Mad Professor 1 Distortion with Reverb Pedal

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    Product Description

    The ‘1’ pedal from Mad Professor combines distortion and reverb to provide the sought-after ‘brown sound’ of the late '70s and early '80s. With intense drive, high definition and a built-in reverb to add ambience and depth, this truly is the one to deliver one of the most legendary guitar tones to ever come out of an amplifier. Controls for Reverb, Brown, Level and Presence let you shape the 1’s sound to fit your style perfectly.

    1’s gain ranges from medium to very heavy distortion. The amount can be easily controlled via the volume control of your guitar (input impedance is set to facilitate this, and is somewhat negated if a buffer or buffered effect is used ahead of 1). The Brown knob controls the amount and harmonic overtones of the distortion. Getting the exact tonal quality is the key to this legendary sound and 1’s Brown and Presence controls help it appropriately interface with a wide variety of pickups and amplifiers.

    1 has a build in Reverb circuit with a Level control for setting the ambience. The sound is modeled after the studio reverb found on classic recordings from the 70’s. The decay time is preset so as not to mess the rhythm of your playing. The preset decay time and tone can be modified with trimmers inside the pedal.

    Mad Professor 1 Distortion with Reverb Pedal Features

    • Delivers the sought-after ‘brown sound’ of the late '70s
    • Volume: Sets the output level of pedal
    • Brown: Controls the distortion and the sizzling highs
    • Presence: Adjusts frequencies similar to the Presence control on an amplifier
    • Reverb: Sets the ‘wet’ level of the Reverb

    Product Specifications
    Mad Professor 1 Distortion with Reverb Pedal Specifications
    • Current draw at 9V DC: 82mA
    • Input impedance: 200K
    • Output impedance: 25K
    • Voltage range: 8-12Vs
    • Internal trimmers:
      • Reverb Decay: Adjusts the length of the Reverb decay time.
      • Reverb Tone: Brightens or darkens the Reverb decay.

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    Phone:  Warranty:  1 Year
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