Native Instruments Kore 2 Software Synth System

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    Product Description

    The Native Instruments Kore 2 combines the flexibility and power of software synths with the hands on feel of hardware.
    Kore 2 delivers an ocean of sound right out of the box with more than 500 KoreSounds included. Kore 2 is also expandable with any Audio Unit or VST-plug-in. Innovative navigation makes finding your sound quick and easy. The Kore Controller's high resolution, touch-sensitive controls guarantee tangibly direct analog-style sound manipulation.

    Native Instruments Kore 2

    Native Instruments Kore 2 Features

    • Unified software / hardware system to instantly find, play and control sounds
    • Includes audio engines* from REAKTOR 5, MASSIVE, ABSYNTH 4, FM8, KONTAKT 2 and GUITAR RIG 2 with 500 unique KoreSounds
    • Sound Variations enrich every KoreSound with up to 8 variations that can be morphed into each other
    • Perfectly integrated hardware controller for analog-style sound control and complete software navigation
    • Loads Audio Unit and VST plugins with easy preset import for immediate use
    • Ultra-fast KoreSound Browser lets you find any sound according to its musical attributes
    • Drag and Drop user interface for a fast and inspiring workflow that liberates creativity
    • 30 top quality effects ranging from classic to inspiring creative tools
    • Powerful routing/layering possibilities based on a highly flexible audio and MIDI signal flow
    • Built-in Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer with real-time control
    • Preconfigured for smooth use with KOMPLETE 4 and NI KOMPLETE SOUND 2
      *Contains the respective audio engines with 500 sounds, not the individual user interfaces.

    The newly remodelled, radically simplified user interface has been specifically tailored to optimize and accelerate workflow.

    Create faster, work smarter
    The new Sound Matrix lets you combine KoreSounds, plug-ins, effects, MIDI file players, step sequencers, appregiators and even entire performances (consisting of multiple KoreSounds) in any combination. Simple drag and drop operation in one unified interface for all file types minimizes the time spent managing files and maximizes creativity.


    Radically simplified user interface. Sound Matrix in mixer view.

    Want to fuse an ABSYNTH pad with an FM8 lead sound and pattern delay? Combine an appregiator with a REAKTOR sound? Trigger a KONTAKT drum kit with a MIDI player?

    Kore 2 handles all elements (whether KoreSounds, plug-ins, effects, performances or MIDI modules) in the same way and using just one interface. Making, manipulating and working with sounds and plug-ins becomes direct and intuitive as never before.


    Freely combine KoreSounds, plug-ins, FX, MIDI modules, etc. per drag and drop in the new Sound Matrix

    Complexity made easy
    The entire sound architecture has been condensed in such a way that any number of mixer structures, including audio and MIDI routing can be nested inside each other, while simultaneously retaining maximum clarity. The topmost level in the Kore interface is also the simplest, allowing an immediate, musically intuitive approach - even highly complex KoreSounds are incredibly ease to use. Through double-clicking, the user can access Kores deeper levels, enabling increasingly profound sound manipulation.


    Performance level plus deeper level - the inner structure of the KoreSound Tube Thumper

    Uniform operation in plug-in or stand alone mode
    Organize your entire Kore rig for playing live, use performance presets to switch between sounds, channel settings, effect parameters and more. Kore 2 now offers the same powerful features, whether in stand alone or plug-in mode.

    Flexible MIDI Routing
    MIDI control data from the MIDI file player, arpeggiator, step sequencer or any other MIDI generating plug-in can now be routed - in the same flexible way as audio - to any number of sound destinations. For example, use a REAKTOR sequencer to trigger ABSYNTH sounds.

    Flexible Aux Routing
    Creativity without bounds – in Kore 2 an unlimited number of aux channels are now at your disposal. Send the output of individual plug-ins to their own individual channels, or for further processing to other channels. Aux channels are created dynamically and are displayed only when needed.

    Integrated Help Display
    The new, context-sensitive helper is integrated within the interface. When moving the mouse over an element an explanation of its functions will be displayed.

    Multi-Language Interface
    Menus and helper are available in English, German, Spanish, French and Japanese.

    New Effects

    12 new premium effects – among them unconventional and inspiring tools such as cabinet saturator, pattern delay and grain shifter. Additionally, all KORE 1 effects have undergone improvement with some additional features added. In total, 32 integrated effects are at your disposal.

    Step Sequenzer and Arpeggiator

    • Monophonic step sequencer specially developed for KORE 2, with up to 32 steps, variable loop length and other advanced features.
    • High-performance arpeggiator, purpose built for KORE 2.
    • Diverse functions of both modules can be controlled in real-time with the hardware controller (patterns, loop length modulation, velocity, note length, etc).


    Integrated Step Sequencer

    Product Specifications

    Native Instruments Kore 2 System Requirements

    • OSX 10.4.x
    • G4 1 GHz or Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz
    • 512 MB RAM
    • USB 2.0 Port
    • Windows XP / Vista (32 Bit)
    • Pentium / Athlon 1.4 GHz
    • 512 MB RAM
    • USB 2.0 Port

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  1-866-556-6487 Warranty:  1 Year
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