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    Marshall JVM410HJS Joe Satriani Signature Guitar Amplifier Head

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    Product Description

    Made in EnglandMarshall is pleased to announce the Marshall JVM410HJS Joe Satriani Signature Guitar Amplifier Head. This collaboration between Marshall and one of the world’s most respected guitarists takes the well known front panel features of the JVM410H and overhauls the tone to a completely new level! The British made, all valve, JVM410HJS is a true labor of love that took several years of intense R&D with Joe who rigorously tested out prototypes on tour and in the studio.

    Marshall JVM410H Joe Satriani Edition Amplifier Head Features

    • Four noise gates help you dial in a defined tone on every channel
    • Clean channel is the same design found in the Marshall LM6100
    • Orange crunch channel is the same design found in the Marshall JCM800 (2203)
    • Red crunch channel is similar to the Marshall AFD100 in AFD mode
    • Overdrive channels sound more dynamic and open, thanks to a re-designed power supply
    • 'Mid Shift' control on OD1 and OD2 shifts the midrange focus for extra tonal versatility
    • MIDI input for configurable switching and control
    • Footswitch included
    At first glance, the Marshall JVM410JS head may look familiar. Taking a more detailed look though, will make you realize just how different this amp is from its stock counterpart. So, how is the JVM410JS different from the JVM410H?

    Firstly, and probably most notable is the fact that the four Reverb pots from the original JVM410 have now been replaced with Noise Gates; four Noise Gates no less, one for each channel and each with their own threshold. Another visible change to the front panel is the addition of a ‘Mid Shift’ button that can be used for both OD1 and OD2 channels, shifting the mid character of the sound to that of Joe’s specification.

    Tone wise, the JVM410JS Joe Satriani Signature head is very different; The Clean channel is based on the aforementioned 6100 when on the green mode, with the orange and red modes being hotter variations of that tone too. The Crunch channel takes the original JVM410 crunch and adds some of the popular Marshall ‘AFD’ circuit to it, and the OD channels are now both voiced identically, based on the JVM410 OD1 but with the gain scaled back slightly and a smoother transition between modes.

    The rest of the Marshall JVM410JS plays out in familiar territory; the amp is still powered by EL34 valves, there are two Master volumes, the supplied footswitch enables you to switch between Channels, Modes, 2 Master Volumes, FX loop and now also the Noise Gates and Mid Shift. There’s also full MIDI implementation on the unit.

    I had some real, practical experience with the JVM and I had some things I wanted to change about it, ‘ Joe states. ‘Specifically, to make an already great amp even bigger, bolder, more punchy and more dynamic. To me the JVM410H’s four channels were amazing but what was even more mind-blowing was that it had three switchable modes per channel. So it wasn’t merely a 4 channel amp, it was 4 by 3. It was fascinating just to sit there and play through it. I felt that the designer, Santiago Alvarez, had really made a huge step forward in amplifier design by being able to pack so much into a head while making it so elegantly designed and functional. This amp gets you in and out of all the different eras of rock music, no questions asked.’

    After a really long and fruitful R&D period where I’ve been able to record, rehearse and play live with all the prototypes while Santiago and I fine tuned the amp…not just with Checkenfoot but on my solo stuff too.’ Joe continues. ‘I’ve really put all the prototypes through their paces in the real world – well, in my real world anyway. To my mind, the original JVM410H has a sizeable chunk of Marshall History encapsulated within its 12 modes. I feel that Santiago and myself have capitalized and expanded upon that firm sonic foundation, and, as a result, the JVM410HJS contains a lot of classic Marshall tones as well as a few fresh ones that people will hopefully regard as new classics.’

    Product Specifications
    Marshall JVM410H Joe Satriani Edition Amplifier Head Specifications
    • Power: 100 watts
    • Pre-Amp Valves: 4 x ECC83
    • Power Amp Valves: 1 x ECC83, 4 x EL34
    • Channels/Modes per channel: 4/3
    • Programmable Mid-Shift: OD1 and OD2
    • Switchable Noise Gates: 4 (one per channel)
    • Master Volume: 2 (switchable)
    • FX Loop: Series/Parallel (x2)
    • Foot controller: PEDL-00055
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 750 x 310 x 215 mm
    • Weight: 22 kg
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  877-459-0170 Warranty:  5 Years Parts; 3 Years Labor & Speakers; 90 Days Tubes; 1 Year MS2, MS4 & Effects Pedals; 1 Year B-Stock
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Best amp I have ever had
    Product Rating
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I received the amp just about two weeks ago. I play it through a Custom Shop 1960A (300 watts). I had been looking at JVM410H's generally, and it took me a bit to get clued in that this amp was quite different from the regular 410H. Basically a complete rework of the standard 410H, from the main board out. It removed the four reverbs and replaced them with four noise gates, one per each of the four channels, each of which has three voices. So sounds like 12 channels doesn't it. But not really, as the two OD channels are identical, but can be set up differently and separately selected. So how does it sound? It is the best amp I have owned since I started playing in 1963. The clean channel is perfect, and is basically a loving re-creation of the 30 Anniv 6100, with a pre-gain tone stack. The Crunch, OD1, and OD2 channels are typical Marshall gain-then-tone. Very different on clean. Perfect, I think. Read some of the technical reviews to get more detail. Best amp ever, for me.
    jim harkins
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Love my new marshall head
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Excellant craftsmenship, every sound under the sun, from clear brillant clean, driving crunch, to melt your face overdrive, no options left untouched... exceptional quality in one diverse head... thank you J.Satriani, Marshall and AMS ...
    Erik Carr
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I have been playing for 25 years and this is by far the best Marshall 100 Watt head I have ever owned. Read the reviews, watch the Utube videos and you will come to the same realization that I did, I need this amp. Even my wife who is into country told me how much better that amp sounded than my other Marshall. This amp inspires me to play more. Usually I play 30-60 minutes a day due to other obligations, I want to play this amp all day. The sound gates are wonderful. Special thanks to Marshall for being open minded about the creation process. Satriani has something he can really be proud of. I grew up in the 80's being a GEN X'er I can really get the sounds I am looking for out of this beautifully crafted and well put together amp.
    Priest Fan
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    The search is over...
    What is your opinion of this product?
    The tones of this amp cover just about any style. Each channel has 3 gain levels represented by a green, amber or red LED. Clean/Green has the least gain of all the channel modes and is the same clean channel circuit found on the Marshall 6100. It is in a word, clean. No break-up even at full volume! It's a great pedal platform. Clean/Amber is the clean tone I tend to use. It's a nice warm clean, closer to the stock JVM Clean/Green tone at lower gain levels. It breaks up very nicely. Clean/Red, I must confess, I don't use much. It is more like a slight crunch tone. The classic metal band I'm in presently doesn't require it. The crunch channel is AWESOME!! Crunch/Green nails the JTM45 and Plexi tones. Crunch/Amber IS the JCM800. It's fantastic! The Red mode is the Brown Sound. I use this mode all time. OD1 & OD2 are voiced identically. The voicing is similar to Crunch/Red but tighter. It has a mid-shift button to scoop out the mids. Any tone I want. I can't say enough... 5 STARS!
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    A Powerhouse chameleon.
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Marshall has built something here that allows you to visit sound characteristics that made Marshall the legendary amps we know them as, but it adds a new character to that. It is diverse & extremely versatile with some amazing thin & full, warm clean sounds and more gain than I will ever need. I've played Marshalls & classic rock / hard rock (some metal) influenced original & cover music for decades. This amp fills any need that I've ever had & much more. I got one of the first ones released & use it with a Marshall 1960B cab. It has been unstoppable. The 4 channels give you the versatility of having 4 amps set differently with 2 identical OD channels that you can set the same at different volumes with one as the lead channel or you can set them differently. The built in noise gate is the best & most simple noise gate that I have used. The sounds that Joe Satriani gets on Chickenfoot III & recent solo discs are easy to get with much more gain available if needed. A Pro level amp.
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