Mackie Onyx 1220i Firewire Recording Mixer

    Featuring built-in FireWire, Mackie Onyx 1220i is great for live sound reinforcement or studio recording in an durable road-worthy package.
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    Product Description

    FireWire Integration Brings Mackie Mixing to Your Favorite DAW Including Pro Tools!
    The Mackie Onyx 1220i features built-in FireWire and combines the benefits of a powerful computer interface with the tactile hands-on control of a premium analog mixer. The professional Onyx 1220i is great for live sound reinforcement or studio recording in an durable road-worthy package.

    Mackie Onyx 1220i FireWire Mixer Features

    • Premium 12 channel super compact analog mixer with integrated FireWire I/O
    • Includes free download of Tracktion software for Mac or PC
    • Qualified by Mackie for use with all major DAWs, including:
      • Pro Tools  
      • Logic
      • SONAR
      • Cubase
      • Ableton Live
      • Final Cut Pro
    • 4 mono channels (mono mic and mono line inputs)
    • 4 stereo channels (stereo line inputs)
    • 4 Onyx mic preamps with sound comparable to boutique preamps
    • 3-band Perkins EQ iwth sweepable mids on mono channels
    • 3-band Perkins EQ on stereo line channels
    • Flexible FireWire routing with up to 12 channels pre/post EQ
      • Aux sends and master L/R routable to computer
      • Monitoring routable to the control room or channels 11 and 12
    • 2 independent aux sends with separate pre/post switches
    • Selectable instrument inputs on first two channels-no DI box needed
    • Individual 48 volt phantom power switches on all microphone inputs
    • Talkback section with built in mic and flexible routing
    • Planet-Earth switching power supply for worldwide use
    • Optional rack kit available
    The Onyx 1220i is equipped with four premium precision engineered studio grade Onyx microphone preamps. The Onyx i-series feature boutique quality Onyx microphone preamps that deliver pristine signal quality.

    Channels 1 and 2 feature high impedance instrument/line level inputs so you can connect an acoustic, electric or bass guitar directly into the mixer eliminating the need for an external direct box.

    Recording and Mixing
    Send all channels, aux sends or the master L/R straight to your computer for recording. Pre/post EQ taps on every channel allow you to integrate our renowned Perkins EQ into the record path. Plus, returns from your DAW are assignable to the control room section or straight back into a channel for mix integration.

    Powerful Effects Engine
    With all aux sends routable to your DAW, Onyx-i allows you to use your favorite plug-in as a realtime effect. Just route an aux send to your DAW, apply the plug-in and assign your DAW outputs to the control room or to a channel strip for instant integration into the mix.

    Live Recording
    Live sound recording could not be simpler with Onyx-i. The ability to record individual channels either wet or dry allows for studio quality multi-track recordings for later editing and mixdown. Or simply record the main mix, allowing for immediate creation of CDs right at the gig. Compatible with all major DAWs, including Pro Tools, Logic, SONAR, Cubase, Ableton Live and Final Cut Pro.

    Product Specifications
    Mackie Onyx 1202i Compatability

    DAW Software Compatibility Includes:
    • Pro Tools
    • Logic
    • SONAR
    • Cubase
    • Ableton Live
    • Final Cut Pro
    System Requirements
    • Windows:
      • XP SP2 or greater (Home or Pro)
      • Windows Vista 32 RTM or greater (Home, Business and Ultimate)
      • Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) Drivers available for download from Mackie
    • Macintosh: OS10.4.11 and higher

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  800-258-6883 Warranty:  All SRM, DLM, HD, iP and C Speakers, Reach, PPM Mixers, HRmk2 Studio Monitors: 3-year inclusive of electronics, 2-year drivers (where applicable), nontransferable; Thump, Freeplay, Onyx Mixers and Interfaces, DL, VLZ4, ProFX mixers, MRmk3 Studio Monitors, Big Knob, MCU Pro Series, SP260, FRS Series Amplifiers, Mixer Bags/Covers/Hardware, Loudspeaker Bags/Covers/Hardware: 1-year nontransferable; FreePlay Lithium Ion Battery: 90-day all inclusive, nontransferable;B-Stock items, 90 days.
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    Mac users beware!! HORRIBLE software support
    Product Rating
    What is your opinion of this product?
    First off, the build quality is excellent. If you're purchasing this as a live mixer with the FireWire audio as an afterthought, the fit & finish is nice and you'll probably be happy but there are cheaper standalone mixers out there. I bought this as a FireWire audio interface and didn't understand that the mixer controls, with the exception of the EQ, only affect the main outs, so you can't for example fade or pan what is going into your DAW. Strike one, but I could live with that. What ruined it is the software. Initially on receiving the unit I didn't know that it wasn't currently Mac compatible, because I was running an older machine with Mac OSX 10.8 the latest OSX supported by the drivers. But since upgrading my Mac, I discovered 10.9/10.10 aren't supported. You can enable support by disabling signed kernel extensions but it crashes constantly in Live / Logic. Wasted $650, too late to return now. Google Mackie Onyx Yosemite and see what I mean. Mackie support doesn't care.
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