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    Moog MF Flange Minifooger Flanger Guitar Effect Pedal

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    Product Description

    The MF Flange is a 100 percent analog BBD based phase manipulator with a dedicated voicing switch and mono or stereo output capabilities. The two-position Type switch toggles between two voice modes: vocal or a traditional flanger. There is also a fully sweep-able feedback knob, which determines the resonant peak of a sweep, as well as a wide-range Time control that pushes the creation of sound capabilities of this analog effect far beyond the limitations of a traditional flanger.

    Moog MF Flange Minifooger Flanger Guitar Pedal Features

    • True Bypass
    • 100 percent analog wide-range Flange 
    • Extreme time and phase manipulation possibilities
    • Mono or Stereo out
    • Designed to perform with any Guitar, Amp, or Bass guitar configuration
    At Minimum position sweeps are gradual and fluid. As rate is increased, the movement becomes tighter and more focused. At maximum position, the modulation sound becomes is rapid and transitions to hard, percussive pulsing.

    Determines the amount of modulation applied to the delay time. As depth is increased, the sound transitions from light motion and phasing all the way into massive multi-octave sweeps.

    At maximum position you can easily craft traditional or vocal, metallic flange sounds. As the Time control position is reduced, delay time is increased and sounds become thicker and warmer. At Minimum position, the MF Flange is capable of approaching analog chorus.

    This control brings focus and resonance to the sweep of a sound. We recommend starting at mid position and then adjusting from there. WARNING: at maximum position this control can cause the MF Flange to self-oscillate.

    The lower position subtracts feedback from the mix and dry signal, producing a more vocal sound - shifting the comb filter 1/2 octave. In the Upper position, feedback is positively summed with the input signal and dry signal producing a more traditional flanger sound.

    Expression Pedal Input
    This input is assigned to the Time control. Use an expression pedal to manually sweep through the delay frequency range of the MF Flange.

    Mono/Stereo Switch
    To access both outputs (in bypass), you will need to remove the bottom of the MF Chorus and set this switch to Stereo. Then use a 1/4 inch TRS to TS insert cable or TRS to TS splitter.

    Product Specifications
    Moog MF Flange Minifooger Flanger Guitar Pedal Specifications
    • Signal Path: 100 percent Analog
    • Bypass Type: True bypass
    • Power: +9VDC
    • Enclosure: Cast aluminum
    • Delay Time: <0.540mS – 16mS (0.340-20mS with modulation) 
    • LFO Rate: <.025Hz - >11Hz 
    • LFO Shape: Exponentiated Triangle
    • Expression: Controls Time (Max Input level +5VDC)
    • Input Impedance: >1 MegaOhm
    • Output Impedance: 1000 Ohm Max
    • Max Input Level: +7.5dBu
    • Max Output Level: +10dBu
    • Current: 18mA Nominal / 22mA Max
    • Output Stereo: Left (Mono) = Dry + Wet / Right = Dry – Wet
    • Dimensions (DxWxH): 5.75 x 3.25 x 2.25 inches (14.4x8.3x5.8cm)
    • Weight: 18oz (0.5kg)
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  800-948-1990 Warranty:  1 Year
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    MSRP: $209.00
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