated: Onyx 1620
      "I have a couple of very high-end preamps I use in the studio, and one of them went down during a session. We plugged straight into the Onyx and were blown away with how good it sounded."

      "The EQ on this mixer is very usable and musical. A little goes a long way."

      "I’ve always liked Mackie mixers, but the Onyx is the best sounding boards they’ve ever come out with. It’s been getting a lot of use, both in the studio and on the road. It’s a total workhorse, and a great sounding one at that."
      -Steve Berlin, Sax Player, Los Lobos

      Evaluated: Onyx 800R
      "When I first set it up, I recorded bass and compared it to some 70’s vintage API mic preamps, and was shocked with the fatness of the Onyx. It was so rich and wide, like 3-d! It blew my mind!"

      "This piece really blows my mind. First of all I love that it has two instrument inputs, and secondly, I love that it has an impedance selector on the first two channels. It’s going to get used everyday!"

      "I’ve been working pretty intensely with the Onyx and it’s elevated my stuff to a new level. I love this product! I can’t see myself without it now. It is truly filling a gap in my set up."
      -Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Bass Player for Beck, Air & Imarobot

      Reviewed: Onyx 1620 with FireWire Card
      "Mackie combine a completely redesigned 16:2 mixer with a multi-channel Firewire audio interface-what more could you want?"

      "…the overall styling is an exercise in clarity and functionality."

      "I’d have no worries about using (the Onyx preamps) for normal recording-to get something of this quality in a relatively inexpensive mixer is very good news indeed."

      "…I really like this EQ…"

      "(Mackie have) recognized the importance of integration with computer-based digital workstations without forcing you to pay for this capability if it isn’t required."
      -Sound on Sound Magazine, October 2004
      Paul White, Editor

      Reviewed: Onyx 1620 without FireWire card
      "there’s nothing like the instant access and visual feedback of an analogue console. With the Firewire option installed, the Mackie Onyx provides the best of both worlds."

      "The (Onyx) mic preamps are based on Mackie’s XDR (eXtended Dynamic Range) and sound clean and quite transparent."
      -Music Tech Magazine, August 04
      Bod Damon, Contributing Editor

      Reviewed: Onyx 1620 with FireWire card
      "…a full open preamp with plenty of headroom, especially noticeable when using a quality condenser."

      "The EQ sounds smoother too, the Q on the mid range giving a more musical sound on boosting frequencies."

      "There’s plenty of room for chubby fingers between the controls; an achievement worth noting, especially when you consider the new EQ section is now 4-band, rather than the 3-band VLZ Pro users will be familiar with."

      "After spending months getting rid of all my hardware, the Onyx mixer made me miss a real desk. Plug-ins are fine, but the immediacy of hardware is still unrivaled."

      "The mic amp and EQ circuits are really pretty impressive at this price and make the Onyx a good buy."

      "For recording a small band setup, orchestral and writing studios, I think this and a laptop is going to be a hard setup to beat."
      -Future Music Magazine, September 2004

      "Mackie has got ahead of the game here by making it easy to interface a compact analogue desk with digital multitrack recorders. As such, the Onyx offers a sweet-sounding front end, a versatile monitoring system and an intuitive mix surface for a wide range of recording set-ups." ahead
      -Play Music

    Product Specifications

    Mackie Onyx 1220 Specifications

    • Dimensions: 17.3 x 13.9 x 5.9 inches

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  800-258-6883 Warranty:  All SRM, DLM, HD, iP and C Speakers, Reach, PPM Mixers, HRmk2 Studio Monitors: 3-year inclusive of electronics, 2-year drivers (where applicable), nontransferable; Thump, Freeplay, Onyx Mixers and Interfaces, DL, VLZ4, ProFX mixers, MRmk3 Studio Monitors, Big Knob, MCU Pro Series, SP260, FRS Series Amplifiers, Mixer Bags/Covers/Hardware, Loudspeaker Bags/Covers/Hardware: 1-year nontransferable; FreePlay Lithium Ion Battery: 90-day all inclusive, nontransferable;B-Stock items, 90 days.
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