Nord Electro 373 HP 73 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano

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    Product Description

    The Nord Electro 373 HP 73 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano is compatible with the Nord Piano Library, a continuously expanding sound library filled with amazing grand pianos, uprights, vintage electric pianos, clavinets and harpsichords. Our sounds deliver stunning realism due to state of the art multisampling techniques and String Resonance. The sounds are included on the Nord Piano Library DVD and can also be downloaded for free in our Nord Piano Library section.

    The Nord Electro 373 HP 73 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano come preloaded with a selection of these fine sounds. To replace them, just connect the Electro 3 to the USB port of your computer, start the Nord Sound Manager and drag and drop the desired sounds to the desired program location.

    Nord Electro 373 HP 73 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano Features

    • Keybed Nord Electro 3 HP: 73-key (6 octaves, E-E) Hammer Action Portable keyboard
    • 5 selectable types of pianos - Grand, Upright, EPiano, Wurl and Clav/Harpsichord
    • 185 MB of the flash memory is allocated to the piano types
    • Each and every piano in the Electro 3 is replacable by the user. New models can be uploaded to the Electro 3 using the Nord Sound Manager application
    • String Resonance (Generation 1)
    • Sample Library section can contain up to 50 samples from the Nord Sample Library
    • 68 MB of the flash memory is allocated to samples
    • Stereo pianos and samples can be played back in mono
    • 40-60 Voices polyphony
    • String Resonance-control (ON/OFF)
    • 4 Selectable Dynamic Response Curves
    • Organ section from the acclaimed Nord C1 Combo Organ
    • Three classic organ models: B3, Vox Continental, and Farfisa with full polyphony
    • 9 digitally controlled drawbars
    • Two complete organ registrations for every program
    • The drawbars of Electro 3 are represented by up/down buttons and LED bar graphs
    • 17 user configurable organ presets for each organ model
    • Percussion with 2nd, 3rd, normal/soft, fast/slow for the B3 model
    • User adjustable percussion levels, percussion decays and keyclick level
    • Vibrato / Chorus Control with separate functionality for each model (the classic C1, C2, C3, V1, V2, V3 options for the B3, Vibrato for the Farfisa)
    • 4 Tonewheel modes: select the level of ‘vintage’ you wish to have in your B3 sound
    • MIDI Split: Designed to support an extra MIDI keyboard when the Organ Split mode is activated
    Nord Sample Library and Sample Editor

    With the Nord Sample Library support Electro 3 owners have access to our exclusively licensed Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds and a wide selection of quality sounds from leading sample producers. See the Nord Sample Library section to learn more and to listen to the sounds available! The Nord Sample library is updated on a regular basis and new additions can be downloaded for free!

    The included Nord Sample Editor makes it possible to add any sound you want to the Electro 3. The Sample Editor can use audio files in the .wav format and has great tools to assist you in getting the results you want. Mapping several samples across the keyboard or creating seamless loops has never been easier.

    The Electro 3 series has 68 MB of dedicated sample memory and our efficient lossless compression algorithm makes it possible for us to use samples of up to three times the size compared to a standard linear sample player.

    Organ Section

    The growling sound and soul of a B3 is hard to replicate faithfully in a digital instrument. Sampling is definitely not an option if you want to create a living, breathing tonewheel sound. Nord have spent years perfecting our digital models and the Electro 3 contains our award winning second generation tonewheel model.

    The attention to minute details is stunning, the Electro 3 is even equipped with four selectable tonewheel modes, that stretches from a clean sound to battered unit with the most dramatic setting; Vintage 3. This setting even produces a sound in the background of its own, even if you don't touch any keys.

    It's all in the details

    Every function in a B3 has been considered and examined in great detail, to make the Electro 3 as true to the original sound as possible. There are key clicks derived from the original busbar behavior and the energy robbing that produces the gentle compression when you do that massive palm smear across the keyboard. To get the response right, Nord has included the option to trigger the organ sounds at the very top of a key's range, making it react just as fast as the original. And sometimes Nord couldn't resist adding functions that went a bit further, like the option to either include or exclude the 9th drawbar when Percussion was activated.

    Vox and Farfisa

    The Farfisa and Vox models are just as impressive as the B3. The massive savage sound created by their 12-top oscillator frequency-divider designs is of course another nosample zone in the Electro 3; you have the same behavior and unique response from our models as in the original instruments. The Farfisa Compact Deluxe, considered by many to be the mother of transistor organs, involves routing matrixes and complex filter combinations that offer a tailored sound with massive energy and high-end.

    The Vox Continental's brute design brings you a more hollow tone, but with a very intense character. Both these transistor organs have their own unique, irreplaceable personalities. Combine them with any of the Electro 3's speaker simulations, add some distortion, adjust the EQ and they will definitely get you through any organ gig with flying colors.

    Rotary speaker simulation

    The rotary speaker simulation originates from the award winning Nord C1 Combo Organ, acclaimed for its sound quality. The rotary speaker incorporates the acoustic variations that occur when a physical speaker spreads the sound in a room, providing the full experience of when air is moved around.

    The Electro 3's rotary also features a great function in the addition of the Rotary Stop Mode. This allows users to switch between fast and stopped rotation and back again by using either the controls on the panel or with a foot pedal connected to the Rotor Pedal input. This is a crucial functionality that mimics the behavior of early one-speed original rotary speaker units.

    Those of you who are picky about the rotary behaviors will be pleased to find several user adjustable settings like speed and acceleration times for both treble and bass rotors. These options, as well as all the other System, MIDI and Sound Menu functions are written on the right side of the panel, a great help for all those moments when the manual decided to stay at home.

    Organ split

    Using the Organ Split mode, you can play two different organ registrations in a dual manual fashion, one sound on either side of a user definable keyboard split point. Connect a second MIDI keyboard to the Electro 3, to use the organ split functionality, but in a true, dual manual setup.

    Effect Section

    The Nord Electro 3 is equipped with a great selection of high quality effects including a lush sounding reverb with five different reverb types. There is also a selection of tremolo, panning, wah-wah, phaser, flanger, chorus effects, and a ring modulator.For adding a final touch to your sound, there's a selection of amplifier simulations - for anything from warm fuzz to devastating mayhem.

    A user friendly three-band EQ with a sweepable mid-range and a compressor can be added to the final stage of the audio path. The new Electro 3 HP additionally features a flexible Delay effect with Tap-Tempo, Rate, Amount and a stereo Ping-Pong mode.


    Changing, editing and storing presets is easy, and there is also a Live mode that automatically saves what you're doing. The Program memory can hold 128 different Programs, and these are organized in 2 Program Banks with 64 Pages each.

    One of our main focuses is to have dedicated knobs and buttons for all vital functions, and keep the interface simple and easy to use during a performance. Nord doesn't believe in submenus, and the only functions in the Electro 3 that only are available through menus are printed on the panel so you don't need to read the manual.

    The Electro 3 HP has 4 Live locations, the Electro 3 has one. Also the Program memory of the Electro 3 HP is organized in 4 Program Banks with 32 Pages each.

    Product Specifications
    Nord Electro 373 HP 73 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano Specifications
    • Effect 1: pan, tremolo, auto-wah, pedal-wah and ringmodulator
      • Three selectable depths for the pan and tremolo, rate controlled with the Effect 1 Rate knob
      • Control pedal assigned to pedah-wah and ring modulator depth
    • Effect 2: phaser, flanger and chorus
      • Three selectable depths, rate controlled with the Effect 2 Rate knob
    • Comp/Amp: three amp/speaker simulations, compressor and rotary speaker
      • Drive/Compression amount controlled with the Drive knob
      • Rotary speed controls - Slow, Fast and Stopped
      • User adjustable rotary treble and bass rotor speeds and acceleration rates
      • Reverb with five algorithms - Room, Stage Soft, Stage, Hall, Hall Soft
      • Dry/Wet control
      • Three band EQ, with sweepable mid. +/- 15 dB gain/attenuation
    • Delay Effect: Rate, Amount, Tap-tempo and Stereo Ping Pong
    • Connections:
      • 2 Audio outputs L and R - 1/4 inch, 6,35 mm jacks, unbalanced
      • 1 Monitor input - 1/8 inch, 3,5 mm stereo jack
      • 1 Headphone output - 1/4 inch, 6,35 mm stereo jack
      • 1 Control pedal input - 1/4 inch, 6,35 mm TRS stereo jack. Use a Control/Expression pedal like e.g. Yamaha FC-7, Roland EV-5 etc.
      • 1 Sustain pedal input - 1/4 inch, 6,35 mm jack. Use a momentary pedal, like e.g, Roland DP-2, DP-6, Yamaha FC-4, FC-5, Fatar VFP1-25 etc.
      • 1 Rotary Speaker speed switch pedal input - 1/4 inch, 6,35 mm jack. Use a momentary pedal or a switch type pedal
      • MIDI In, MIDI Out - 5 pin DIN connectors
      • USB - type B connector
      • IEC320 C7 power connector
    • Extended Control Pedal support: Yamaha FC7, Roland EV-7, Roland EV-5, Korg EXP2 and Korg XVP10
    • Included Accessories:
      • User Manual
      • Power cord
      • Nord DVD-ROM
    • Dimensions: 1078 x 121 x 344 millimeters, 42.4 x 4.8 x 13.5 inches
    • Weight: 11 kg, 24.25 pounds
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    Phone:  800.431.2609 Warranty:  One Year Warranty on parts and labor.
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