MOTU 896HD FireWire Audio Interface

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    Product Description

    The 896HD contains everything you need to turn your computer into a powerful 24-bit, 192kHz digital audio workstation. The 896HD provides 8 mic preamps, pristine 192kHz analog I/O, 8 channels of ADAT digital I/O and stereo AES/EBU. Expand your system by connecting additional 828 or 896 FireWire audio interfaces. The 896HD is equally well-suited for studio and stage, with or without a computer. As a computer interface, the 896HD provides 18 separate inputs and 22 outputs, including separate main outs and headphone out. You can add additional send/return loops using the 896HD’s new CueMix DSP™ on-board mixing feature, a flexible DSP-driven 18-input/8-bus mixing and monitoring matrix that eliminates the need for an external mixer or patchbay. Connect all of your studio gear, including microphones, guitars, synths, keyboards, drum machines and even effects processors. Then monitor all of these live inputs via the 896HD’s main outs, headphone jack or any other output — with virtually no monitoring latency and no processor drain on your computer. You can even create separate monitor mixes for the main outs, headphones and other outputs. Control everything from the included CueMix Console™ software or directly from the 896HD’s front-panel.

    Need to hit the road? Program the 896HD at the studio with the CueMix Console software and then take the 896HD on the road for mixing/monitoring without a computer. Bus levels can be adjusted without the computer by using the front panel Monitor Level knob.

    Back in the studio, 8 channels of ADAT optical digital I/O, plus stereo AES/EBU, make the 896HD an ideal companion for a digital mixer. All digital I/O connections support standard sample rates up to 96kHz.

    The 896HD provides cross-platform compatibility with Mac OS 9, Mac OS X (version 10.2 or later) , Windows Me/2000/XP and all of your favorite audio software and host-based effects via WDM/ASIO/Core Audio/Sound Manager drivers. Or you can use the included AudioDesk workstation software for Macintosh, with 24-bit recording/editing and 32-bit mixing/processing/mastering.

    Front Panel Features

      Activity meters
      Large ten-segment meters display all analog input activity with software controlled peak and clip indicators. Programmable meters allow you to view analog output, ADAT input or ADAT output.

      Front-panel input trims
      Independent control of input gain for all eight 24-bit, 192kHz inputs. Each input has its own front-panel 48-volt phantom power switch.

      System meters
      Dedicated meters for main outputs plus programmable meters for digital AES/EBU input or output activity. Clock indicators display sample rate, clock source and rate conversion.

      Hands-free punch in/out
      Connect a pedal for hands-free punch in and out.

      Volume controls
      Volume control can optionally control level to main monitors as well as headphones.

    Rear Panel Features

      Main outputs
      Connect powered monitors directly to these jacks and separately control your main mix and monitor levels with convenient front-panel knobs.

      AES/EBU digital I/O with SRC
      Stereo AES/EBU input and output. Built-in sample rate conversion allows you to connect 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96kHz devices, regardless of the system sample rate.

      International power supply
      Built-in international power supply accepts 110-220v on a standard IEC cable so your 896HD can follow you wherever your music takes you.

      Standard 1394 ‘FireWire’ ports
      Connect your FireWire-equipped computer here. No PCI or PC cards to install — just plug in and go. MOTU FireWire interfaces are expandable; the second FireWire port allows you to daisy-chain more devices without the need for a FireWire hub.

      Word clock
      Word clock input and output for synchronization with a wide variety of digital devices — or a centralized word clock source.

      Eight balanced outputs
      Each XLR output is individually switchable for +4 or -10dB levels.

      Eight mic/line/instrument inputs
      Neutrik™ connectors accept XLR or 1/4” inputs. Plug in a mic, guitar or synth to 24-bit, balanced or unbalanced 192kHz inputs. Each input is switchable to accept mic or line level signals, with additional front-panel trim – or completely bypass the trim circuit with the +4/fixed setting.

      ADAT optical I/O
      Eight channels of ADAT optical (lightpipe) input and output. Connect a digital mixer, ADAT or additional A/D/A converter. Also supports four channels of 88.2 or 96kHz audio. ADAT Sync port provides sample-accurate sync for compatible devices. Transfer multiple passes of ADAT via lightpipe with single-sample accuracy every time.

    Inputs & Outputs

    • Analog 192kHz Analog I/O on Neutrik combo/XLR connectors: 8 inputs, 8 outputs.
    • Main Outputs 24-bit 192kHz on XLR: Stereo Outputs
    • Headphone Output: Stereo**
    • ADAT optical (digital): 8-channel input and 8-channel output (4 channels at 88.2 / 96kHz)
    • AES/EBU 24-bit 96-kHz (digital): Stereo input and output
    • Total: 18 Inputs, 22 Outputs

      All inputs and outputs are discrete**. In other words, the main outs do not 'steal' channels from analog outputs 1-8, and the headphones outputs are also available as separate mix destinations. They do not have to 'mirror' another output (although you can program them to mirror any output pair you wish).

      ** at 192/176.4 main and headphone outputs are mirrored

    CueMix DSP
    The 896HD provides DSP-driven digital mixing and monitoring for all 18 inputs. You can connect mics, guitars, synths and effects processors, and monitor everything from the 896HD’s main outs or headphone jack with no separate mixer needed and no latency.

    The 896HD supports up to four separate stereo monitor mixes assigned to any four digital or analog output pairs*. For example, you could set up separate monitor mixes for the main outs and headphone outs, while two additional stereo busses could be used for send/return loops to reverb units or other outboard gear. Each mix can support all 18 inputs (8 combo XLR/TRS analog, 8 ADAT optical digital and stereo AES/EBU digital).

    A new "CueMix Bounce Back" feature** lets you route one of the four CueMix DSP mixes back to the computer. This allows you to record, for example, your entire mix - including monitored inputs - back into the computer.

    * two stereo busses are supported at 176.4 or 192kHz.
    ** not available at 176.4 or 192kHz.

    AudioDesk is a full-featured audio workstation software package for Mac OS X. AudioDesk provides all of the high-end features you'd expect in a professional workstation application, like 24-bit/192-kHz recording and real-time, 32-bit effects processing. The software includes multi-track audio editing, sample-accurate placement of audio, a complete virtual mixing environment with up to 64 stereo busses, automated mixing, graphic editing of mix and effects automation, scrubbing, trimming, spotting, crossfades, support for third-party MAS effects plug-ins, unlimited digital track bouncing (including effects and automation), and much more.

      AudioDesk does not place artificial restrictions on the number of tracks you can work with. Unlimited audio tracks means AudioDesk is ready for as many tracks as your Macintosh will allow.

      AudioDesk supports simultaneous use of the MOTU Firewire and PCI drivers so you can use any combination of MOTU Audio interfaces to provide an extraordinary range of audio inputs.

      AudioDesk's Bounce to Disk feature gives you an unlimited number of audio tracks by letting you non-destructively combine them into a single track or stereo track pair. Need to hear 100 audio tracks at one time? No problem. Bounce them down. A bounced mix plays identically to its source tracks, sample for sample.Original tracks are always preserved, so you can go back and tweak them if needed.

      View your audio tracks in a single, unified mixer. Configure up to twenty effects inserts per audio channel, and 32 stereo busses. Everything is automatable, including effects parameters with five advanced automation modes, beat-synchronized effects and sample accurate editing of automation data. The automation system features a rich set of user interface technologies such as event flags for discrete events and spline tools for manipulating control points. Automation parameters are displayed in meaningful real world values such as decibels and milliseconds - not arbitrary values (0-127).

      AudioDesk's Mixing Board window gives you a virtual mixing console on your computer screen. Ride faders and knobs during playback to record automated mixes. Create snapshots of the entire mixer - or any portion of it - anywhere in your sequence with the click of a button. Save your fully automated mixdown for instant recall at any time, and then create an unlimited number of alternate mixdowns - all available from this menu for instant recall.

      Each track has its own solo, mute and automation enable/disable buttons. Instantly create customized board layouts: drag track strips anywhere you like, and show or hide any combination of tracks - or even mixer sections (like the inserts section) - with a mouse click. Then save and recall any number of custom Mixing Board configurations. Assign tracks to plug-ins for real-time output processing. Faders can respond to any MIDI controller such as a volume slider or pedal, modulation wheel or any data slider.

      AudioDesk includes dozens of real-time DSP-effects with easy to use graphical controls and complete automation. Combined, these included effects meet all the demands of today's audio production process; you'll find two, four and eight band EQ, tube-simulation and distortion effects with the flexible PreAmp-1 plug-in, reverbs, a compressor, a synthesizer-style multimode filter, echo & delay effects, chorus, phaser, flanger, and more.

      Effects included with AudioDesk
    • AutoPan
    • Chorus
    • DC Notch
    • Delay
    • Dynamics (gate, expander, compressor and limiter)
    • Echo
    • eVerb
    • Flanger
    • MS Decoder
    • Multimode Filter
    • Parametric EQ (2-band, 4-band or 8-band)
    • Plate
    • Phaser
    • PreAmp-1
    • Quan Jr.
    • Reverb
    • Ring Modulator
    • Sonic Modulator
    • Tremolo
    • Trim

    Product Specifications

    Features & Specifications

    • CueMix DSP™ latency-free monitoring system.
    • Stand-alone operation - program your mixes at the studio and then bring the 896HD to your gig - no computer needed.
    • Multiple CueMix DSP mixes - create different monitor mixes for the main outs and headphones. Add send/return loops for outboard gear - with no latency. Up to four separate mixes are supported (two at 176.4 or 192kHz).
    • Eight mic pre-amps with switchable 48-volt phantom power and front-panel trim controls.
    • 18 inputs / 22 outputs - there's no channel sharing in the 896HD; the analog inputs, optical inputs, AES/EBU I/O, headphone out and main outs are all handled as separate channels. At 176.4 or 192 kHz, main outs and headphone are mirrored.
    • 8 channels of 24-bit ADAT optical input/output. Eight channels at 44.1/48kHz. Four channels at 88.2/96kHz.
    • Sample-accurate digital transfers between ADAT digital tape decks and the computer via the ADAT sync port.
    • Expandable - add additional 828, 828mkII, 896 or 896HD FireWire interfaces for additional I/O.
    • Eight 24-bit 192kHz analog inputs on XLR/TRS combo jacks.
    • Eight 24-bit 192kHz analog outputs on XLR jacks.
    • Separate XLR main outs and front-panel headphone jack, each with independent volume control.
    • Stereo 24-bit 96kHz AES/EBU in/out
    • Word clock in and out
    • Includes drivers for Mac & PC, including ASIO, WDM, Wave, GSIF, and Core Audio. Supports all popular Macintosh and Windows audio software. 100% compatible with all host-based effects processing in today's popular audio programs.
    • Includes AudioDesk full-featured sample-accurate workstation software for the Macintosh with recording, editing, mixing, real-time 32-bit effects processing & sample-accurate sync.
    • Two FireWire ports for daisy-chaining without a hub
    • Front panel volume control for main outputs.
    • Front panel headphone jack with independent volume control.
    • Programmable front panel meters for all analog and digital I/O
    • Dedicated front panel clock status LEDs.
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    Phone:  617-576-3066 Warranty:  Hardware: 2 Years; 90 days parts and labor.
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