M Audio Torq Xponent DJ Controller with Audio Interface

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    Product Description

    M Audio Torq Xponent DJ Controller with Audio Interface will leave you speechless. The Torq Xponent brings pro control to the world of computer based DJ.
    Torq DJ software and the Xponent hardware control surface put all the power right at your fingertips. With full-size tactile controls, an integrated USB audio interface and intuitive MIDI-learn capabilities, M Audio Torq Xponent bridges the gap between traditional DJ hardware and today’s powerful performance software once and for all.

    This completely integrated system combines the features of a standard two-channel DJ mixer with the controls of a pair of DJ CD players, letting you cue, mix and scratch digital files without touching the host computer. It's time to discover the new world of the Digital DJ, with M Audio Torq Xponent.

    M Audio Torq Xponent DJ Controller Features

    • Full-size, professional-grade controllers
    • All hardware controls are pre-mapped to corresponding software functions in Torq
    • 4-output USB audio interface:
      • 4 RCA outputs for independent control of the house system and booth monitors
      • 1/4-inch TRS headphone output with cue and volume controls
      • 16-bit/48kHz max sample rate
      • ASIO and Core Audio compatible
    Advanced MIDI Control Surface
    • Mixer controls:
      • Two vertical volume controls
      • Two 3-band EQ control knobs with kill buttons
      • Two gain-control knobs with mute buttons
      • Horizontal crossfader control with transform buttons
      • Two olume meters
    • Player controls:
      • Two Touch-sensitive scratch wheels
      • Two 100 mm pitch adjust controls
      • Built-in touchpad/assignable X/Y control surface for mouse or effect control
      • Eight assignable knobs for effect control
      • 64 assignable backlit buttons (Play, Cue, Seek, Loop, Key, Sync... etc)
      • Two LED progress meters
    • Compatible with any software that supports MIDI learn
    Rock-Solid Professional DJ Hardware
    Torq Xponent is a complete hardware/software system that delivers everything a professional DJ needs to perform with a computer. Xponent is both an advanced MIDI control surface for Torq and a four-output USB audio interface—including two stereo RCA outputs and a standard 1/4 inch headphone output for cueing. Every control on Xponent boasts the same rock-solid construction and rugged feel as traditional DJ hardware. So if you’re ready to make the leap to the world of software-based DJing, you’ll feel right at home with Xponent.
    Full Digital File Library Compatibility
    Torq DJ software allows you to cue, beat-match and mix all the important digital audio file formats, including MP3, AIFF, WAV, WMA, Apple Lossless and AAC. And for a truly effortless set-up, Torq locates and catalogs your song files (including your iTunes library) into a quickly searchable database that resides on the computer’s hard drive—letting you pull up the perfect track or change up your set in an instant.

    Torq Features
    • Cue, beat-match and mix digital audio files
      • (MP3, AIFF, WAV, WMA, Apple Lossless and AAC)
    • Works instantly and seamlessly with Xponent or other SynchroScience DJ hardware
    • Organizes digital audio files (including iTunes library) for easy database search
    • Automatic beat-matching
    • Integrated real-time time-stretching/compression
    • Two virtual decks for loading and playing files
    • Two-channel mixer with 3-band EQ, level control, headphone cueing and crossfader
    • Supports optional third-party VST effects
    • Snapshot function for instant recall of mixer and effects settings
    • 16-cell, tempo-synced sampler
    • Performance recorder
    • Instant looping
    • Vinyl, CDJ and hybrid emulation control modes
    • Controllable via Xponent, mouse, keyboard or other MIDI controller
    • Functions as a ReWire slave
    • Mac and PC compatible
    Dynamic Performance
    DJing is all about the connection between you, your music and your audience. From cueing to beat-matching to scratching, the best DJ tools allow you to literally get your hands on your music. We designed the Xponent with a full array of tactile controls so you can get into the music and engage the crowd at every moment of your set.

    M Audio Xponent’s mixer section lets you deliver a dynamic performance with the same feel and response as a standard hardware mixer. For DJ CD player-style control, the unit includes two touch-sensitive scratch wheels for scratching, speeding up and slowing down the playback of digital files. And for in-depth control over Torq, Xponent adds 64 assignable backlit buttons (including Play, Cue, Seek, Loop, Key and Sync controls), two volume sliders, eight assignable knobs for effect control and two 100mm pitch sliders.

    The built-in touchpad/assignable X/Y controller allows you to control your mouse or the effects in Torq, so you never have to take your hands off the unit in the middle of a performance. Level and progress LED meters round out all the pro features you would expect.
    Made to Work Together
    Torq DJ software for Mac and PC automatically configures itself to work with Xponent—with every hardware control pre-mapped to its corresponding function in Torq. It’s easy to get up and running with Xponent because all of the hardware controls are located exactly where you’d expect them to be. The transition into digital DJing couldn’t be simpler.

    Go Beyond Hardware

    Torq Xponent provides much more than a transparent combination of hardware and software—it allows you to take DJing and live performance in wild new directions. With VST effect compatibility and easily assignable hardware controls, you can turn your plug-ins into expressive live performance tools. Call up a flanger effect and layer on LFOs—or mix in feedback loops from a delay effect and control it all from the assignable knobs on Xponent.

    M Audio Torq Xponent also provides everything you need to loop, reorder and remix tracks on the fly. With built-in controls for looping as well as a 16-cell, tempo-synced performance sampler, Torq makes it possible to grab loops and one-shot samples and drop them wherever you like, all while staying perfectly in sync with the mix.

    Plays Well with Others
    In addition to VST compatibility, Torq can interface with any ReWire-compatible host application. You can easily route the output of Torq to a program like Pro Tools M-Powered or Ableton Live and explore even more performance, production and sound design possibilities. When ReWired to a host application, the tempo of Torq automatically locks to the current session tempo, so you never have to worry about syncing playback between Torq and your preferred DAW. Xponent also makes it simple to control any software application that supports MIDI learn functionality.

    Product Specifications
    M Audio Torq Xponent DJ Controller Specifications

    • ASIO
    • Core Audio
    Minimum System Requirements (PC)
    • Windows XP SP2
    • Pentium IV 1.4GHz
    • 512MB RAM
    • One available USB port
    • * Minimum System Requirements reflect the ability to run Torq using a basic feature set. Some advanced or intensive operations and features may be limited by these hardware configurations and may require a faster computer.
    Minimum System Requirements (MAC)
    • Mac G4 1.5GHz
    • 1GB RAM
    • One available USB port
    • * Minimum System Requirements reflect the ability to run Torq using a basic feature set. Some advanced or intensive operations and features may be limited by these hardware configurations and may require a faster computer.

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  401-658-5765 Warranty:  1 Year except cables, bags and backpacks (90 days)
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